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Jodie Turner-Smith Calls Labor “Some Goddess-Level Shit”

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-I adore Elle’s new cover with Jodie Turner-Smith. In the interview, she talks about giving birth to her daughter: “Patriarchal society really is out here, scamming women into thinking that they’re not supremely powerful beings. Because damn, it’s some goddess-level shit.”

-What’s up with all the gossip about Kanye West with makeup influencers? First we had outlandish rumours surrounding Jeffree Star, and now TikTok makeup guru Cole Carrigan claimed West’s bodyguard instructed him to meet the rapper at a W Hotel late at night — but then he retracted it. That’s one way to get publicity, I guess.

Rob Lowe says he lives in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s neighborhood, and swears he’s seen Harry with a ponytail. Pics or it didn’t happen.

-Meanwhile, William and Kate reportedly ignored the Scottish government’s warnings to stay at home.

Lana Del Rey‘s disastrous album promo tour continues. She says that this clip of her talking about how Trump didn’t mean to incite a riot was taken out of context.

Chuck Norris‘ rep insists it was a lookalike and not him who attended the Capitol insurrection after images trended on Twitter.

-Are Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles already in the sharing jewelry stage of their relationship?

-Most movie theatres are closed and production is in flux, but streaming services have stockpiled content. Netflix released a new star-studded promo for its massive 2021 movie slate, which promises new movies every week of the year. We get glimpses of some of their most anticipated offerings, including Amy Adams‘ The Woman In The Window, Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer‘s superhero comedy Thunder Force, and Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Don’t Look Up.

-Marvel also seems to be in good shape, despite the current climate. Kevin Feige just made a lot of announcements about what’s on their slate, including that Deadpool 3 will remain R rated despite now being a Disney property.

Brad Pitt relaxes in the sun in the first ad campaign for his Miraval rosé (which is surprisingly tasty).

-Glee stars posted tributes to Naya Rivera on what would have been her birthday.

-The Bachelor’s “Queen” Victoria Larson has deleted an Instagram photo that appears to show a Trump flag draped over a chair in her house.

Kim Cattrall is not joining the SATC revival, but she is liking fan’s tweets about her steering clear of it.

-I think we’re all ready for a Brendan Fraser comeback but a Darren Aronofsky joint called The Whale about man with compulsive eating disorder is not what I’d hoped for.

-FX is parting ways with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, who had two years left on his deal there, making his planned series with Matthew McConaughey DOA.

Sally Rooney, the author of Normal People and Conversations with Friends, is set to release her third novel in the fall. Do you think she’ll have discovered quotation marks by then?

-The first trailer for the Russo Brothers’ Cherry starring Tom Holland is here.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Have Swan Goals

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris‘ Instagram pool pic is hella cute.

-Meanwhile, Buzzfeed has a full history of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry‘s alleged feud and it’s feeding my soul.

-I thought that this photo of Sandra Bullock was Kendall Jenner for a hot minute. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

Chris Hemsworth (aka – the best Hemsworth) joins Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy in the female-led Ghostbusters as the Receptionist. This is such a good move for him.

Hugh Jackman continues to be a stellar human being.

-Um, why does this Vanity Fair profile on True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto read like fan fiction? Why do all of his quotes make him sound like Rust Cohle? “I have to rebuild myself every morning. ‘What’s happening? Where am I?’ I’ve got to locate myself in time. I wake up raw and have to put myself together.” I mean, jesus!

-You get that Marvel money, Chiwetel Ejiofor!

-On Conan O’Brien, Bryce Dallas Howard demonstrated how she can cry on command. She still can’t get people to stop confusing her with Chastain, tho.

-Meanwhile, Bryce’s costar Chris Pratt revealed he can walk better in heels than I’ll ever hope to.

-Also, remember that time a naked Chris sang to Adam Brody on The OC? #NeverForget

-Here’s our first look at Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig‘s Lifetime movie, A Deadly Adoption. Hey, remember a few months ago when Ferrell threw a hissy fit with reporters who dared to suggest this movie even existed?

-The Gilmore Girls cast sat down with the Today Show for an hour-long(!) interview, where Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel revealed that they actually ate all the food their characters ate on the show — but eventually had to rely on spit buckets. Also, the pilot was shot in Unionville, Ont!

Jon Snow impressionists attempted to impress Kit Harington on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

-I haven’t seen the Vampire Diaries for years, but for some reason I still follow creator Julie Plec on Twitter and last night she mic-dropped some tweets about the toxicity of fandom. Excellent read, as is this interview with the author of The Mortal Instruments series, who was run off Twitter by a small but vocal segment of her fans. Look, I get shipping. I’m a total shipper. But you used to be able to avoid fandom wars unless you actively followed/tweeted about ‘ships. Not so now.

-Here’s the latest trailer for James Bond: Spectre.