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Steven Yeun Covers GQ


-Minari star Steven Yeun gets the GQ cover star treatment, which feels long overdue. The interview is great but I don’t know why they used that photo for the cover when this shot was right there!

-We knew Oprah‘s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was going to be good based on the promos, but this was a rare instance where the promotional material actually undersold the finished product, which went broader and deeper than anybody expected. Here are the 10 biggest revelations.

-I liked Lainey’s piece on how strategic it was to have Harry be the one to dunk on his family.

-Honestly, I’m most happy that they revealed they had a secret ceremony before the big wedding, which is a plot twist straight out of the Fug Girls’ novel – which is loosely based on them.

-CBS This Morning released more clips from the interview. Highlights include Meghan talking about her father’s betrayal, Harry calling the UK press racist, and how the Queen was pressured to rescind her invite to the couple to visit her. Meghan also said she hadn’t seen her half-sister in nearly a decade, but she “changed her last name back to Markle only when I started dating Harry. So I think that says enough.” But the biggest post-interview revelation was Harry’s clarification that the skin colour conversation did not happen with Queen or Prince Phillip (leading to lots of speculation it was Charles).

-The ratings were huge – 17.1 million people watched it. I’m guessing a lot of west coast people tuned in after seeing us east coasters lose our minds on Twitter.

-Proportionally, the ratings were even stronger in Canada.

-Oh, there was also an award show last night! The Critic’s Choice Awards, which led to some excellent moments, including the kid from Minari suddenly sobbing during his acceptance speech, Jason Sudeikis thanking his ex Olivia Wilde, and this perfect picture from when Ted Lasso won.

-Kim’s Convenience, which found a global audience on Netflix, will be concluding its run with its current fifth season.

Camila Mendes said she started having panic attacks while filming Riverdale amid covid. “When we first started shooting season 5, I started having panic attacks, which was strange for me. I think it was because I was in Vancouver and borders were closed—no one could visit us. You start to miss your home and your life, and you don’t have your friends or community with you.”

Charisma Carpenter wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter on how to be an ally for victims of abuse.

-I mostly liked the WandaVision finale (coulda done without the action scenes but Marvel is gonna Marvel), but I especially liked that the show stuck to its guns about what it’s really about.

-I also very much agree with this thread about how mystery box shows have ruined audiences’ abilities to understand what the narrative is trying to tell us.

-The fact that the big cameo Paul Bettany was teasing was actually himself is the best trolling ever.

-A guy from Mumford & Sons is in hot water for praising a controversial right-wing author.

-There is a lot of conversations happening about colourism and Lovecraft County. The show has apologized after an extra claimed that the show’s makeup artists darkened her skin for an appearance on the series.

-Netflix released a promo for the next batch of Lupin episodes.

Colin Farrell and Tye Sheridan star in the Voyagers trailer.

Doja Cat Gets Futuristic for V


SZA interviewed Doja Cat for V Magazine. The interview is good but the photos freak me out…

A new clip from Meghan Markle‘s chat with Oprah has been released and it focuses on why she’s “ready to talk” now. When asked why she turned down Oprah’s interview request during her engagement, she said, “We’re on the other side of a lot of life experience that’s happened. We have the ability to make our own choices in a way that I couldn’t have said ‘yes’ to [earlier]. That wasn’t my choice to make.” She added, “As an adult who lived a really independent life to then go into this construct that is different than I think what people imagine it to be, it’s really liberating to be able to have the right and the privilege in some ways to be able to say, ‘Yes, I’m ready to talk,’ to be able to just make a choice on your own, and to be able to just speak for yourself.”

-Meanwhile, the creator of Suits and her costar Patrick J Adams have jumped to Markle’s defense.

Lil Nas X just delivered the ultimate “This you?” After Tekashi 6ix9ine posted a homophobic joke, Nas X responded with screenshots of Tekashi sliding into his DMs.

-This is why I can’t commit to any more shows on The CW. Despite debuting to great ratings and already being renewed, Superman & Lois will going on hiatus after its 4th episode — and not come back until the middle of MAY.

Seth Rogen weighed in after his mom tweeted about the orgasms on Bridgerton.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donated $250,000 to address the need to end educational and employment gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada.

-Pose will end with a shortened season 3. “We got to tell the exact story we wanted, as we wanted to tell it, and I’m incredibly honored and grateful,” Ryan Murphy said.

-I already adore The Good Fight — and now Mandy Patinkin has joined the cast!

-I haven’t watched the WandaVision finale yet, but I like this piece on how its weekly release schedule created a deeper relationship between the audience and the show. It feels like the first “watercooler show” since Game of Thrones.

Gigi Hadid returned to the runway after her pregnancy for Versace.

-Entertainment Weekly has the first official images from Space Jam: A New Legacy — and men on the internet got mad because the animated character Lola Bunny no longer has big boobs. Sigh.

Cristin Milioti stars in the trailer for HBO Max’s new dramedy series Made For Love.

Taylor Swift Blasts Netflix

Taylor Swift called out Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia for what she called a “lazy, deeply sexist” and “horse shit” joke they made about her during season finale of the show. Not to defend the show (which is a mess), but the way that joke was positioned, we’re *supposed* to think it was cruel/below the belt, not that the show was endorsing the sentiment. But I’m sure Netflix appreciates the sudden free publicity…

-Last night everyone was supposed to be talking about the Golden Globes, but then CBS dropped two promos of Harry and Meghan‘s chat with Oprah, which stole the spotlight. Leading with O’s “Were you silent or were you SILENCED?” surely helped get it trending. And Meghan didn’t say a word in either trailer, making it harder for the British press to pre-emptively attack her.

-Meanwhile, The Golden Globes were a slog. Considering how smoothly both the Emmys and the Daytime Emmys were, I was surprised how clunky this was.

Taylor Simone Ledward’s acceptance of late husband Chadwick Boseman‘s was the show’s emotional highlight.

Fashion-wise, I loved Anna Taylor-Joy, Regina King and Cynthia Erivo.

Jason Sudeikis wore a hoodie to support his sister’s dance studio, and it’s now sold out.

Gal Gadot announced she’s pregnant by tweeting a photo her her husband holding her belly and the caption “Here we go again.”

Lady Gaga‘s dog walker Ryan Fischer posted on Instagram about being shot during last Wednesday’s violent kidnapping of the singer’s dogs, telling Gaga “Your babies are back and the family is whole… we did it!”

-At least 10 women and one man are accusing T.I. and Tiny of multiple sex, weapons and drugging crimes spanning 15 years.

-On a podcast, Paris Hilton recalled “cruel” treatment from David Letterman and Sarah Silverman.

Angelina Jolie‘s painting by Winston Churchill sold for $11.5M at auction.

-Comic-Con will remain a virtual event this year (hopefully they’ve figured it out by now, cause last year was a mess). Organizers are eyeing a smaller, in-person event in November.

-A lot criticism surrounding Wandavision is about how the Avengers movies didn’t have enough Wanda in them for the audience to be invested in her for her own show, but the last episode went back in time to make emotional sense of the character.

Ellen Pompeo insists they still don’t know if this season of Grey’s Anatomy will be its last. “We honestly have not decided. We’re really trying to figure it out right now.”

-Here’s the first trailer for Operation Varsity Blues, Netflix’s take on the college admissions scandal.