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Melissa McCarthy Calls Out Billy Bush in New Interview

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-In her InStyle cover storyMelissa McCarthy recalls being subjected to a terrible interview by someone who sounds a lot like Billy Bush. “I do remember another interview I did for Bridesmaids with somebody who later lost his job for a conversation he had on a bus with someone else. I won’t mention names, but just think about it. He kept asking, ‘Are you shocked that you actually work in this business at your tremendous size?’ He was like, ‘Oh, your tremendous size, you can actually work?’ I just remember all the blood drained out of me. I thought, ‘With my tremendous size, I could tackle you so quickly.’ ”

In her new People cover story, Nicole Kidman says she knew she wanted to marry Keith Urban after just six months of dating. “It was my [38th] birthday, and he stood outside with gardenias at 5 a.m. on my stoop in New York. That is when I went, ‘This is the man I hope I get to marry.'”

-Here’s how Kevin Hart worded his second apology: “Once again, Kevin Hart apologizes for his remarks that hurt members of the LGBTQ community. I apologize.” He added it’s not his “life dream” to become an LGBTQ ally. That’s swell.

-Meawhile, it seems that the Academy has resigned itself to the fact that the Oscars will air with no host for the first time in 30 years, according to Variety.

-In his new Hollywood Reporter cover storySamuel L Jackson admits he was a functioning crack addict for 15 years. “The whole time I was using, sure, I had a good reputation. I showed up on time, I did my lines. I was great. But there was something that was keeping me from getting to that next place.”

Kit Harrington says the cast was pretty much over it while filming the final GoT season.

-Marvel is making a TV show about Vision and Scarlet Witch for Disney’s new streaming service, with Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olson expected to reprise the roles they originated on the big screen.

Rosario Dawson is reportedly dating Senator Corey Booker.

-Just months after being pushed out of Disney and Pixar, Skydance Media has hired alleged sexual harasser John Lasseter. God, how deflating must that be for the women who work there?

Mariah Carey has settled the lawsuit with former manager Stella Bulochnikov, who sued the singer for sexual harassment after working with her for about three years.

-Woah. Jordan Peele is taking on the Lorena Bobbit story in a new documentary for Amazon Prime. Here’s the first trailer.

-Oof, Nina Dobrev‘s new CBS sitcom is getting panned.

-The Green Book crew continue to make things worse, not better with every interview.

Natasha Lyonne keeps dying then subsequently reliving her birthday in the trailer for Netflix’s Russian Doll, produced by Amy Poehler. Critics who’ve already screened it are loving it.

-Meanwhile, critics are not loving M. Night Shymalan‘s Glass. The embargo was lifted this afternoon and the reviews are mostly negative.

Anthony Mackie and Margaret Qualley are the last survivors on a toxic earth in the trailer for Netflix’s new sci-fi film IO.

-The Little trailer, starring Regina Hall and Issa Rae, looks like an updated version of Big and I’m so here for it.

Calvin Harris Slams Taylor Swift on Twitter

-Oh boy, this Calvin Harris tweet rant is just what we needed to spice a boring Wednesday.  He went after her hard after it was its revealed she wrote his latest hit, ‘This Is What You Came For.’ He even dragged in her feud with Katy Perry! It must have been really hard to climb up on his high horse, considering he’s the guy who almost destroyed Rita Ora‘s career when she dumped him by blocking half her album tracks.

-Meanwhile, Katy Perry‘s over here sipping tea.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have reportedly put their divorce on hold. Oh goodie.

Samuel L. Jackson expertly and perfectly recapped all of Game of Thrones in 7 minutes.

-Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat just gifted us with the best celebrity blind item ever.

-Mr Robot returns tonight. I’m so, so glad that the reviews are still positive.

-Another show I’m really glad  is getting good reviews is Netflix’s Stranger Things. I want this for Winona.

-The Emmy noms will be announced tomorrow morning at 11:30. I’m crossing my fingers for The Americans and Crazy Ex Girlfriend — which makes me an idiot.

Anna Paquin defended Jennifer Aniston’s essay — and took a dig at HBO’s overzealous photoshopping.

-Other celebs who’ve voiced support for Aniston include Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman and Chrissy Teigen. And of course, Justin Theroux.

-This article about how TMZ continues to defend bad celebrity men is so, so good.

Lena Dunham wants to tear out the images of guns in the new Jason Bourne ads.

Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon played Word Sneak and ended up agreeing that dogs should go to college.

-Speaking of adorable late night games, Kristen Stewart played Jello-shot Twister with Fallon. Who is this person?!

-Kimmy Schmidt’s Tituss Burgess wrote the most delightfully scathing Yelp review of a moving company after one of the employees called him the f word. I love him so much!

Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph covered Robyn‘s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ with butter tubs — which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. (I love how surprised they seem when they nail it.)

-Speaking of Emma, she gets serenaded by Ryan Gosling in the gorgeous new trailer for La La Land.