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Grey’s Anatomy Cast Shake-Up

Justin Chambers, one of the last few original Grey’s Anatomy cast members, is leaving the hit medical drama, now in its sixteenth season on ABC. The biggest twist: his last scene has already aired and his character Alex won’t be getting a big sendoff, suggesting this was an abrupt departure.

-Speaking of tensions on TV sets, production on Disney+’s Lizzie Maguire reboot has halted after the creator of the original show stepped down from her role as showrunner. A Disney spokesperson said “After filming two episodes, we concluded that we need to move in a different creative direction and are putting a new lens on the show.”

Oprah is shooting down a report that she counseled Prince Harry prior to his decision to step back from the royal family, saying “Meghan and Harry do not need my help in figuring out what’s best for them. I care about them both and support whatever decisions they make for their family.”

-Word is Prince Harry has been staying back in England the last couple of days to continue to negotiate the situation.

Justin Bieber is begging fans to game the system and stream “Yummy” on repeat while they sleep. This is really embarrassing and beneath him.

Beyoncé and Jay Z surprised Reese Witherspoon with a sweet gift following their champagne moment at the Golden Globes.

Harvey Weinstein and his attorneys asked for a new judge in his ongoing rape trial in Manhattan because the judge’s reprimand of Weinstein’s courtroom cell phone usage had demonstrated “animus towards the Defendant.” In response, they got a 15-minute treatise on why they won’t get one.

Samantha Barbash, the woman who JLo‘s Hustlers character is based on, is suing the production, saying that they offered her $6,000 to appear at the end of the film in exchange for signing away her rights to the story — which she did not accept.

Seth MacFarlane is leaving for after 21 years(!) for a $200 million deal at NBCU.

-People were very excited that horror director Scott Derrickson was set to helm the Doctor Strange sequel, but he just dropped out.

-Netflix’s new documentary series on cheerleading is getting lots of buzz.

-Here’s the trailer for the new FX show Breeders. I don’t even have kids and this gives me anxiety (not to mention I gave up on Martin Freeman when he yelled at a P.A. for getting his sandwich order wrong during his EW cover story).

Chris Rock takes center stage in the Fargo season 4 trailer.


Cardi B Bares Her Belly Bump on Rolling Stone

Rolling Cardi B Cover

-The cover of Rolling Stone’s July issue leaked and it features Cardi B, her fiancé Offset, and her very expectant belly.

-Whoa. Michael B Jordan is looking buff in the Creed 2 poster. I want this tattooed onto my inner eyelids so I see it every time I close my eyes…

Meghan Markle’s hat game is lit, y’all.

Chris Pratt had a romantic picnic with Katherine Schwarzenegger (daughter of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger) and TMZ was there to document the whole thing.

-I’m not exactly in the age range to fangirl over Zayn, but GQ’s cover story on how the 25-year-old British singer “is deeply, maddeningly, almost trolling-ly enigmatic” is a good read.

-As someone who considers Amanda Woodward a personal hero, I really hope Heather Locklear is ok.

David and Victoria Beckham are still officially together, in case you were wondering.

-The top reason Bachelorette hopefuls are eliminated from consideration are STDs, which are immediate disqualification. Huh. Honestly did not see that coming.

-Say what you will about Seth MacFarlane, but dude is putting his money where his mouth is. Days after criticizing Fox News coverage on Twitter, the Family Guy creator donated $2 million to NPR and $500,000 to California public radio station KPCC.

-Don’t call it a comeback: just months after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced, Kevin Spacey will appear in a movie that hits theatres in August. So all is forgiven, I guess?

-I didn’t know enough about XXXTentacion to comment on his death, but there has been some very good writing on how hip hop fans are grappling with it today, specifically here, here and here.

-What CAN’T Carrie Coon do? Here’s a clip of her singing with Mackenzie Davis in her new film, Izzy Gets The F**k Across Town.

James Corden staged an Andrew Lloyd Webber-themed “Crosswalk the Musical” in London.

