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Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge Covers Vogue

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Vogue
Ethan James Green, Vogue,

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a delight in the new issue of Vogue. In the interview, she talks about cutting abortion law comments from her SNL monologue (“Because if you rant and rave, if you try and make a noise, you’ll be labelled noisy. You have to be careful of that. You have to find ways to protest”), her drink of choice (“The gimlet came into my life about a year and a half ago. I have really always wanted a cocktail that you order with total confidence; you know, that thing that you order and everyone’s like, Holy shit, she knows what she’s doing with her entire life”), and why you stop sharing as much with your friends as you get older (“I think the first half of your life, you’re trying to find out who you are, and you’re kind of knocking yourself against things, and testing things the whole time, to help kind of sculpt yourself. Then later, when you’ve got as close to sculpted as possible, you’re like, Don’t touch anything, in case it changes me”).

-Speaking of good magazine covers, Katie Holmes covers two this month (the December 2019 issues of Elle UK and SHAPE) and she refused to acknowledge the Tom Cruise years — even in style retrospectives.

-This is sad but not surprising: a new Britney Spears documentary features an interview with the salon owner who witnessed her infamous head shaving incident. The owner claims that Spears’s bodyguards were bribed by the paparazzi for her location and to continue to open the blinds of the salon, allowing a photographer hiding in the bushes to snap photos of their charge.

-This interview with TI about how he obsessively monitors the state of his 18-year-old daughter’s hymen is horrific — and really, really medically stupid. (Dr. Jennifer Gunter has a great thread about all the ways TI is wrong.) This doctor should be have his license revoked.

Jenny Slate‘s proposal story is very cute.

Whitney Houston‘s best friend Robyn Crawford wrote a new memoir, in which she talks about how they knew they had to suppress their relationship. “She said we shouldn’t be physical anymore because it would make our journey even more difficult…She said if people find out about us, they would use this against us and back in the ’80s that’s how it felt.”

Jennifer Aniston revealed why she joined social media, saying “People are already in my panty drawers all the time. And I want them out of my panty drawers. But now I can decide which pair to show them.” And here I thought it was because she was contractually obligated to promote her new Apple show.

Drake is reportedly getting close to Kylie Jenner, according to People. (E!News‘ sources say it’s not serious which, yeah, we could have figured that one out on our own.)

Hilarie Burton shared a photo of her wedding day with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which featured his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles, who officiated the ceremony.

-ABC is rebooting Revenge (a show I don’t think gets enough love) with a Latinx lead.

-Have some Stranger Things bloopers.

Chris Evans appears in the new episode of Billy on the Street! This is not a drill!

Bobby Brown Blames Nick Gordon for Whitney and Bobbi Kristina’s Deaths

Bobby Brown just confirmed one of the biggest gossip rumours of the ’90s: Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford were a couple, but Houston’s family didn’t approve. Said Brown: “I really feel that if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today. She didn’t have close friends with her anymore.” Awful. Also awful: Brown blames Nick Gordon for both Whitney and Bobbi Kristina‘s deaths.

-In the juicy new THR cover storyBill Simmons opened up about his messy ESPN ouster and his new HBO show. He later posted an apology for saying of ESPN: “Ask yourself this: ‘Who would work there that you respect right now?'”

-A source from Jennifer Garner‘s camp is telling People that despite her European jaunt with Ben Affleck, the actress is “adamant about going through” with the divorce. Dare we dream?

-Are we really all pretending these Lindsay Lohan photos are candids? We are? Ok, then.

Johnny Depp‘s pal Benicio Del Toro says Amber Heardsounds a little manipulative…but I don’t know the specifics.” Cool story, bro.

-I recently saw a movie called The Meddler where J.K. Simmons plays Susan Sarandon‘s love interest and my friend and I had a post-film convo about how good he’s looking these days. And that was *before* this insane gym selfie landed.

-Wayment: Robert Buckley (who I adore) is dating Lea Michele?! I’m gonna need a second to process this…

Dakota Johnson and the guy you didn’t know she’d been dating for two years have called it quits.

Rachel Roy reportedly fled from the CFDA Awards after finding out Beyoncé was on her way . Smart move, Becks.

-Meanwhile, Beyoncé sneezed on the Formation tour and people lost their poo over it.

-Nashville just won’t die. The ABC soap might have found a new home on CMT. My mother is going to be thrilled.

-I’m glad to see the reviews for the new season of Orange Is the New Black, which hits Netflix next weekend, are still positive. Meanwhile, this is a good refresher for how S3 ended if you’re like me and forget everything you watch five minutes after turning it off.

-Meanwhile, a new Netflix study says we binge horrors and thrillers, but take our time with comedies.

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding might be a thing, which I don’t hate.

-Variety made a list of all the showrunners for new shows for the 2016-17 broadcast season. Not surprisingly, they are almost all white dudes.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult flirt over a bumblebee in this Equals clip.

