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#FreeKesha Trends as Kesha Loses Court Fight to End Sony Contract

-This is insane: a judge has ruled against Kesha’s request to break her record contract, so now she’s going to continue working with Dr. Luke, who she claims raped her. (Sony says she can work with another producer, but she says they won’t promote the album if she does.) No wonder #FreeKesha has been trending all afternoon. This has been a pretty crappy week for female celebrities looking to the courts for protection.

Joseph Fiennes responded to the controversy around him playing Michael Jackson by saying we need ‘colourblind casting‘. Yeah, that’s not what that means.

-Intrigue alert! A “secret actress” is writing a column for the Guardian about the inner workings of Hollywood. Sounds like she’s been in the business for a long time. Diane Lane? Jennifer Jason Leigh? I’m going to go nuts dissecting this for clues every week…

-It’s a mini Office reunion. Clearly the work of the Party Planning Committee…

Emma Watson says she’s taking a year off to focus on reading and feminism. Um, can I join her?

Britney Spears posted a photo of her with Hilary Clinton, but all anyone can focus on is Brit’s face.

Hannibal Buress mentioned Uber to a Toronto cab driver and almost got thrown out. Welcome to my world, Hannibal.

-Just when I thought I couldn’t love this Vulture article about Steve Martin’s surprise return to stand up more, Martin himself tweets about the “perfect Internet degeneration of its comments thread.”

Ryan Reynolds interviewed Hugh Jackman and it was as delightful as you’d expect.

James Corden proved how much he wants to be a sidekick in the next Deadpool movie.

Shia LaDouche’s latest art experiment involves riding in an elevator for 24 hours. Ok.

Geoff Stults just joined Tina Fey’s new pilot. I love all of those words.

-Ugh, just when I thought I could drop Legends of Tomorrow from my DVR, they go and introduce a 2046 version of Oliver Queen? Damn you, show!

-These photos of Michael Huisman in GQ seem like the perfect way to end the week, no?

-Here’s the first trailer for season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Bring it!