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Beyoncé and Jay-Z Get Personal On New Tour

-For a family that’s usually so private, I’m surprised Beyonce and Jay Z’s kickoff of the On the Run II tour featured so much personal family footage. The twins were glimpsed in video of what looked like a wedding vow renewal celebration, Blue Ivy‘s dance moves were showcased, and the couple even entered the stage in an elevator!

-In a new interview, Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat opened up about that disastrous NYT cast interview and it just made me like her more. “I know I said a little, but what I wish I had said was, ‘Stop talking. Stop. Jessica, go on.’…I hope that the guys on the show and now all these men of all different ages start to communicate with the women in their lives, the women they work with, and just ask openly with no shame, ‘What can I do to be better?'”

Reese Witherspoon announced that she’ll reprise her role as Elle Woods with a video of her floating in her pool. I’d prefer a bend ‘n snap, but this also works.

-Why am I in no way surprised that Mariah Carey bathes in milk?

-Anyone else hearing lots of whispers about the Beckhams today? What’s going on?!?

-Male movie critics are fine but I really wanted to read a female critic’s perspective on Ocean’s 8 — and I loved this take from NPR’s Linda Holmes, who says it’s a breezy and adventurous heist movie that doubles as a clever commentary on Hollywood and actresses.

Anne Hathaway said she was very aware after having her first baby that she weighed a little more than she was used to, but felt better about it after Rihanna gave her a compliment  on the Ocean’s 8 set. “Rihanna looks up and goes, ‘Damn girl, you got a ass!’ I was like, ‘Really?’ And she goes, ‘You got a ass like me!'”

Jann Arden is getting her own sitcom? She’ll play “a formerly famous Canadian singer desperately trying to make herself relevant again.” I want this in my eyeballs now!

-In a Vulture interview, Conan O’Brien talks about networks’ aversion to change by comparing traditional broadcasters to Hans Gruber, and the internet to John McClane. It’s pretty apt.

-The Queer Eye season 2 trailer made me tear up, so all is right with the world.

-This Iggy Azalea tale  made me laugh out loud.

-Yay! FX has ordered a third season of Atlanta.

Samantha Bee expanded on her apology about using the term “feckless c**t.” “I should have known a potty-mouth insult would be inherently more interesting…than juvenile immigration policy.” As the Show Your Work podcast pointed out this week, she’s being incredibly smart about what and who she is apologizing for/to, and what/who she isn’t.

Mila Kunis says of working with a female director for the first time on The Spy Who Dumped Me: “There’s a noticeable difference. No one is yelling at each other…Nobody got mad…no screaming matches. At 7 o’clock, bye, go home. I got to see my kids for dinner. It was lovely.”

Ava DuVernay gave a shout out to the 25 women who directed Queen Sugar episodes — 21 of whom had never directed TV before.

Greg Berlanti, who already has a TV record 14(!) scripted series on the air, just inked a four-year extension at WarnerBrosTV that will pay him $400 million in what THR is reporting is an all-cash deal. So don’t except an non-Berlanti show on the CW until 2025 or so…

-In between songs on Carpool Karaoke, Shawn Mendes talked about living on his own in Toronto.  I wonder if he’s a Forest Hill kind of guy, or more of an Annex type?

Scott Wolfe just turned 50 and posted this shirtless pic. Bailey is benjamin buttoning before our eyes!

-Tag looks ridiculous (I mean, it’s literally a movie about a game of tag? Really??) but at least the cast seems like they are having an amazing time on the press tour. This video cracked me up.

Channing Tatum flirting with Chris Hemsworth in Instagram comments is my new aesthetic.

Drew Goddard‘s hotel is hiding some dark secrets in the Bad Times at the El Royale trailer, starring Chris Hemsworth Jon Hamm and Dakota Johnson.

-Guys, I don’t hate the trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. My world is askew.

Claire Foy is fierce in the trailer for Girl in the Spider’s Web, the next chapter of the Dragon Tattoo series. Playing Lisbeth Salander is really smart career move for her, since she’s mostly known for portraying the Queen of England in The Crown.

Anne Hathaway tries to convince her ex-husband, played by Matthew McConaughey, to kill her current husband in the trippy Serenity trailer, which is sure to mess with your head (and not just because there’s not a browncoat in sight).

Brie Larson Says Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Stone “Saved My Life”


Brie Larson is on the new cover of Vanity Fair, talking about her years of scraping by, the awards-season madness, and how having celeb friends like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone (who she was introduced to by Woody Harrelson) keeps her sane.

Demi Lovato just got a big new lion tattoo that she is probably never, ever going to regret.

