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Naomi Watts Covers Shape


Naomi Watts discusses her acting process and finding the right characters in the new issue of Shape.

-Cue the Bridesmaid jokes: Kristen Wiig is engaged.

Whitney Port says she once passed up the opportunity to hook up with Leonardo DiCaprio. “I saw him at the Roosevelt Hotel. He invited me out to Teddy’s and he invited me back over to his house, and I said, ‘No.’ I was too nervous. I had never had a one-night stand. I didn’t want to be with him alone. I was way too nervous to do it and then I lost my chance and it’s really one of my bigger regrets in life.” I was with her right up until that last sentence.

Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus just dropped new music – though their singles couldn’t be more different. For what it’s worth, this is my fave single off Swift’s new album so far.

-Meanwhile, the new music video I can’t stop watching to is Normani’s “Motivation.” 

Brian Austin Green says he wasn’t initially interested in Megan Fox. Sure, Jan.

Jimmy Kimmel‘s dream has come true! He’s officially the honorary Mayor of Dildo, Newfoundland.

-A new report suggests Ewan McGregor will return as Obi-Wan Kenobi in his own Disney+ series.

-New details have emerged about the lawsuit filed against Faye Dunaway by her former assistant and it’s not great. He alleges she called him a “little homosexual boy” and then had him fired him after he reported her behaviour.

-Looks like Joss Whedon is still being Wheodon-y with his new show.

-This Betty Gilpin/Natasha Lyonne interview is giving me life!

-Is Kristen Stewart dating screenwriter Dylan Meyer? Lainey seems to think they’re just goofing around in these photos, but I don’t goof around like this with my buddies. (Of course, I’m not followed by paps that I might want to mess with.)

-Here’s the trailer for the Sundance hit, the refugee documentary Midnight Traveler.

-This romcom looks like it’s extremely my jam. A young woman spills her secrets to a stranger on a plane only to realize later the he was actually the CEO of her company in Can You Keep A Secret?

Aubrey Plaza Ignored Chris Pratt’s Advice


-While I hate the granny panty/diaper they put her in on the cover, Aubrey Plaza looks adorable in the inner pages of Cosmo. (This REDValentino dress is my fave.) In the interview, she talks about advice she got from her Parks and Rec costars (“Chris Pratt used to tell me when he would give me advice: ‘The separation is in the preparation.’ He’s one of those people who’s always very prepared. I was kind of the opposite. Clearly, it worked out for him”), and creating her own projects (“I’m so used to relying on this patriarchal idea of waiting around for someone to say, ‘You’—some brilliant man. I still have that voice inside my head that wants that. But it’s like, I’m 34. I can do it myself…I’m sick of doing other people’s shit. I want to do my own shit”).

-Speaking of great photoshoots, I love the Iris van Herpen dress Zoe Kravitz wears in British Vogue.

-Forbes estimates Rihanna is the richest woman in music with a reported net worth of $600 million thanks to her music and Fenty Beauty.

-The Jonas Brothers have a new documentary, where they talk about their purity ring past. Joe says of the virginity symbols: “That was not who we were. It was just something that we did when we were young kids but we wore the rings through the first bit of the band starting to explode, at that point it was already too late because it was in the media.”

Lady Rose Cholmondeley (aka the woman at the centre of all those Prince William rumours) attended the State Banquet last night, but while her husband got to walk in with the procession that included the Queen, the Trumps, etc. she did not.

Christoph Waltz and Wallace Shawn have joined the cast of the next Woody Allen film, and as much as I hate cancel culture we might need to evoke it now for these two. (Allen’s already long cancelled, obvs.)

-Who says spoilers are harmful? After the end of James Holzhauer‘s winning streak was leaked, last night’s Jeopardy was the most watched episode in 14 years.

Jon Hamm is incredibly charming in this interview clip with David Tennant. His little smirk at the camera after his says “always add an extra 1/2 inch.” 🤣

-The season of appreciating Keanu Reeves continues. I hope it never ends!

Busy Philipps testified today in front of the House Judiciary Committee about abortion rights. “It is my body. Not the state’s.”

-The first trailer for Luce teases a mind-bending psychological thriller starring Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer and Tim Roth.

Twitter Tears Ivanka’s Us Weekly Cover Apart

ivanka trump us weekly

-The terrible new Us Weekly cover featuring Ivanka Trump is getting slammed all over the internet (deservedly so).

Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, Robin Wright and Chris Pine surprised a theater filled with Wonder Woman viewers.

Jerry Seinfeld is defending his super awkward Kesha snub: “I don’t hug a total stranger”.

-We might not be getting very many more episodes of Game of Thrones in the last two seasons (and they are going to be way spaced apart), the episodes we do get are going to be supersized, with the season 7 finale clocking it at 81 minutes.

-You know that weird Jay Z commercial that confused everyone? Turns out Tidal’s mysterious 4:44 is a surprise film starring Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danny Glover.

-Ohhh…a new interview with the cast of You’re the Worst! I forgot that was coming back soon.

-THR’s comedy roundtable includes Judd Apatow, David Mandel, Kenya Barris, Gloria Calderon Kellett, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Scott Silveri. Waller-Bridge talks about ruining her Downton Abbey audition by being inadvertently funny. “I went in thinking, ‘I’m going to give my best, sincere, heartbreaking performance.’ It was a really beautiful scene in a church; there’s a little clue … when I finished, they were like, ‘We had no idea she was so f—ing hilarious!'”

-Critics hate The Mummy and it could very well bomb here, but when you factor in the global box office it might turn out to be the biggest hit of Tom Cruise’s career.

-Fox cancelled 24: Legacy but the network is already talking with the producers of the franchise for a new take.

-The reviews for the latest season of Orange Is the New Black seem tepid at best.

Jennifer Hudson‘s rap battle with James Corden ended in an epic Dreamgirls-inspired finale.

Zoe Saldana and Julianne Moore raise HIV awareness in a powerful new Sia video.

-Fred Armisen, Adam Pally, and Zoe Lister-Jones have a band? Huh.

-What exactly is Brad Pitt doing?!

-The trailers for Rough Night don’t do anything for me (I’m laughed way more at the trailer for Girl Trip), but I still want to support it because it’s the first R-rated studio comedy directed by a woman in 20 years.

-This is a great NYT profile on Aziz Ansari.

Nicole Kidman was EVERYWHERE this week and she served up some looks.

Bruce Willis talks the importance of underwear in a clip from action-comedy Once Upon a Time in Venice.

-Watch Sam Claflin’s flirting game get outmatched by Rachel Weisz in a clip from My Cousin Rachel.

-Here’s the first trailer for Pixar’s Coco, set to hit theaters Nov. 22.

Naomi Watts plays a therapist who crosses all kinds of boundaries in the trailer for Netflix’s sexy new psychological thriller Gypsy.