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Rob Lowe Comes Clean


Variety’s second annual Recovery issue features Rob Lowe, who reflects on how Hollywood’s attitude towards illicit drug use has changed from when he was coming up: “This was just how the business was back then. Cocaine was the thing that successful people did. There was always that wonderful moment when as an active drug abuser you’d go on the set and figure out which department was selling the coke on the set. It was no different than craft services. Where are the Red Vines, and where is the great Peruvian blow? Those days are long, long, loooong gone.”

-Singer Phoebe Bridgers says Marilyn Manson once bragged to her about his “rape room”: “I went to Marilyn Manson’s house when I was a teenager with some friends. I was a big fan. He referred to a room in his house as the ‘r*pe room’, I thought it was just his horrible frat boy sense of humor. I stopped being a fan. I stand with everyone who came forward.”

-This is a good piece on how Evan Rachel Wood has used Instagram this week: not only to come forward with her allegations against Manson, but to instruct other accusers how to go to the police — and to indict past media coverage of him.

-Vanity Fair takes a deep dive into deuxmoi, Instagram’s accidental gossip queen. Hollywood is trying to unmask her (and this article’s writer thinks she has, but keeps the name to herself) while her type of reporting continues to draw eyeballs in this party-less, red carpet-less celebrity vacuum we’re all living in these days.

-As part of the British Vogue cover story, Angelina Jolie did a “what’s in my bag?” video. There’s also a new photo of her and the kids watching the TV on election night.

-In news that will surprise no one, Variety is citing “multiple well-placed sources” that Armie Hammer was asked to leave those two high-profile projects he recently exited.  His camp is circling the wagons in this article, with a source close to the actor telling Variety “He has never eaten human flesh, he has never drank blood, he has never cut off a toe, he has never locked anybody in a cage, or whatever else is in these crazy messages. These messages definitely shouldn’t be taken literally – even if he did text them.”

-Law & Order: Organized Crime, which features the return of Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler, will premiere April 1.

-Even a writer on Emily in Paris thinks I May Destroy You should have been nominated.

-The SAG Awards nominations came out today, and are much more reasonable.

-Here’s a good rundown of the movies that generated the most buzz at this year’s Sundance. Passing is the one I keep hearing about. The premise doesn’t seem like something Rebecca Hall would be the best person to tackle, but the reviews are strong.

-It looks like Nick Cannon has been forgiven for his anti-semitic comments. ViacomCBS has reestablished their working relationship.

-Meanwhile, Cannon has tested positive for covid and Niecy Nash will fill in as host of The Masked Singer.​

-Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy insists she only talked on the phone with A-Rod and never had a physical relationship with him, but the genie is out of the bottle.

-Disney+ will drop Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella starring Brandy and Whitney Houston next week — and I was NOT expecting the excitement about this on my TL. How did I not know how beloved this movie is?

-This is a great interview with Owen Wilson, who says Jeff Goldblum changed his outlook on life. “He’s just this very positive person. Even “positive” isn’t a strong enough word…Sometimes you meet people who aren’t interested in bonding over shared dislikes. They only want to connect over things they’re excited about, not giving into any kind of negative stuff. I remember that about Jeff, even though we didn’t work together that much — I just appreciate how he was.”

-I don’t watch Riverdale, but the preview for next week — when the show jumps seven(!) years into the future — seems awesomely bonkers.

Emily Hampshire will play Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman in a remake of the Norman Lear series. Yes Hollywood, please start casting Schitt’s Creek stars in everything.

-I’m not surprised that Renee Zelleweger is making the jump to TV. I am surprised that it’s network TV. She’ll star in an NBC show based on a true crime podcast.

-Here’s the trailer for Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes. I wonder if they’ll keep the book’s absolutely insane twist ending…

Gwyneth Paltrow Is a Forgetful Robot in Harper’s Bazaar


Gwyneth Paltrow is having quite a week for visuals, from her tragic Golden Globes dress to her vagina Goop poster, and now her liquid Tom Ford breast plate on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. In the interview, she talks about befriending ex Chris Martin’s gf Dakota Johnson (“I love her,” Paltrow says. “I can see how it would seem weird because it’s sort of unconventional. But I think, in this case, just having passed through it iteratively, I just adore her”), staying friends with exes (“I’m friendly with Brad Pitt. I don’t have any really bad blood”), and her reaction to stumbling across her old films (“I vom. I gag. I hate it”). Hilariously, she also talks about how Proof is the last non-Marvel movie she’s starred in — forgetting that she did Country Strong five years after Proof.

-This is how Joaquin Phoenix chose to answer a polite, innocuous question backstage at the Golden Globes about his Joker process. Eff this guy.

-Congrats to Chloe Sevigny, who is expecting her first child.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry talked about their “beautiful” Vancouver Island holiday getaway with Archie.

Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial in New York City began this week, and he’s already getting in trouble with the judge for his constant texting. “Is this really the way you want to end up in jail for the rest of your life by texting in violation of an order?”

-BAFTA is getting lots of heat for their all-white acting nominations, so they blamed the industry instead of themselves.

-This Keira Knightley impression is very, very good.

-This doesn’t make me appreciate Tyler Perry’s work ethic; it makes me think he should hire a writing room.

Chris Hemsworth has donated $1 million to fight the Australian bushfires.

James Cameron unveiled some new art images for Avatar 2. Seriously, does ANYBODY still care about this franchise? I know the first movie broke box office records but it left zero cultural footprint. When’s the last time you heard anyone quote Avatar? Can you name any of the characters?

Rob Lowe says Netflix told him that Holiday in the Wild was a bigger hit than The Irishmen, which is hilarious if true.

-This is my least fave scene in A Marriage Story but I get why that one line resonates.

-The CW renewed all 13 of its current series: All American, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Charmed, Legends of Tomorrow, Dynasty, The Flash, In The Dark, Legacies, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Roswell, New Mexico and Supergirl, plus the yet-to-debut Katy Keene. I’m so glad Legends eked out another season! (My guess is it will be the last one, along with The Flash and Supergirl). The CW’s lucrative Netflix deal expires this year, so rookie shows Batwoman and Nancy Drew will now move to HBO Max and CBS All Access, respectively.

-Oh god, there is a LOT of new TV shows to consume this year and I’m not ready.

-A teenager facing an unintended pregnancy and her cousin embark across state lines to get an abortion in the trailer for Never Rarely Sometimes Always.