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Beyonce’s Having Twins and 2017 Is Suddenly Looking Up!


-Leave it to Beyonce to save our souls. This might be the best birth announcement in the history of ever. The pose! The forest nymph theme! The veil! Even more incredibly, it made Twitter a happy place again. She works miracles.

-In other multiple birth news, Pharrell Williams and his wife welcomed triplets.

Johnny Depp‘s ex-managers have fired back with a countersuit, alleging that actor’s extravagant spending is the real cause of his money problems. They claim he spends $30,000 a month on wine and dropped over $3 million to blast the ashes of author Hunter S Thompson from a specially made cannon.

Drake, Kanye West and Justin Bieber are all skipping the Grammys.

Salma Hayek claims her words to Jessica Williams were somehow taken out of context and she wasn’t being dismissive — even though Williams has said she felt like she was being dismissed. Which means she’s immediately gone on the defensive instead of trying to understand and learn and amplify other voices, which is what intersectional feminism is built on. Swell.

-City of Rumours? Miles Teller says reports that he lost the La La Land role because he was “too demanding” are “alternative facts.”

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln just admitted that they didn’t much care for the first half of The Walking Dead’s current season either.

-Aww nuts. The initial reviews for Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet are not good. They range from “slow start” to “a gory waste of Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant.”

-On the plus side, Ryan Murphy‘s Feud is getting good reviews, as is FX’s new show Legion.

Denis Villeneuve is officially set to direct the Dune reboot. Yay, I guess?

-This oral history of Crash’s Oscar win is actually pretty good. Michael Pena remembers not being a big enough star to get invited to the ceremony, while Brendan Fraser says he was shooting a film in Mexico with Sarah Michelle Gellar and she got him a mariachi band to celebrate.

-Every time an Oscar voter explains their thought process, I wonder how anything good ever manages to gets nominated.

Melissa McCarthy‘s new Super Bowl ad features her getting attacked by a giant whale which is literally MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

-There’s the first trailer for Claws, a new TV show produced by Rashida Jones. I’m digging the premise.

Pharrell Apologizes for Wearing First Nation Headdress on Elle UK

Pharrell Elle cover
Pharrell appears on the cover of Elle UK’s July issue in First Nations headdress. (Photo: Doug Inglish/Elle UK)

-When are fashion editors going to realize that putting people in headdresses during photo shoots is a terrible idea? Pharrell Williams has apologized for his Elle cover.

-Speaking of stepping in it, Jonah Hill’s apology tour continues. He got choked up about those homophobic comments he made during appearances on both Fallon and GMA. As crappy as his behaviour was (and reportedly can be), at least he’s not shying away from it or blaming the stresses of fame.

-In other news about celebrities being on the defensive, another video of Justin Bieber making racist jokes has surfaced. It’s obviously terrible, but he’s so, so young in it.

Elisabeth Moss’ spin on overalls almost makes that stupid trend acceptable. Almost.

-Have Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart broken up? Because when even People mag can’t put a good spin on it, there’s trouble.

-Meanwhile, Jenny McCarthy is taking potshots at JLo over Twitter. This won’t end well.

-Here are the five people who “get it,” according to Rihanna. You’re not one of them.

Peter Dinklage‘s high school mullet was a thing of beauty.

Mischa Barton‘s life sounds really sad. On the plus side, people are still paying her to put that sad life on display.

-The Kardashians continue to breed. The one they call “Khloe” is reportedly expecting her third kidlet.

-Speaking of babies, Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko have confirmed reports that their first child is on the way.

-This is the best news I’ve heard all day: Gossip Girl’s Zuzanna Szadkowski will be on the next season of Girls. Dorota!

Eva Green doesn’t mind that we’ve all seen her boobs.

Jared Leto is a venture capitalist now. Let’s hope that job description involves lots of leaning.

-Thank god for the internet. I had lots of confused feelings about that attempted rape scene in the most recent episode of Louie, and am glad everyone’s talking it out. But it still disturbs me that the knee-jerk reaction on Twitter seemed to be that Louis CK can do no wrongI guess we’ll see if there’s any fallout next week.

-On a much lighter note, here’s everything his Hungarian girlfriend said to him, translated.

-It’s probably not a good sign for the TV industry that an article about this season’s winners and losers is mostly filled with losers.

-They’re not all losers. Game of Thrones’ ratings now rival The Walking Dead with 18 million this season.

Robert Downey Jr. is producing an ’80s rehab drama. I like all of those words.

Dina Lohan got her driver’s license suspended yesterday, but she’s not going to jail because the universe sucks.

