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Will Smith’s Genie Fails to Impress


-EW has our first look at Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin, and the internet is not impressed. Will Smith tried to calm fans’ fears, explaining in a Facebook post that his character will be blue in the final film, and that the images in the EW issue show the Genie in his human disguise.

Eliza Dushku penned an explosive response to her allegations of sexual harassment by Bull star Michael Weatherly, accusing him and showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron of pushing a “deceptive” narrative and retaliating against her for “simply asking to do my job without relentless sexual harassment.” Her description of Weatherly’s carefully planned humiliation of her during a champagne toast is especially gross.

-Why is CBS even hesitating on a salary bump for the stars of Mom? That network cannot afford to lose its only female-focused show these days.

-Also, most of CBS’ management remains in place, despite a year of insane misconduct allegations.

-SMILF creator Frankie Shaw has been cleared in an internal investigation by ABC Studios after allegations she ran a toxic set.

-Meanwhile, this is a good thread on a showrunner’s responsibilities when it comes to sex scenes. I don’t know any other industry where someone is allowed to be in charge of that many people, but given zero management training.

Meaghan Markle reportedly stopped Queen Elizabeth and her staff from intervening when her dad started misbehaving in the press.

Josh Henderson won’t be facing burglary charges after authorities declined to prosecute the case due to “insufficient evidence.” He insisted it was a case of mistake identity and he was not in the grainy surveillance footage from his neighbor’s break in.

-This James Corden bit with Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel-Miranda performing 22(!) musical numbers in 12 minutes is insane.

-Disney is teasing that they may revive Marvel’s Netflix shows. I don’t believe them.

-The Timeless 2-hour movie airs tomorrow night, and critics who got screeners LOVE it.

-The writers behind SNL’s Weezer sketch with Matt Damon explain how it came to be.

-The season 6 Drunk History trailer features Evan Rachel Wood, Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, Jack McBrayer, Amandla Stenberg and Will Ferrell.

Sandra Bullock‘s solution to the Oscars not having a host is kind of brilliant: random actors should be pulled out of the audience to cover a segment of the show. Organizers “don’t even have to tell them it’s happening, just put up the teleprompter, and go, ‘It’s your turn. You’re an actor, figure it out.'”

Rachel McAdams wears Versace while pumping breast milk in her new photo shoot.

Janelle Monae talks about how speaking candidly about her sexuality in the media has made her “uncomfortable” but explained “I’ve always been a private person. But when you make art that’s so personal, folks wonder how much of this is your real life versus the concept.”

-The Family Stone is one of those movies I didn’t like when it first came out, but find myself getting sucked into it every year. So I very much appreciated Sarah Jessica Parker’s deep-dive into the making of it.

-Here’s the first trailer for Hellboy featuring Stranger Things’ star David Harbour as the titular hero.


Anne Hathaway Is Pregnant

Anne Hathaway Elle UK cover

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman revealed they are expecting their first child, which led to a flood of mean tweets from garbage people. Sigh.

-Has it really been 800 days since Tom Cruise has seen Suri? If so, that’s so deeply sad for everyone involved.

-So much superhero TV news hit today. Constantine might join Legends of Tomorrow, CBS may want The Flash to visit Supergirl in May sweeps, and the worst female character on TV might be getting killed off.

-Celebrities ate a lot of turkey yesterday — and Instagrammed every damn second of it.

-Speaking of Thanksgiving-themed grams, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin spent the holiday together with their extended fam.

-Even Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t hide from cameras during Thanksgiving.

Kate Hudson continues to win the holidays, though.

-NCIS’s Michael Weatherly (who will always be Logan from Dark Angel to me) was busted for DUI.

Kit Harington is talking about his chances of becoming the next James Bond. Wait, is that a possibility?! If he gets it before Idris I’m going to flip some tables!

-The Gods of Egypt’s director and studio has apologized for the cast’s sheer whiteness. Too little, too late.

Erykah Badu‘s new mixtape, featuring Drake and Andre 3000, is streaming.

Rashida Jones explained to Jimmy Fallon last night how Drake’s “Hotline Bling” is basically the Carlton before singing a holiday melody.

Rihanna is going on tour — and she’s taking her new boyfriend as her opening act.

-Every promo we get for the new season of Agent Carter is better than the last. My body is ready!