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Michelle Obama Gets Third Vogue Cover


Michelle Obama looks stunning on the cover of the December issue of Vogue, photographed by Annie Leibovitz. World, let’s make this the No. 1 selling Vogue in history, ok?

-This is a great deep dive into People, the magazine that revealed one of their writers was sexually assaulted by Trump, and has now put him on their new cover. My favourite quote in the feature comes from Lainey: “People appreciates that the minivan majority came out hard for Trump. So they’re doing what they do best: report from inside the assholes of celebrities.”

-Also, in this Twitter thread a People employee defends the cover. The ensuing conversation is interesting.

Samantha Bee called out white people, and specifically white women, for ruining America.

RIP Leonard Cohen. Also, screw you, 2016.

-Turns out JK Rowling gave her full blessing when it came to casting Johnny Depp, completing this week’s mission to kick us all in the nuts.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have reportedly split. But he’s already used his dramatic post-break up haircut pass!

The Rock says he might run for president? I love him…but no.

Bill Cosby fully expects to resume his career once his sexual assault case is over. Of course.

-At least we have Amy Adams and Jimmy Fallon‘s cute singing whisper challenge.

Shia LaBeouf talked about his new marriage to Mia Goth in a radio interview. And then he freestyle rapped for four straight minutes. The worst part? He didn’t suck.

-On Ellen, Kristen Stewart talked about her exploding fame during the Twilight era.

-Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail “leaked” a Season 3 script page that reveals Elliot’s thoughts on the election.

Meghan Markle was spotted at Kensington Palace.

-There’s a new trailer for Collateral Beauty. God bless Will Smith for putting out yet another mediocre-looking but inoffensive film during the holidays that we can all take our moms to.

-We get a closer look at the Death Star in the new Rogue One trailer.

Ben Affleck wears a jaunty hat and becomes a gangster in Prohibition era in the Live By Night Trailer.

Mariah Carey’s Bathtub Selfie


-Why is Mariah Carey taking photos in the bathtub? And who did she ask to take that second one? And what does any of this have to do with her new music? Guys, I’m so confused.

-How awesome is it that Michelle Obama is on not one, but two magazine covers this month?

Shailene Woodley is getting a lot of flack for nixing the Divergent TV series by saying “I didn’t sign up to be in a TV show.” But…she’s not wrong.

-The tabloids have a lot of ideas about what led to Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston‘s breakup.

Taylor Swift has had a rough week but she Facetimed a dying fan so we should probably all give her a break.

-This is a great segment from Trevor Noah wondering why Matt Lauer failed to challenge Trump when he’s usually so good at interviewing.

-Lady Gaga’s new single is just ok, right?

Justin Trudeau made Vanity Fair’s best dressed list, then immediately make them regret it by admitting he used to wear capes.

-Also, Rihanna is tweeting at Trudeau and I’m so confused.

-A She’s All That reunion? I’m alive!!

-Everyone who’s ever played a doctor on TV is starring in a new PSA.

-Here’s more details on Netflix’s Black Mirror series. I’m cautiously hopeful.

-I really like this piece from Vanity Fair on John Landgraf and the rise of FX.

-Gawd, I have no idea who any of the people in this blind are, but I feel bad for all of them.

-Here’s the latest trailer for Sarah Jessica Parker‘s HBO show Divorce.

Brie Larson sports a gun in the new trailer for Free Fire, which debuted at TIFF’s Midnight Madness last night to very mixed reviews. Very mixed.

Michelle Obama Raps with Missy Elliott in Carpool Karaoke

-Here is Michelle Obama‘s full Carpool Karaoke segment, and it’s glorious. She will always be the coolest First Lady in history.

-This Divergent news is HILARIOUS. The last movie flopped so badly that that Lionsgate has jettisoned the finale in favor of a TV movie. And there’s no guarantee that the original stars will sign on. (Why would they?) Let’s hope this is the final nail in the coffin of franchises who think they should stretch the final book across two movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio is being dragged into the growing Wolf of Wall Street money-laundering scandal. It tickles me that he’s only referred to as  “Hollywood Actor 1” in the suit.

-I guess I shouldn’t make too much fun of Leo today since he raised $45 million for environmental causes last night. But I’m assuming that was mostly all Mariah’s doing.

Idris Elba says he’s ‘too old’ to play Bond now. We’ve ruined this for him, haven’t we?

-Kate Hudson is hooking up with Diplo? Oh god. I’m already dreading the twitter tirade when she dumps him.

Johnny Depp reportedly doesn’t want to give Amber Heard any deets on his financial records until she pinky swears to keep it secret.

Gillian Anderson posting old glamour shots of David Duchovny will never not be funny.

Mario Batali has opinions about pal Gwyneth Paltrow’s exes. He liked Brad Pitt, but wasn’t a fan of Ben Affleck.

Taylor Swift has a long history of being a technophobe, even before Snapchatgate.

-Meanwhile, Vulture takes a deep dive into when exactly the media turned on Taylor.

-Ruh roh. Michael Moore is convinced Donald Trump is going to win.

-For some reason, I’ve had the pleasure of attending not one, but two events this month that featured Daniel Franzese (Damian from Mean Girls), and he’s an absolute teddy bear. Maybe that’s why this video of him proposing to his boyfriend in the Starbucks where they met reduced me to a sobbing puddle.

Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is perfection in Fox’s reimagining of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.