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Matthew McConaughey: Mask Up To Keep On Livin’

-I love how Matthew McConaughey keeps talking and posting about the need to wear a mask. Whether he’s making silly videos or showing off his Spanish, he’s committed to the cause. I wonder if it will catch on more now that Los Angeles is requiring masks when outside, which means we’re about to see a whole lot more celebs wearing them.

Beyoncé shared a new video of the mobile Covid-19 testing sites she helped set up with her mother in their hometown of Houston.

-This Twitter thread of mundane celebrity encounters is an unexpected delight on a gloomy day. When I first moved to Toronto, I once saw Joshua Jackson coming towards me on the sidewalk and I literally stopped in the middle of his path to gawk at him. He smiled and walked around me while I blushed myself to death. Good times!

-The thread has since spun off to fake Diane Keaton sightings, which is equally delightful.

-Don’t worry about Mary-Kate Olsen; her prenup is as ironclad as her commitment to saying “prune” when posing.

-Some gossip tidbits from André Leon Talley’s memoir are starting to roll in as the publication date nears.

-I have not watched Survivor in years but my god, this season was exactly what I needed. The gameplay was outstanding and the best player won (though it is disturbing that there’s only been 3 female winners in the past 15 seasons).

-I guess I wasn’t the only one who liked it. Last night’s finale hits 5-season highs in the ratings.

Ellen Degeneres is reportedly sad that everyone thinks she’s mean. There’s a really easy solution to this: be nicer.

-Do I have to know who all these Southern Charm people who are causing drama are? Guys, I’m just so tired.

-Tragic: Melissa Etheridge’s 21-year-old son has died following an opioid addiction.

-If you ever want to feel bad about humanity, just follow superhero fandom chatter. Earlier this week, it was Batman fans getting angry at Robert Pattinson for not working out while he’s on a break from filming, and now the CW released a poster for their new Superman show on Twitter and the replies are a garbage fire.

-Speaking of Superman, the CW has pushed the return of most shows to January (except Supernatural, which will air its final episodes this fall.) We’re going to be hit with an intense TV dry spell very soon.

-Hulu’s The Great (and particularly Elle Fanning’s performance) is getting great reviews.

Margo Martindale breaking into tears when talking about her character on The Americans made me feel things. Uncool, man.

John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer talked about filming their first kiss on The Office, and said they were forbidden to talk or text before shooting it so that when they saw each other on set it would be the first time in a while.

-Normal People’s on-set intimacy coordinator talks about how she coached the actors through those very revealing scenes.

-The Good Fight has been renewed. Bless.

Matt Damon says his oldest daughter, who is in college in NYC, got covid early on but has recovered.

-A bunch of celebrities mocked the “Imagine” video with a rendition of “Eat It.”

Snoop Dogg sitting in is car listening to the Frozen soundtrack is a mood.

-A ill teen falls in love with a drug dealer in the Babyteeth trailerBen Mendelsohn gets to use his real accent!


Celebs Sing, We Cringe

Gal Gadot got a bunch of celebrities to join her to sing “Imagine” — and the response was probably not what they all were expecting. As many, many people have pointed out, a better use of these celebs’ time would have been to donate (or encourage donations) for medical supplies or food banks or the scores of people who are being laid off these days.

-Speaking of donating medical supplies, TV doctor dramas The Resident, Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 and The Good Doctor are donating the masks and gowns from their props departments to real hospitals for use.

Kumail Nanjiani and wife Emily Gordon are also doing something useful: they’re starting a podcast to raise money for various charities that help those affected by this quarantine.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas look all loved up while on a quick coffee run in LA. I can’t imagine adding a quarantine to a new relationship, but so far they seem to be staying strong.

Liam Gallagher is pushing Noel to join him for a Oasis reunion charity gig. Is it possible it took the world being on fire for these two to reunite?

-It’s been a weird day for Lost alums. Evangeline Lilly posted on Instagram that she won’t self-quarantine, saying “Just dropped my kids off at gymnastics camp. They all washed their hands before going in. They are playing and laughing. #businessasusual”. When people called her out in the comments, she replied “Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over their lives. We all make our choices…Where we are right now feels a lot too close to Marshall Law [sic] for my comfort already, all in the name of a respiratory flu.” She also implied it was all a big conspiracy, saying “There’s ‘something’ every election year.” Meanwhile, her father — who has stage 4 cancer — is living with her. 😬

-Meanwhile, her former Lost costar Daniel Dae Kim has tested positive for coronavirus — and used his announcement to call out discrimination: “Yes, I’m Asian, and yes I have coronavirus, but I did not get it from China. I got it in America. In New York City. And despite what some political leaders want to call it, I don’t consider the place where it’s from as important as the people who are sick and dying.”

Jimmy Fallon is shooting his show at home and couldn’t get through last night’s monologue because his children were crawling all over him.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost shot a Shaun of the Dead-themed coronavirus PSA.

-Pose star Angelica Ross posted a cute photo of herself and her new boyfriend on Twitter. But then someone who knows him pointed out that he seems to be living a double life. She later tweeted, “The internet is AMAZING. I’ve been talking to the mother of his son and fiancé all morning. #PlotTwist!”

-Last night’s Survivor was insane. Actually insane. I can’t believe I’m not only watching this show again, but loving it this hard.

Never Have I Ever, a new Netflix comedy from Mindy Kaling, just got a trailer.

Sebastian Stan Gives Us An Early Xmas Present

sebastian stan mens health

-I didn’t really get the Sebastian Stan stans until I saw him this fall at TIFF in a movie in which Shailene Woodley‘s character can’t decide between his character or Jamie Dornan‘s so she dates them both (aka – living the dream) and he was adorably swoon-worthy during the Q&A. This Men’s Health photo spread (and the charming interview that accompanies it) is making me like him even more.

Channing Tatum and Jessie J reportedly split up a month ago after dating for a little over a year.

Kim Kardashian posted some photos of inside her house and no one can figure out what is on her walls. Giant sculptural toilet paper rolls? Artistic tampons?

-I love how supportive Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are with their kids. In a new interview, he says “they born a certain way and you say they gotta be that way but that’s not life, man. I watched my son from day one become into who she now has eventually come into. For me it’s all about nothing changes with my love. Nothing changes with my responsibilities. Only thing I gotta do now is get smarter and educate myself more.”

-In a new lawsuit, Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexually assaulting a model when she was just 16.

John Boyega wore a traditional Nigerian robe designed by his sister to the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere, so I guess we should forgive him for trashing The Last Jedi.

-Ooh boy, J.K. Rowling continues to be problematic. She tweeted her support of U.K. researcher Maya Forstater — whose contract at her job was not renewed because she tweeted anti-trans sentiments such as “men cannot change into women.”

-Forget those early semi-positive reactions to Cats — the critics have spoken and it’s “a furry orgy in a dumpster.” I am very intrigued that it apparently has “more crotch shots than a Michael Bay movie.” Also, this is my fave tweet about it so far.

-I didn’t watch the Survivor reunion show but apparently Jeff Probst actually acknowledged how much they screwed up this season, so I guess that’s something.

-The Flash star Candice Patton was called out by the wife of baseball star JR Smith for having an affair with her husband, but he took to Instagram to say he’d been separated for months.

-This video of the Olsen twins wishing Ashley Benson a happy birthday is…odd.

-I always forget that Penn Badgley is married to Domino Kirke (Jemima‘s sister).

-The trailer for To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You dropped today and man I needed that so bad today.

Will Smith took Tom Holland to a spooky escape room. (“I saved the planet from zombies and aliens a couple of times so you gotta expect this.”)