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April 25, 2019

Louis Tomlinson Bonds with 83-Year-Old Widower

Louis Tomlinson helped an elderly widow cross items off his bucket list and damn if this didn’t get me right in the feels.

Olivia Munn really stepped in it today by going after the Fug Girls. As someone who’s worked in the gossip trenches for a decade with a bunch of different outlets, stuff gets gross really quickly and you have to learn what your boundaries are and how to navigate editors who might not share your limits. There are SO many gross blogs out there. Out of all the sites to target, she chose a women-run one that is witty, sharp and has a policy against body shaming?!? GFY is one of two sites on the internet (the other being Pajiba) where I actually enjoying reading the comments because everyone is so civilized. But for her to mischaracterize it and slam all fashion criticism (without even mentioning her stylist — a lot of thought is put into her outfits but no one is allowed to comment on them?) is supremely misguided.

-This week has been nuts. From Justin Bieber to Ariana Grande to Cardi B to Lizzo to Michael Che and now Oliva Munn — it’s like all of the sudden celebs don’t understand that critics/entertainment journalists aren’t part of their PR & marketing teams.

-I was super confused reading Twitter last night, because it seemed like a bunch of people I follow in the UK only heard about the Prince William affair rumours for the very first time yesterday (I think because of this tweet). The UK press really have been keeping mum, huh?

-Meanwhile, Princy Harry and Kate Middleton looked friendly at their latest public appearance.

-I tried to watch the first episode of I Think You Should Leave because critics are RAVING about this new Netflix comedy and maybe I was just in a weird mood but I didn’t quite get it. This sketch with Vanessa Bayer is great, though.

-Oh no. Director John Singleton is in a coma after a “major stroke.”

-Also terrible: Demián Bichir’s wife died of an apparent suicidal drowning.

-There’s a big scandal in the romance world after author Courtney Milan discovered an author named Cristiane Serruya had appeared to have copied entire passages from her books, and it’s since spun out to uncover a whole slew of plagiarism. (Check out the hashtag #CopyPasteCris for all the drama.)  Now romance heavyweight Nora Roberts has jumped into the fray to defend Milan and others with a lawsuit against Serruya, and her blog post about it is boss. “It’s now my mission to turn over the rocks you hide under, then stomp you deep in the muck you breed in…I swear I’ll do whatever I can, use whatever resources, connections, clout, megaphone I have to out every damn one of you.” She also told the NYTof her lawsuit: “A lot of the other writers involved in this, they don’t have the money to fight it. I do have the money.”

-Jane the Virgin wrapped filming and the cast’s social postsmade me tear up repeatedly. Especially Justin Baldoni’s IG stories.

-Awww. Toronto’s own Choir! Choir! Choir! is featured in Oprah magazine.

-HBO released a full trailer for their Deadwood movie. I didn’t even watch this show and still I’m happy for its fans, who thought this day would never come.

Chvrches is not happy that recent collaborator DJ Marshmello is now working with Chris Brown. They tweeted “We are really upset, confused, and disappointed” by Marshmello’s choice, noting that working with “people who are predators and abusers enables, excuses, and ultimately tacitly endorses that behavior.”

-Ahhh!! Anna Faris is on the latest episode of Gay of Thrones!

-The Office is Netflix’s most popular show — and NBCUniversal is considering pulling it for their own streaming site.

-Speaking of Netflix, this is a really interesting/terrifying peek at TV’s new math: don’t expect shows to last long anymore. Netflix often won’t renew shows to prevent having to pay out backend royalties to cast and crew that kick in around season 3 or 4. Plus, shorter runs mean fewer opportunities for talent to renegotiate contracts. Another reason they limit shows to only a season or two? More episodes doesn’t improve Netflix’s bottom line. (“At least one source says he has heard anecdotal evidence of internal analytics that suggest the streamer doesn’t gain any additional subscribers when a show goes beyond two seasons.”)

Tom Holland is currently doing reshoots on a $100M movie he did with Daisy Ridley that was deemed ‘unreleasable’ by the studio.

-Bond 25 tried to do a big launch today, clearly not understanding that everyone has Avengers on the brain.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are leveraging the Avengers spotlight that’s on them this week to promote their upcoming Men In Black. This looks great!