-Alright, so whatever Apple’s streaming service ends up being I’m clearly going to have to subscribe. Their latest big get is The Big Sick’s Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, who just landed an anthology series on immigrant stories.

-I don’t know how I missed this, but Netflix saved Lucifer from cancellation a few days ago. This TV season is *wild*.

-I’m so glad that Amy Adams‘ HBO series is getting raves.

Tiffany Haddish gets out of prison and upends her sister’s life in Tyler Perry‘s new movie, Nobody’s Fool.

Stars Share Their Snaps from The Oscars

Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted this photo on Facebook with the caption: “Me + Mr. Radcliffe. #Gangster. #Oscars”

-Are you sick of the Oscars yet? If not, check out some of the behind-the-scenes pics that celebs shared on social media.

Michelle Obama was on a roll this weekend! First she danced on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and then she announced last night’s Best Picture.

-Gawker took the time to compile all of Seth MacFarlane‘s sexist, racist and homophobic Oscar jokes, just in case you hate yourself and want to see them again.

Jennifer Lawrence‘s acceptance speech was a bit subdued (I’m guessing her fall on the stairs shook her up a bit, though I love that Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman both rushed to help her). But she was back to her charming self soon after, cracking jokes to the reporters backstage (“I’m sorry, I did a shot before. Jesus!”), and then having a total freak-out when Jack Nicholson interrupted her interview. God, I’m starting to love this girl in a way that’s probably not healthy. At least I’m not the only one

-If Joaquin Phoenix couldn’t even pretend to not hate everything about the Oscars when they said his name last night, why’d he even bother to show up?Also, does anyone else think he and Kristen Stewart are destined to become BFFs and form a sulkypants gang?

-Speaking of Kristen Stewart, she’s getting a lot of flak for her appearance. My boss asked why she looked so “sweaty” (though Lainey’s going with “greasy.”) KStew said she was limping because she stepped on broken glass last week, but that still doesn’t explain the arm bruises or dirty hair.

Charlize Theron continued her awesome streak by coming to the aid of an Academy Awards security guard who was having a seizure.

-At an afterparty, Jennifer Lawrence managed to hold court with Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio at the same time, making every woman in her immediate radius bow before her.

-Speaking of afterparties, Sally Field became my new hero with this pic, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson wowed in the style department, Anne Hathaway wore a party dress that might actually be worse than the one she wore to the ceremony, and Modern Family‘s Jesse Ferguson was the king of the photobomb.

-Wanna know what it’s like to watch the Oscars at the Vanity Fair party? Check out this video. And yes, you will want to adopt Amy Poehler after you see it.

-Is it awesome or tacky that Eddie Redmayne‘s girlfriend didn’t buy a new dress for the Oscars?

-Guys, Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg are getting married!

-In other happy couples news, Christina Applegate married longtime boyfriend/baby daddy Martyn LeNoble.

Janet Jackson just confirmed that she got hitched last year.

Tina Fey looks *incredible* in this Time photo shoot.

-Britney Spears is brunette, y’all!

-I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but everyone I know is very excited about this new Season 3 trailer.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen‘s odd buddy movie continues. She’s going to play herself on Anger Management.

-Wait, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordgren are back together?

-Instagram has reportedly threatened to shut down Madonna’s account due to its “mature content.” But where else are we supposed to get officially sanctioned yet surprisingly unflattering photos of her?

Kanye “I Need to be the Centre of the Universe” West has no love for Justin Timerlake and Jay-Z‘s “Suit and Tie.”

-I don’t see anything, but belly bump watchers insist Fergie is starting to show.

Gillian Anderson has landed a role on a new NBC pilot. (She’s also going to star on Hannibal, but only for three episodes — which is good because it sort of feels like the network is trying to bury that show before it even premieres.)

-In other TV news, Maya Rudolph might be bringing back the variety show.

Jimmy Kimmel‘s post-Oscars special resulted in another Movie: The Movie spoof trailer, but I laughed more when Jamie Foxx serenaded Channing Tatum.