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Samira Wiley on Her Instagram Friendship with Margaret Atwood

-This is a great interview with Samira Wiley, who talks about her Instagram relationship with Margaret Atwood and the importance of LGBT visibility.

Kerry Washington’s Glamour profile is a lot to process.

-Despite not really sharing a whole lot, Beyoncé has been deemed the most valuable celebrity on social media, according to a new report.

-Meanwhile, she just revealed more pregnancy shots in her new “Die With You” video.

-Beyond ratings and raves, Big Little Lies ended up being a major win for HBO on multiple levels. I loved the finale — and I especially loved the thoughtful articles that came out about it, whether it was about the show’s commentary on gender bias, praise for Nicole Kidman‘s career-defining performance, or an examination of the shared language women have when it comes to the threat of men.

-Meanwhile, I’m glad the director has squashed talk about there being a season 2. I don’t think there should be more Big Little Lies, but there should definitely be more shows like it. There are a lot of different stories about women left to tell. I mean, I’m intrigued by Prison Break’s return and will probably watch tonight’s premiere, but do we really *need* to revisit that story?

-Speaking of tonight’s returning TV, I totally forgot iZombie was coming back! The reviews are, unsurprisingly, great.

-Wait, so Daniel Craig is back as Bond? Yawn.

-It was a good news/bad news kind of day for Shia LaBeouf. The good news:  those assault and harassment charges from a January altercation in NYC have been dropped. The bad news: his latest movies sold only one ticket at the UK box office.

Drake not only saved the British series Top Boy from cancellation by buying the rights, but now he plans to star in it!

-Netflix’s first teaser for The Defenders dropped, as did the show’s release date: August 18.

-Marvel’s VP blamed women and diversity for their comic book sales slump and not the fact that, I don’t know, they turned beloved superheroes into Nazis.

No, Kendall Jenner. Just…no.

Mel B requested a restraining order against her estranged husband, and her allegations of his abusive behaviour are terrifying.

-In a new essay, the creator of Smash details her firing and the amount of rampant misogyny in typical TV writers rooms. “The guys would sit around and pitch stories, and then write everything down in great detail on little white cards. Whenever a scene with female characters showed up they would write a card that said, “girl scene here.’ ”

-So Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are still a thing, huh?

-I really like this piece on how Ghost in the Shell proves that Hollywood should listen to Twitter once in a while. Same could have been said about Iron Fist.

-The creator and designer of Daria drew what the characters would look like today.

Aubrey Plaza obsesses over Elizabeth Olsen in the red-band trailer for Ingrid Goes West, which got raves at Sundance.

The Rock Drops Best Blind Item Ever

The Rock Instagram blind item

-The Rock posted a blind item on Instagram that  put everyone on the internet in instant detective mode last night. The majority of people immediately assumed he was talking about his new costar Scott Eastwood, but I’m not so sure. His opening comment about how “no other franchise gets my blood boiling more than this one” makes me think it’s one of his longtime costars. Plus he uses “candy ass,” his signature phrase which Eastwood also referenced in his douchey Esquire interview. Also, The Rock has tweeted nice things about him in the past. ONTD’s sleuthers have narrowed it down to Vin (noooo!!!) or Tyrese (more likely).

-Here’s more about Seth Rogen‘s comments on Katherine Heigl. He’s waiting for a personal apology?! Look, it was not her smartest career move but the movie had already come out and if you look at what she actually said about Knocked Up… she’s not wrong. I liked that movie but damn if the women weren’t all depicted as shrews. And her comment wasn’t directed at him, so for him to still be butthurt about it stumps me. Also, The Rock is being celebrated for his post and that movie that hasn’t even been released yet. (And he *should* be celebrated for it! His post was awesome!) But the difference between how actresses and actors are allowed to be critical is glaring.

Lady Gaga and Ray Liotta‘s reps have denied they’re a new item and I’ve never wanted to believe a publicist more.

Tom Hiddleston is now on Instagram but weirdly, there’s no overly staged romantic photos yet. He’s doing it wrong!

-TIFF’s announcements continue to impress. Brie Larson, a Kaiju-fied Anne Hathaway and the Blair Witch Project are all coming to Midnight Madness.

Julianne Moore is starring in a new TV series with Robert De Niro that’s being developed by David O. Russell and I already want to enclose her in protective bubble wrap.

Taran Killam has been let go on SNL and this interview about it is kind of heartbreaking.

-This is amazing: thanks to Mo Ryan‘s piece in Variety last year about the lack of diversity on TV, FX’s John Landgraf took his network from 12% women and people of color directors in 2015 to 51% in 2016.

-It might turn out to be terrible, but this Prison Break revival clip has me all tingly.

-Speaking of dubious revivals, a year ago this tweet from David Duchovny to Gillian Anderson would have made me squeal. Now? Not so much.

-We are officially on Bon Iver album watch. Don’t do me like Frank Ocean, Bon!

-There was an N’SYNC reunion at J.C.’s 40th(!) birthday party. We’re old, y’all.

-The first trailer for Marvel’s next Netflix show Luke Cage shows his one weak spot. (Sadly, it’s not me.)