-No one talks about Orlando Bloom‘s pap pics of his dick more than Orlando Bloom.

Anna Faris jumped to Chris Pratt‘s defense on Twitter, saying his comments about not seeing himself onscreen are keeping him “up at night” before adding “Chris is truly the best person I know-and he will be annoyed with me for tweeting this.”

Samantha Bee was interviewed by Lena Dunham ahead of the “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.” On pushing the boundaries on her talk show, Bee said “We were nervous at first, but we were like, ‘Oh, f— it, we’re too old to worry. If it gets canceled, we’ll say ‘c—’ on television, and we’ll go be farmers.'”

John Boyega photobombed Star Wars fans for charity. These videos always make me giggle.

Serena Williams says her pregnancy announcement was a social media slip-up. She was taking photos for herself of her progress and she pressed “the wrong button.”

-This is a good peek into Bill Cosby‘s legal team’s efforts to counter public perception. The damage control train has already left the station, with his daughter penning a letter claiming he’s the victim of a media witch hunt.

Johnny Depp spoke out about his dispute with his former business managers, who claim the actor’s troubles actually stem from his own overspending. Said Depp: “It’s my money. If I want to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, it’s my thing.”

Blake Lively wore an absurd outfit last night. I wonder if anyone was allowed to ask her about it?

-Newly single Jesse Williams might be spending time with Minka Kelly, who is quickly becoming more famous for her dating life than her acting, which is unfortunate.

Elisabeth Moss backtracked and now says The Handmaids Tale is obviously feminist.

Alexis Bledel is getting great reviews as Ofglen in The Handmaid’s Tale, which is surprising because as much as I like her, her acting skills have never really bowled me over.

-Speaking of The Handmaid’s Tale, here’s a good refresher for those of us who haven’t read it since high school.

-There was a That Thing You Do reunion and it looked delightful.

Paris Jackson looks so much like Madonna in this Vanity Fair pic that it’s creeping me out a bit.

-This story about the late Jonathan Demme at the TIFF screening of Moonlight is lovely.

-I’m glad someone wrote about this because I’ve been thinking the same thing for weeks: Where the hell is the Wonder Woman promotion?? I feel like I’ve seen way more for the Justice League, and that comes out in November. WW is out in six weeks and it’s been crickets on the marketing front.

Macaulay Culkin plays Kurt Cobain and gets crucified in Father John Misty’s trippy new video.

-I don’t watch Big Brother, but this is a really good read about how the 2008 winner and a castmate ended up in jail after using the winnings to start selling drugs.

George Clooney travels through some of Hollywood’s most iconic films in his new Nespresso campaign. I’m probably not supposed to be cringing this much, right?

Oscar Isaac Is Going to Be a Daddy (Not Yours, Tho)

-Your internet boyfriend  Oscar Isaac is having a baby with documentarian Elvira Lind.

Scarlett Johansson said of the Ghost In The Shell casting controversy: “I would never attempt to play a person of a different race.” Um sweetie, what do you think you just did?

-Good thing Emmy Rossum just got that Shameless pay bump: she had $150,000 worth of jewelry stolen in a home burglary.

-The U.S. version of the Love Actually sequel will have additional scenes apparently, because Laura Linney will appear in it. Her character better be incandescently happy (and have burned that wooly hat she wore to the wedding).

Aaron Sorkin would like you to know that he is, in fact, aware of Hollywood’s diversity problem. Uh huh.

Ryan Gosling‘s got a real shrill streak going on this month.

Mandy Moore doesn’t want to hear your morbid Frozen/Tangled fan theories, ok?

-Here’s our first look at Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton in Okja, Bong Joon-ho’s follow-up to Snowpiercer. This is basically the reason I renewed my Netflix subscription, y’all.

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are reuniting to cohost an NBC reality competition about artisans who make things with their hands. Don’t care; will watch.

-The internet is NOT happy Cuba Gooding Jr. for lifting Sarah Paulson’s skirt.

-Is this a photo of Samantha Bee getting screeched in? How adorably Canadian!

-Welp, this blind item might explain that bizarre TV news I mentioned yesterday.

-The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast are reunited in this very cute pic.

-I really liked this article on how “camp” is often improperly and broadly applied to pop culture that features so-called “unlikable” female characters.

-I also dug this take on how the  “10-hour movie” trend in prestige TV is infuriating (which comes with this handy list).

-I will never NOT link to a story about Reese Witherspoon’s drunken dancing. Never!

-Here’s the Ghost Story trailer, which combines the two people I don’t need to see in another movie this decade: Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara.