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Females Take a Backseat at the Grammys — Except for Blue Ivy

-The Grammys were last night and they were…weird. The red carpet was strangely subdued, the show’s best moments were from women¬†but they were generally overlooked as the trophies were being handed out, and¬†Kesha’s performance was transcendent but¬†it highlighted just how much the music industry has ignored the Me Too movement. And then came the interview with¬†Recording Academy president Neil Portnow who, when asked why there were so few female winners, had the gall to say that women have “to step up.” (Pink has already taken to Twitter to slam that comment.) He also said of the lack of¬†Lorde performance: “There‚Äôs no way we can really deal with everybody.” Um, you had a Shaggy and Sting duet. But ok, then.

-The Grammys did, however, gift the world with this amazing GIF of Blue Ivy trying to get her parents to stop embarrassing her, and it was glorious. This photo of a bystander looking freaked out by being in Beyonce‘s presence is a close second.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx looked very couple-y at a Grammys pre-party.

Kate Winslet now says she has “bitter regrets” about working with Woody Allen.

-Oh god. Diane Keaton just took to Twitter to defend Woody.

-Oh god, squared. Julie Delpy reportedly implied that blackness is easier than womanhood. Nope, nope, nope.

-Former Charles In Charge star Nicole Eggert has accused Scott Baio of unspecified impropriety when she was a teenager. She tweeted “Ask @scottbaio what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep” and then added¬†“It started when I was 14. Wasn‚Äôt a one time deal.” He’s denied any wrongdoing.

-I keep forgetting that Kirsten Dunst is baking a baby Landry!

Oprah is rocking a Gucci coat for the cover of InStyle’s March issue.

-The fact that Busy Phillips spent a large portion of her weekend trying to recreate the karma’s a bitch meme makes me love her even more.

-I only watched 10 minutes of Stana Katic‘s new show and though it seems good, the water tank scene freaked me out too much to continue. While doing press for the show, she broke her silence about ABC’s terrible treatment of her when Castle ended (after eight years as the female lead she was let go from the show at the end of the season, only for it not to get renewed anyway a month later).¬†“I’m actually still not clear on the thought process behind the way that it went down… It hurt and it was a harsh ending.”

-The CW announced its Charmed reboot and original star Holly Marie Combs is not here for it.¬†Shannen Doherty was a bit more positive, but hated that they’re calling it a “feminist” reboot as if the original wasn’t. She’s got a point.

James Franco was photoshopped out of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood cover at the last minute.

-Mark your calendars:¬†Game Of Thrones’ next season will premiere in April 2019.

-Wait, so Justin Timberlake has already released three singles from his upcoming album? How did I miss two of them?

-This article about¬†Dawson’s Creek’s anniversary and how the show redefined teen romance by moving away from the unquestionable belief that women belonged to men.

Nicole Kidman‘s hidden talent is eating bugs (which isn’t really a hidden talent at all. I can eat bugs — and have. I can’t recite all the US presidents in order like Dakota Fanning. Or fence like Greta Gerwig. Vanity Fair is getting really lax with the criteria for this series…)

-This Matthew Broderick story is perfect.

Tom Cruise watching slow-motion video of his own ankle breaking is oddly compelling.

-Just when I thought that I couldn’t like Black Lightening any more comes news that Jill Scott is joining the show as a supervillain.

Will Smith on YouTube is making my life. He buys fancy equipment for it! He spends his trip to Australia looking for Hugh Jackman and Margot Robbie (who aren’t there)!

-Speaking of Hugh Jackman, I haven’t seen The Greatest Showman because I once had to write an essay on PT Barnum for school and that guy was problematic af, but this video of Hugh crying during the rehearsal of the show’s big number is pretty swelling.

Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy fall in love in the Submergence trailer.

-Here’s the trailer for Unsane, Steven Soderbergh‚Äôs new psychological thriller starring Claire Foy. I’m sufficiently intrigued and/or freaked out.

Castle’s Nathan Fillion Breaks Silence on Stana Katic’s Exit

-Why does it feel like a network show is imploding every week these days? Today, it’s Castle’s turn. I don’t watch the show but even I’d heard rumblings about the long-rumoured onset tensions. Now the lead actress has been let go (add her to the ever-growing¬†fired actress pile!) and though the official explanation is “financial reasons,” even the trades are mentioning her reported troubles with Nathan Fillion (who didn’t really help matters with his delayed, impersonal statement about it — especially compared with her other coworkers’ responses.)

-Meanwhile, Us Weekly says things got so bad between Fillion and¬†Stana¬†Katic last season that the network made them go to “couples counseling.” It clearly didn’t work.

Jared Leto knew better to pull any of his stupid Joker bullshit on Viola Davis during the Suicide Squad shoot.

-Wayment — are we actually supposed to *feel bad* for Chris Brown when watching¬†this new documentary?! Hard pass.

Prince Harry and Prince William visited the Star Wars 8 set and it was ADORABLE!

-Meanwhile, Force Awakens favourites  Oscar Isaac and BB-8 reunited for charity. Also adorbs.

Joss Whedon is very sorry for making everyone think he hated the last Avengers movie. (He still hasn’t apologized for his bitch-flounce off Twitter, tho.)

-Allow Taylor Swift to take you on a tour of her Beverly Hills home while talking about cats, cakes, terrible cocktails (vodka Diet Coke? Jesus.) during Vogue’s latest 73 Questions video.

Stephen¬†and¬†Robbie Amell’s crowdfunding movie just passed the¬†million-dollar mark. That makes me feel better about not contributing yet. I mean, I will eventually because I’m not a monster but still…

Patrick Stewart makes a better woman than I could ever hope to be. Depressing but unsurprising.

