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June 25, 2018

Donald Glover Gets Awkward at the BET Awards

Jamie Foxx brought Donald Glover onstage at the BET Awards for an impromptu performance — and it was super awkward. Good for him for rolling with it, though.

Janelle Monae reminded everyone about Pride with her BET Awards outfit.

-In a lengthy interview with the NYTKanye West defended his support of Trump and his comments about how slavery is a choice. It might have actually made things worse.

-Surprise! Cardi B says her fiance Offset is actually her husband Offset — and they’ve been married since September.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie got married in Scotland on Saturday. The Game of Thrones costars who attended included Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Richard Madden, John Bradley, Conleth Hill, Joe Dempsie, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. Other celebs there included Marcus Mumford and Malin Akerman (but weirdly, seemingly no one from Leslie’s current show The Good Fight).

Evangeline Lilly putting her male Marvel costars in their place is a MOOD.

Seth Rogen says he refused to take a photo with Paul Ryan. “My whole body puckered, I tensed up, and I didn’t know what to do..I look over and his kids are standing right there expectantly, clearly fans of mine, and I said, ‘No way, man!’ And I couldn’t stop. I said ‘Furthermore, I hate what you’re doing to the country at this moment, and I’m counting the days until you no longer have one iota of the power that you currently have.'”

-In a podcast recorded the day after her show was cancelled, Roseanne Barr cried about the situation, saying “I horribly regret it. Are you kidding? I lost everything, and I regretted it before I lost everything. And I said to God, ‘I am willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because I know I’ve done wrong. I’m going to accept what the consequences are,’ and I do, and I have. But they don’t ever stop. They don’t accept my apology, or explanation. And I’ve made myself a hate magnet. And as a Jew, it’s just horrible. It’s horrible.”

Lena Dunham, Joshua Jackson, Sia, Amber Heard, Bella Thorne, Mira Sorvino, Connie Britton and more celebs got together to protest the migrant crisis in Texas.

-Oh dear. An “extremely intoxicated”  Heather Locklear was arrested for battery on a police officer just days after her psychiatric evaluation.

-The appeal of Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey has been denied by the Supreme Court.

-Marvel’s Kevin Feige addressed the difficulty of making the trailers for Avengers 4 and Spider-Man 2 following the events of Infinity War.

-Netflix assembled 47 of its black actors, creators, and directors across their shows and films to recreate the ‘Great Day in Harlem’ photo for a clip that aired during the BET Awards. It’s very cool — and interesting that it happened on the week that they’re under increased scrutiny about the lack of racial diversity on Netflix’s board.

-I haven’t f***ed with Westworld since season one when it became clear that the show cared less about crafting actual characters worth caring about and more about crafting puzzles that you’d have to try to figure out in a subreddit. But every TV critic I follow seems to be outraged by the most recent season, especially the season finale that aired this weekend, calling it “cold and largely impenetrable puzzle-box nonsense,” “narrative wheel-spinning,” and decrying its confusing plotting (“”Protracted mysteries, delayed reveals, and fractured narratives aren’t temporary interest-drivers; they’re permanent parts of Westword, and they handicap its potential as a drama rather than a scavenger hunt;” “We’ve played along for two seasons, but we’ve had enough. A complicated narrative is one thing, confusion is another.”) It’s also not a good sign that the co-creator is giving interviews defending its complex plotting.

-I wonder how Tom Cruise feels about Suri being at the NYC Pride parade. (Not that he should have a say if he’s not part of her life, but I don’t know if Scientologists are down with Pride.)

-Speaking of Scientology, I really liked the Erika Christensen episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, where she talks pretty openly about what she believes and why she follows it. I didn’t agree with a lot of it, but her perspective was one we don’t hear a lot of.

Mindy Kaling, Tiffany Haddish, Timothée Chalamet, Kumail Nanjiani and Emilia Clarke are among the 928 new members invited to join The Academy.

This David Lynch interview is getting a lot of attention because of his quotes on politics (he voted for Sanders, but praises Trump — “He could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted the thing so much. No one is able to counter this guy in an intelligent way.”), but it’s his attitude that fatherhood is just this thing that somehow happened to him beyond his control that is what got under my skin (“I never really wanted to get married, never really wanted to have children. One thing leads to another and there it is”). Imagine being his kid and reading that.

-The goose-bumps-inducing first trailer for The Hate U Give is finally here. It’s based on Angie Thomas’s best-seller — which was my favourite book last year.