-Early reviews of the new season of Orange Is the New Black are glowing.

Amanda Seyfried showcased her rapping skills during a recent interview with the BBC. Seth MacFarlane‘s embarrassed expression is all of us right now.

-A movie I saw at TIFF last year starring Toni Collette is out this week. It’s probably a bad sign that I totally forgot I’d seen it until about halfway through this review.

50 Cent‘s Reddit AMA was surprisingly funny. He blamed that terrible baseball pitch on  a muscle injury “from excessive masturbation” and shot down Aziz Ansari’s grapefruit story.

Here’s an excerpt from J.K. Rowling’s second detective novel, The Silkworm.

Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum‘s Jupiter Ascending has been abruptly pushed back from its July release date to the movie wasteland that’s Feb 2015. That’s not a good sign. Too bad; the trailer looked intriguing.

-Speaking of trailers, Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning play Very Good Girls in their latest movie.

Once Upon A Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Wed in Intimate Ceremony

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas in Once Upon A Time
Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas in Once Upon A Time. (ABC)

-Once Upon A Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas just found their real-life happy ending: the expectant couple got married on Saturday.

-Speaking of weddings, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter got married to Lauren Kitt.

-In other big life changes, Mike Myers and his wife Kelly Tisdale have a new baby girl adorably named Sunday Molly.

Jenny McCarthy wrote a ridiculous op-ed in which she tries to backpedal by saying “I am not anti-vaccine.” Does she not realize that we can all just Google her past comments?

-Despite reports, Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are not engaged. Well, not “yet” anyway.

Jimmy Fallon reportedly narrowly escaped a bar brawl — and ended up buying everyone shots.

Bryan Cranston, as Walter White, helped a young man ask a girl to prom and it was kinda awesome.

-Speaking of awesome, this is a great way to start the week: by watching Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart play The Newlywed Game

Prince William made a crack about needing another baby blanket and the entire world freaked out, but then Kate Middleton was spotted drinking wine so everyone collectively unclenched.

-Fashion wunderkind Tavi Gevinson is going to guest-star in next week’s Parenthood.

-“Fetch” isn’t going to happen, but Lindsay Lohan is really pushing hard for “quiche.

-This is so weird: Johnny Depp will testify in his fake ex-girlfriend’s murder case.

Lily Allen continues to break my heart. Following her dumb comments on feminism, she’s now said she will calm her onstage antics in response to her husband’s request.

-Get ready to feel really old: Say Anything is 25 today.

-Oprah interviewed Pharrell Williams, and he started to cry when talking about “Happy.” He’s so damn cute!

Lupita Nyong’o hit one million Instagram followers yesterday and posted a total charming (though squeal-y) reaction video.

Justin Bieber was a no-show at his assault trial in Toronto today.

Bieber wasn’t too busy to join Chance the Rapper as a surprise guest at Coachella, though.

-Speaking of Coachella, weekend one was an endless parade of celebrities dressing like douches, photo-bombing the norms, and making cameos in each other’s sets.

-The best thing to come out of weekend one’s Coachella is this video of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing to MGMT’s set.

-During his Reddit AMA, James Van Der Beek picked the episode where he thought Dawson’s Creek officially jumped the shark. I would have gone with the one where his dad dies because he was eating ice cream while driving, but his pick was pretty solid too.

-Speaking of Reddit AMAs, Harrison Ford did one this weekend and was in a surprisingly good mood.

Taylor Swift crashed a bridal shower, but at least she had enough forethought to bring a KitchenAid for a gift.

-The fact that Penn Badgley just joined Twitter probably makes me way too happy.

-I love that the new season of Orphan Black is getting such great reviews. “Season one gave us a reason to watch, season two gives us a reason to stay.”

-Speaking of TV, stupid Twitter totally spoiled the stupid twist on stupid Game of Thrones. At least these funny tweets about the big event made me slightly less rage-y.

-In other TV that I missed, a familiar face popped up on last night’s Mad Men. Unfortunately, it didn’t help the ratings. The episode was the least-watched season premiere since 2008.

-I couldn’t watch GoT or Mad Men because I was too busy covering the MTV Awards. The show was kind of a mess (even more so than usual). Jessica Alba pulled a John Travolta and mispronounced Zac Efron’s name, and they didn’t even get the Best Kiss category right.

-The best thing about the MTV Movie Awards was all the new movie trailers and clips it premiered. We got a cute new look at The Fault in Our Stars, new trailers for Blended and Edge Of Tomorrow, and clips from Transformers: Age Of Extinction and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The best was probably this new clip from X-Men: Days Of Future Past, though.