-Another day, another hang-wringing article about fandom. Again, I think there’s an important distinction between fans who feel entitled to demand certain plots, and fans who want to hold creators accountable for bad writing and/or perpetuating harmful tropes.

-I went to a screener of this Alison Brie and Colin Hanks movie last year and assumed it would never see the light of day. It probably shouldn’t.

-To the four other people out there who watch The Americans, tonight’s season finale will run 14 minutes long so set your DVR accordingly.

-The best thing about the TMNT 2 press tour is it reminded me of how awesomely weird Megan Fox is. (Stephen Amell told a story about how she stared at him silently for five minutes when they first met, then declared “you’re a Taurus.” Which he is.) Now she’s telling Chelsea Handler that she can sense her aborted fetus is watching over Handler through her dog. I love it all.

Jude Law told Stephen Colbert that he turned down the role of Superman after he tried on the suit.

-This 360-degree video of Hamilton’s “Wait For It” in a capella allows you to gaze adoringly upon whichever cast member you choose. (Though if you choose someone other than Leslie Odom Jr., you’re doing it wrong.)

Lena Dunham and her Girls costars have dedicated a sexual assault PSA to ‘the brave survivor in the Stanford case.’

-THR’s drama actor roundtable includes Cuba Gooding Jr., Forest Whitaker, Paul Giamatti, Bobby Cannavale, Wagner Moura and Rami Malek, which is great but I wish it would have included one or two broadcast stars. Seriously, do you know anyone who actually made it through the whole season of Vinyl? Or Billions?

Matthew McConaughey empowers the people in this new Free State of Jones clip.


Cameron Diaz Stays Mum on Benji Madden Marriage Rumours

cameron diaz cosmo

Cameron Diaz’s Cosmo cover is pretty, but I just wish the pose wasn’t so awkward. Who stands like that IRL? “I’m going to show you the top of my thigh even if it means I need to dislocate my hip, dammit!”

Anna Kendrick sings the shit out of Into the Woods’ “Steps of the Palace.” I’m going to a preview screening tonight — can’t wait!

Emily Bett Rickards is having a good day. Not only did the ratings of her show just hit a series high, but she looks really great on the cover of Runway.

-On late night, Mindy Kaling told a funny story about that time she got wasted at Conan O’Brien’s house… and he wasn’t even home.

Jimmy Fallon welcomed a second child, a baby girl they named Frances Cole.

-The Sony hack revealed Seth Rogen and James Franco salaries for The Interview. Spoiler alert: it’s insane.

Martin Freeman is totally over your obsession with Sherlock. Man, I need to stop reading interviews with this guy. I don’t even watch that show and this bugged me.

Quvenzhané Wallis has no time for an interviewer from New York Times Mag’s boring questions. “We’re done now.”

-Another think-piece about network sitcoms. There’s at least three a week of these at this point.

Channing Tatum drew his wife some pictures for her birthday, and they’re adorable.

-Even Michael C. Hall hated the Dexter finale.

Nick Offerman wrote a song about whiskey and it speaks to the very core of my soul.

-Meanwhile, Nick Offerman is being courted for the next season Fargo, which would be FANTASTIC.

Jon Stewart‘s opening last night on Eric Garner was great: “If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more f**king time. But I would really settle for less f**king tragedy.”

Ethan Hawke once overheard a Houston bridal party insulting his appearance. I believe it. My friend and I met him once and he was wearing a black suit jacket that had weird white stains on it, which kind of ruined Troy Dyer for me…

Blake Lively‘s pregnancy is not doing her roots any favours. Sadly, I can’t even use that excuse.

-I love that this hideous Ariana Grande photo has turned into a meme. Karma at work.

Miley Cyrus wore silver pasties and sang about her dead dog but it was for “art” so it’s all ok, I guess?

-Weird! New Zealand got to see the Jason Ritter/Alexis Bledel sitcom Us & Them, even though Fox yanked it before even one episode got to air here. Not fair.

-I can’t believe that Lifetime is going ahead with the Whitney Houston biopic after the Aaliyah fiasco, but the trailer just landed.

-Get ready to cringe: here are Mariah Carey‘s isolated, unedited vocals from that Christmas performance.

-Black Mirror continues to garner raves from critics. Sorry, family, but it looks like I’ll be spending the entire holidays binge-watching all the stuff I missed this year. Priorities, ya know?

Krysten Ritter was just cast as Jessica Jones in Marvel’s new Netflix series. Twitter seems divided on her ability to pull it off, but I love her so I’m on board.

-After Frances Ha I vowed I would never again get suckered into watching another Noah Baumbach film, but the trailer for While We’re Young is kind of cute. I’ve lived that scene where Naomi Watts tries to take a hip hop class!  I’m sure it’s some kind of trick, though.

-The new Terminator trailer looks really dumb, but it might be the kind of dumb that’s also really fun. I can’t tell.