-Buzzfeed titled this article “This selfie of Milo Ventimiglia proves he‚Äôs still the hottest of Rory Gilmore‚Äôs boyfriends” and my entire Twitter TL was like:
-Congrats to Oliva Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, who are having another baby.

Michael Strahan is leaving Live with Kelly and Michael. Can someone other than me break this news to my mother? I will pay you in doughnuts.

Aisha Tyler talks about dealing with sexism and getting good advice from Jennifer Aniston¬†in this new article about her crowdfunding efforts to direct. She also revealed on The Talk that she separated from her husband last year but is trying to shelter him from any public fallout because she’s a wonderful human being.

-Speaking of wonderful human beings, Tracy Morgan¬†canceled a comedy show in Mississippi over their anti-LGBTQ law —¬†and he¬†did a special comedy show for the staff of the hospital that saved his life.

-“I‚Äôm a little gay & there‚Äôs a gay James,” says James Franco. Um, ok.

-Dafuq is going on with¬†Elizabeth Banks‘¬†Power Rangers costume? The whole point of this movie is¬†nostalgia so of course,¬†just go ahead and¬†change everything.

-I love that¬†Emily Nussbaum just won Pulitzer for TV criticism. I’ve been reading her since she first posted an awesome defense of Sex and the City and I saw her moderate Mindy Kaling’s panel at the Vulture fest. She’s excellent.

-Holy crap, guys. NBC is so rough right now that The Mysteries of Laura looks like it will make it to a third season. How?!

Emilia Clarke recruited the Broad City girls in her mission to “free the P” on Game of Thrones.

Jennifer Garner‘s 44th birthday party included a marching band. I like her style!

Stephen Colbert mocked Johnny Deep and¬†Amber Heard‘s strange apology with his own apology to Australia.

-Vulture has a great piece on how every [white] actor you love will eventually make a superhero movie.

-Like us, Michelle Williams likes to imagine a Dawson’s Creek reunion. But also like us, she doesn’t think it’ll ever happen.

Matt Damon‘s return as Jason Bourne gets teased in two¬†new videos.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Announce Split

ben affleck jennifer garner divorce split
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Daredevil. (Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)

-Well, there goes the only reason I ever kind of liked Ben Affleck: he and Jennifer Garner officially announced their split. The exclusive came from People (of course it did; they worked really hard for it, after all) and it comes ONE DAY after their 10th anniversary. ¬†The timing of this matters:¬†under California divorce law, once you hit the 10-year mark, alimony becomes a much bigger deal. So the question is: did they officially split today (which means he let her reach the magic number 10, which might be the most honourable thing he’s done for her¬†in a while), or did they split earlier¬†and just announced it today to make him look better (which is¬†going to be a PR nightmare if it comes out)?¬†¬†And why didn’t they wait until the end of the week¬†to announce? A¬†US long weekend is a media dead zone. So. Many. Questions.

-Meanwhile, I’m so here¬†for Jen‘s post-divorce career comeback. I’m thinking a prestige TV series? Maybe HBO or Netflix? I’m flexible.

-Think dating is hard? Try adding time travel like Amy Schumer does in her latest sketch.

Taylor Kitsch talked about being naked on True Detective. Sigh. Please stop making it so hard to quit that show, Taylor.

-Speaking of FNL alums,¬†Minka Kelly was spotted on a “first date” with Sean Penn at French Laundry. Dammit, French Laundry was on my bucket list and now it’s ruined. RUINED!

-I need to calm down. Luckily, I can stare at these adorable outtakes from Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny’s EW shoot until I’m out of v-fib.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were spotted at a London recording studio with Chris Martin. ¬†Either he’s helping them score their next movie, or my dreams about the ultimate¬†Spice Girls cover band are inching closer to reality.

-Everyone’s assuming Britney Spears is throwing shade at Iggy Azalea with this tweet. We can only hope.

Stephen Colbert¬†just did¬†20 “no hands” push ups¬†after¬†John Oliver¬†tagged him in a #GiveThem20 post.

-I don’t watch Castle, but lots of people are thinking this blind item has something to do with whispers of discord between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. I really hope that’s not true; I love him and¬†I have zero sympathy¬†for well-paid actors who¬†mess up their shows because they can’t keep it professional. We’ve all had coworkers we don’t like. (I’m looking at you, guy who keeps stealing my Coke Zeroes from the office fridge…)

-Just in case you need a good cry, here’s comedians getting emotional in the trailer for the¬†I Am Chris Farley doc.

-Sigh. Game of Thrones won’t have any female directors next season. On the plus side, Transparent’s will have only one cis male director.

-I was kind of holding my breath while waiting for the Magic Mike XXL reviews to land. I loved it but could easily see critics turning on it, so it’s great to see that the heavy hitters liked it.¬†¬†I especially like¬†how Vox’s review points out how slyly feminist¬†and sex-positive it is. (There’s an early scene in a gay club and I spent the whole time clenched and waiting for one of the queens to become the butt of a joke, and it thankfully never happened.)

-Meanwhile,¬†you can now listen to Matt Bomer’s D’Angelo cover¬†from the soundtrack.

-Congrats to Evangeline Lilly, who is expecting baby #2.

-Here’s a list of all the ridiculous celebrities who don’t believe in vaccines because they’re ridiculous.

-Here’s the trailer for Secret In Their Eyes starring Julia Roberts, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Nicole Kidman. Looks like we’ve got another annoying Julia Oscar appearance¬†in our near future…