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Rachel Bilson, Hayden Christensen Expecting First Child

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen in Jumper, the movie where they met.

-Between Summer Roberts having Anakin Skywalker’s baby and Seth Cohen marrying Blair Waldorf, it feels like this is the year The OC kids became actual adults. Your move, Mischa Barton.

-We all got really excited this morning by rumours that Jessica Chastain had been offered the lead role in True Detective Season 2, but then her camp denied it. Sad face.

-Eww eww eww! Lea Michele revealed that she and Matthew Morrison dated before they landed their roles in Glee.

Angelina Jolie says rich and famous moms “shouldn’t complain” and that they “have much more support than most”. Shots fired, GOOP!

Ciara and fiance Future welcomed their first child together on Monday and called him Future, which is in no way confusing or weird.

James McAvoy says X-Men costar Jennifer Lawrence is a “demon” who “can drink,” just in case you weren’t already convinced of her awesomeness.

-Tragic news: Brody Jenner will not be attending step-sister Kim Kardashian‘s wedding because his girlfriend wasn’t invited. Somehow, humanity will have to find the will to go on.

-Meanwhile, Lana del Rey will reportedly sing “Young and Beautiful” at Kimye‘s wedding.

-Also, Kim reportedly wants “Marie Antoinette-like” wedding dresses. Um, who’s going to break the news to her about how that ended up?

Selena Gomez says she’s “taking her power back” by posting this bikini pic. Okayyyyy…..

-This is what happens when Charlie Day speaks at your commencement.

-Wow, this might be the happiest and healthiest Renee Zellweger has looked in a while.

-The stars of Pretty Little Liars did a really porn-y GQ spread that made me immediately close my browser, clear my cache and disinfect my computer monitor.

Jason Biggs really, really has to stop trying to be funny on Twitter. It never works.

-The Hollywood Reporter’s “drama queens” cover is so very, very white. I thought maybe it was because they were only featuring actresses who had a shot at a Lead Actress in a Drama series Emmy, but then what the hell is Jessica Pare doing there?! And where’s Kerry Washington? All the sighs.

-This charity video offers our first peek at Star Wars Episode VII’s set.

-We learned today that the upcoming sequel to Man Of Steel will be called Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which has led to a whole lot of courtroom jokes.

-Sweet! Community’s Gillian Jacobs has been cast in a recurring role in season four of Girls.

-Did Ryan Reynolds choose to skip the afterparty for his poorly received Cannes movie and sulk instead?

-Former DWTS contestant Andy Dick was escorted from the ballroom during last night’s finale.

-Walt Disney’s grandkids are battling over his $400 million fortune.

Charlize Theron and Josh Hartnett played an epic game of charades with Jimmy Fallon last night.

Adam Scott and his wife discuss their recreations of classic TV theme songs — including their failed plan to remake the original 90210’s.

-I’m glad to see HBO’s The Normal Heart is getting great reviews. Apparently, Matt Bomer steals the show.

-Speaking of HBO, Bill Hader is developing a new show for them.

-It’s weird to watch Colin Firth be all James Bond-y, but he kicks ass in the first trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsmen: The Secret Service.

Ellen Page’s Talks Coming Out in Flare

Ellen page Flare

-I usually hate it when women look like they forgot their shirt on magazine covers (“Oh dear, would you look at that bare bra? Silly me!”), but Ellen Page manages to own it on the latest issue of Flare. The interview is great, too.

Will and Kate‘s third wedding anniversary was dampened by news that Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have split.

Emma Stone did a lip sync battle with Jimmy Kimmel last night. I was worried about her chances when she started with a Blues Traveller song, but then she KILLED it on “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled. This is John Kransinski-levels of lip sync awesomeness!

-Speaking of DJ Khaled, his new track features Jay Z (possibly) talking trashing Drake.

Miley Cyrus‘ story about her health scare doesn’t really add up. Since when do antibiotics cure a flu virus?

-There have been lots of rumours floating around about Lea Michele feuding with Glee costar Naya Rivera (and possibly sleeping with her ex-finacé). Now comes rumours that Naya has been fired from the show.

Cameron Diaz can’t wait to get her hands on Drew Barrymore’s new kidlet.

-Meanwhile, Cameron revealed she’s “been with a lady” in the bedroom. Shh, sweetie. Your movie is already No. 1 at the box office. You can stop selling now.

-Grab something sturdy and hang on tight: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be married by the end of the week.

-Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about George Clooney’s fiancée, Amal Alamuddin. Excuse me while I go eat my weight in ice cream.

-We finally have a trailer for In Your Eyes, the film Joss Whedon Beyonce-released on us last week.

Keira Knightley‘s trick for fooling music snobs into thinking she has cred: mention krautrock.

-I loved Belle when I saw it at TIFF and I think Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the potential to be a huge star, so I can’t fathom what led her to wear this at her first big premiere. Hate the colour, hate the fit, hate the material.

Miranda Kerr is boobalicious on the cover of Vogue Taiwan.

-Promising: Yahoo! ordered a new space sitcom from the creator of Freaks and Geeks.

This photo of the first table read with the cast from Star Wars Episode VII just made the interwebs asplode. The new cast members include Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson and Max von Sydow. Despite a worrying lack of ladies, there’s some good here (I’ve been waiting for Boyega to hit it big since Attack the Block). I am bummed that the rumoured casting of Jesse Plemons or Lupita Nyong’o didn’t pan out, but on the flip side, no Zac Efron (despite — or maybe because of — his hints to the contrary).

-Meanwhile, Seth Rogen says he was surprised to discover that Neighbors costar Zac Efron wasn’t “a little f–ker.”

-This is why I will never, ever unfollow Ewan McGregor on Instagram.

-What a mess: Rumour has it the Weinsteins might ditch Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco before its Cannes premiere.

Craig Ferguson announced his departure from The Late Late Show. He later explained that it had nothing to do with not getting Letterman‘s spot, and that he seriously considered leaving two years ago. Watch his brief farewell announcement here.

Chrissy Teigen gives me yet another reason to be skeezed out by airplane blankets.

-Chanel released a behind-the-scenes video from Kristen Stewart’s new campaign. I kind of hate all the looks, but I do like that she calls Karl Lagerfeld “an incredibly creative and voracious liver.” Wut?

Robert Pattinson dropped out of a film because of scheduling issues and a lack of prep time.

-Perfect human being John Green talked about Shailene Woodley’s audition for The Fault In Our Stars: “I watched and it was perfect. It was Hazel. She sounded like Hazel.”

David Arquette just welcomed a baby boy named Charlie West.

Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are adorable in the trailer for their rom-com parody They Came Together. It’s from the Wet Hot American Summer crew so I’m down.

Lena Headey calls that funeral sex scene from GoT “a controversial moment” and “very messy,” but she seems to be leaning towards the consensual side.

Blake Shelton tweeted Adam Levine’s number cause they’re wacky like that.

-Here are the first images from Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River. Freaky!

-I remain in shock and disbelief how much the Godzilla trailers make me want to see this thing. Damn you, Cranston!