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The Queen Confirms Harry & Meghan’s Move to Canada

-This is an interesting deep-dive into the statement The Queen released today. “At 5pm, Buckingham Palace issued a 153-word personal message…that simultaneously tried to resolve a royal crisis and hold a family together.”

Prince William and Prince Harry released a joint statement Monday denying news reports about William “bullying” Harry and Meghan.

-Meanwhile, this is a pretty devastating roundup of 20 headlines that demonstrates how differently royal reporters treated Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle (not that Kate didn’t take her lumps in the press as well. But the tone was not the same by a long shot).

-Also, palace insiders are worried about Harry and Meghan giving “a full, no-holds-barred sit down interview,” which could be used to brand the monarchy as racist and sexist.

-So the Oscar nominations came out this morning and the snubs have overshadowed any pleasant surprises. No Jennifer Lopez, no Adam Sandler, no Greta Gerwig for director, no Awkwafina, no POC acting nods beyond Cynthia Erivo. The condensed award season may have rewarded recent theatrical runs and people who have been campaigning hard but not as long (i.e. – Kathy Bates over JLo) rather than films that came out earlier (Hustlers, The Farewell, Rocketman, etc). Though that doesn’t explain Once Upon A Time’s success this morning, which came out in July.

-Despite not nabbing a Best Director nod, Greta Gerwig’s statement on Little Women’s is super classy.

-Today’s Twitter exchange between Kathy Bates and Adam Sandler (who costarred together in Waterboy) was very cute.

-Also, this is a very good take on why Joker shouldn’t have been nominated — let alone be leading the pack.

-Well, this is an odd twist: model Gigi Hadid was among the 120 potential jurors called on Monday for the Harvey Weinstein rape trail.

-At least she’ll have a shoulder to cry on: she’s apparently been working on rebuilding her relationship with Zayn Malik one year after calling it quits.

-A cohost on The View just quit…and sadly it wasn’t Meghan McCain.

Gwyneth Paltrow posting “Thank god I can now say I have something in common with Zendaya” about the Tom Ford molded bust, and Ira commenting “Gwyneth…you’re both in Spider-Man” will never not be funny.

-The cast of Schitt’s Creek met Nicole Kidman last night on the red carpet and I’m so happy for them!

Justin Bieber joined Youtuber David Dobrik to surprise fans. The one who didn’t know that JB was there and said “Yummy is just NOT it” owns my heart.

Jennifer Aniston posted a new Friends reunion pic.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are set to return as Golden Globes hosts, thank gawd.

-Because Showtime is notorious when it comes to keeping shows long past their prime, Shameless has been renewed for an 11th and final season.

-Westworld unveiled its season 3 release date (March 15) with a new promo.

-The first Morbius trailer is here and it surprisingly features Michael Keaton reprising his role as Vulture, last seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

RIP, Prince

-2016 has been brutal when it comes to celebrity deaths, but Prince? Man, this one hurts. That man was the goat.

-Vulture has compiled 24 outrageous Prince stories. My absolute favourite remains this (very long, but very funny) one by Kevin Smith, who was once hired to shoot a documentary for him.

-Meanwhile, The Onion’s headline is perfect.

-Also, how did I not know until now that Maya Rudolph has a Prince cover band called Princess?

-Um, that’s not how hashtags work, Sharon Stone.

-Esquire always does right by George Clooney. They tend to get him to open up in a way other publications don’t. (Remember when he shit-talked Leonardo DiCaprio’s basketball skills?) His latest cover story doesn’t disappoint.

Julianna Margulies says we’ll either ‘love or hate’ the Good Wife’s series finale. Ruh roh.

-Teach me your shade ways, Kelly Ripa!

-Arrested Development’s Maria Bamford is starring in a new Netflix show , and it looks fantastic. (The trailer hooked me as soon as she and Ana Gasteyer started doing my go-to drunk move: laser tits.)

-I’m not sue who this comedian is who recreated a bunch of celebrity Instagram poses, but I think I love her.

-The Bones lawsuit is offering a good glimpse of how a hit show loses money. Despite pulling in over a half a billion dollars in their first seven seasons, however, Bones somehow ended up over $43 million in the red.

-I love The Hollywood Reporter’s tips for getting a divorce in Hollywood: “plan for your future ex’s reality show.”

-Time’s 100 Most Influential People articles are great, mostly because they’re written by other stars. Rita Moreno writes that Gina Rodriguez is “a young woman who knows her true north,” while J.J. Abrams says Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s “wit would be intimidating if not for his natural and infectious charm.”

Michael Keaton plays the founder of McDonalds in the new trailer for The Founder.

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart see the sights in the new trailer for Woody Allen‘s Café Society trailer.

-I’m intrigued by the new Jason Bourne trailer (mostly because I don’t think I could have sat through another movie of him need to re-learn about Treadstone all over again). Also, Julia Stiles is back and seems to have a bigger role! That makes me weirdly happy.

Farewell, Parks and Recreation, You Beautiful Tropical Fish

parks and recreation treat yo self

-Parks and Recreation ends tonight and I’m so not ready. No other sitcom in recent memory made me laugh out loud so often, whether it was Chris telling himself to “stop pooping,” Leslie demonstrating the best, most efficient take-down of MRAs ever, the entire gang falling on ice to the tune of “Get On Your Feet,” Ann drunkenly trying to find her straw, or Leslie singing “Everybody pants now. Pants, pants, pants, pants, pants, pants!” Good job, show. I love you and I like you.

-Meanwhile, Amy Poehler spoke to Alan Sepinwall about how the show “kind of ruined me for anything else.”

-The entire Parks and Rec cast will appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight, so at least there’s that. Also, Canadians will be getting the series finale 2 hours earlier than those in the States, which should make us super popular on Twitter.

-Speaking of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Stephen Amell was on last night and did a great job reminding everyone about his Canadian-ness.

-This video of Michael Keaton quickly hiding his Oscars speech after Eddie Redmayne’s win will break your heart.

Emma Watson sent a sweet note to Steve Carell to compliment him on his Oscar fashion.

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger proved they’re still the cutest at the Vanity Fair after-part. God,  I love them. If they ever break up, please don’t tell me.

-There was an impromptu Gossip Girl reunion at Elton John’s Oscar party.

-Feel free to repress these new rumours about Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto dating.

-Sure, these “random” singers were clearly chosen ahead of time, but Christina Aguilera still killed it when she had to impersonate Britney Spears and Cher on The Tonight Show. Not surprising; remember the amazing impression of Kim Catrall she did on SNL?

John Travolta‘s explanation of the Idina Menzel flub makes even less sense than the flub.

Jude Law says he once turned down the role of Superman because he didn’t want to ruin his children’s lives.

Chris Brown has been denied entry into Canada because we’re good like that. (He deleted all of his tweets about it.)

-Here’s the first trailer for Sean Penn‘s The Gunman.