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Margot Robbie Talks Barbie and Blockbusters


Margot Robbie is Vogue’s Summer 2023 cover star and talks about her Barbie costar (“The greatest version of Ryan Gosling ever put on screen”), who she wanted to cast but couldn’t work out the scheduling (“Gal Gadot is Barbie energy. Because Gal Gadot is so impossibly beautiful, but you don’t hate her for being that beautiful, because she’s so genuinely sincere, and she’s so enthusiastically kind, that it’s almost dorky. It’s like right before being a dork”), and how she hates cooking (“In our friendship group in LA and London, all the guys cook, and love cooking, and are really good at it. And none of the girls cook, and we love drinking, and we’re really good at it”).

-I also like the bit in which Ryan Gosling said she gifted him on set: “She left a pink present with a pink bow, from Barbie to Ken, every day while we were filming. They were all beach-related. Like puka shells, or a sign that says ‘Pray for surf.’ Because Ken’s job is just beach. I’ve never quite figured out what that means. But I felt like she was trying to help Ken understand, through these gifts that she was giving.” As someone on Twitter said, it’s like the opposite of what Jared Leto did to her.

-Awful news: Tina Turner, the legendary singer of hits like ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ and ‘Proud Mary,’ died today after a long illness in her home in Switzerland. She was 83.

-What happens at Coachella doesn’t stay at Coachella, apparently. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were spotted in New York together.

-THR’s new TV actors roundtable features Pedro Pascal, Evan Peters, Kieran Culkin, Michael Imperioli, Damson Idris and Jeff Bridges. I love how Culkin kind of takes over the interviewer role and asks really insightful questions (and basically got Pascal to admit it’s not always him in the Mando suit).

-I had no idea it’s The Flash’s series finale tonight. As someone who use to watch this show, I never hear about it anymore.

Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to defend her decision not to tour anymore, saying “I just don’t want to sleep on a moving bus.” I wonder if she’ll go the residency route?

-This is an interesting look at how Amber Heard is (belatedly) getting public support.

-I was at the Janet Jackson show last night and this moment when opener Ludacris brought out Vin Diesel was hilarious.

Zachary Levi says he wants his Shazam character to team up with Green Lantern in a future DC Universe installment. Yeah, I bet he does.

-Heartstopper season two debuts in August on Netflix.

-Here’s the first poster for the Red, White & Royal Blue movie adaptation. I’m so into this!

-Here’s the trailer for The Colour Purple, which is an adaptation of the stage musical.