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Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin Split

-Well, this timing could be better. Paul Wesley‘s show The Vampire Diaries is airing its series finale tomorrow — and he and Phoebe Tonkin just split up after four years of dating. This could get messy. Remember when she broke up with her Secret Circle costar and posted a photo of a destroyed painting he gave her with the caption “That felt good?” Yeah.

-Speaking of getting messy, Romain Dauriac is fighting Scarlett Johansson for custody of their 2-year-old daughter. He’s asked the actress to withdraw her divorce papers, while sources in her camp say the filing “was not a hostile act.”

Brie Larson very diplomatically confirmed that her no-clap reaction to Casey Affleck‘s win at the Oscars was intentional.  I love her.

-The reaction to the news that Jennifer Lopez is dating Alex Rodriguez seems to be “I hate him,” immediately followed by “makes sense, tho.”

Nicole Kidman insists she had to do her weird, seal-like Oscars clap to protect her diamond rings. Makes sense.

A Ryan Gosling impersonator managed to get on stage at a German award show and accept an award for La La Land.

-The more I read about The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover, the more excited I get for it. (I love that Rachel Bloom reached out to them to contribute a song and not the other way around.)

-Wait, Andrew Lincoln‘s character is still stalking Keira Knightley’s character in the Love Actually sequel? Even though she’s been married for 15 years? Not cool, bro.

Gillian Anderson and her BFF, journalist Jennifer Nadel, talk about menopause in the Lenny.

Samuel L. Jackson walked back his critique about British actors, saying wasn’t exclusive to Get Out but a wider indictment of a system.

-Just a reminder that you should never, ever take health advice from Gwyneth Paltrow. Even if you read it in a health magazine.

Mary-Kate Olsen talks about about married life with Olivier Sarkozy and her stepkids in a new interview.

-People watched ice melt for over an hour today just to discover that Game Of Thrones’ seventh season will premiere on July 16.

-NBC is reportedly urging Jimmy Fallon to get more political. Does anyone really want that though? Seems like after the hair ruffling, that ship has sailed.

-Deadpool 2 just cast Zazie Beetz as Domino. I loved her in Altanta and Easy.

-This is an interesting take on Iron Fist’s dragging: 99% of its bad reviews are coming from white critics.

Charlize Theron gets a John Wick moment in the new teaser for Atomic Blonde.

Your Favourite TV Show Is Probably Cancelled

Community cancelled

-It was a TV network bloodbath this afternoon, with NBC and ABC cancelling a bunch of shows, including Crisis, Believe, Super Fun Night, Revolution (the third JJ Abrams show to be axed this week) and a couple I actually watch: Trophy Wife, Suburgatory and — most heartbreakingly of all — Community. Now we’ll never know who the Ass Bandit is!

-Just in case you thought we were now stuck in the darkest timeline, here’s a good article on why we were lucky to get five seasons of Community in the first place.

-In really surprising news, Hannibal survived (likely because of its international funding deal, proving ratings don’t always matter when it comes to renewals).

-There’s still no word on Parenthood’s fate, and fans are freaking out. (My bet is it’s coming back, especially since NBC just wiped out its entire slate of dramas. Pay cuts are reportedly on the table though, so it all depends on if the cast is willing to play ball.)

-In happier TV news, Elisha Cuthbert, Krysten Ritter, David Duchovny, Casey Wilson and Kate Walsh are all returning to TV.

Justin Bieber has passive-aggressively responded to Seth Rogen‘s repeated slamming of him. It hasn’t stopped Seth at all.

-Sad news: The View’s Sherri Shepherd is divorcing husband Lamar Sally.

James Franco told Letterman he shared that naked selfie on Instagram because “it’s what the people want.” What people? I’m gonna need names!

-Also, James Franco may play Tommy Wiseau in movie about the making of The Room…which actually makes a lot of sense.

-Uh oh. Is Hilary Duff a Scientologist?

Lupita Nyong’o‘s photos from inside the White House are so goddamn adorable!

Rebel Wilson has been cast as the lead in a Private Benjamin remake, which I don’t hate.

-I keep forgetting that Paul Wesley is dating his former Vampire Diaries costar, Phoebe Tonkin. I’ve been side-eyeing her ever since she had a hissy fit over the fact that people were saying mean things about her character on The Originals on Tumblr. Maybe stop Googling your name, lady.

-The Breaking Bad spin-off just added three new cast members. So this is really happening, huh?

Nicole Kidman has responded to the royal family’s outrage over her Grace Kelly biopic.

Conan O’Brien gently eviscerated Sharon Stone’s new movie to her face on his show last night.

-I have got nothing but love for Angelina Jolie‘s crow-print dress. It’s much better than the jumpsuit-y thing she wore earlier.

-Meanwhile, here’s a new clip from Maleficent.

Lea Michele and Glee creator Ryan Murphy are in talks to team up for a real Funny Girl Broadway revival.

Jason Priestley‘s book tour is the gift that keeps on giving. Now he’s telling stories about former roommate Brad Pitt and a penis pump.

Lady Gaga took a jab at Katy Perry for having green hair and riding a fake horse on tour.

Sofia Coppola‘s The Little Mermaid isn’t even out yet, and already FunnyorDie is spoofing it.

Miranda Lambert is laughing off the latest rumours of a divorce from Blake Shelton.

-Here’s a clip from Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones‘ western The Homesman, which is heading to Cannes.

Mila Kunis talked about her pregnancy on Ellen.

Jon Hamm has a really, really big head.

Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner play frazzled parents in the trailer for Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.