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Zooey Deschanel Covers Cosmo


-Whoa. This Zooey Deschanel cover is rul bad. How can this be the least awkward shot they could find? She looks dazed/pissed.

Ashton Kutcher reunited with That 70s Show costar Laura Prepon and called her out for not telling him about her engagement to Ben Foster.

Sarah Jessica Parker says she now regrets wearing black on her wedding day. Ok, but what about this?!

Kelly Clarkson made her hubby get a vasectomy after her second pregnancy because it sucked so much.  “I was literally pregnant with Remi, and I was like, ‘You are getting fixed. This will never happen to me again.'” Bless her.

-TMZ claims to have gotten hold of the insurance claims for Kim Kardashian‘s jewelry that was stolen in Paris this week.

-Yay! Black Mirror debuts Oct 21 on Netflix. Here’s the first preview.

-The Affair’s season 3 surprises gets teased in its first trailer.

Rosie O’Donnell wrote a poem about meeting Ivanka Trump … as you do.

-NBC’s supernatural thriller Midnight, Texas looks like a PG-rated True Blood.

-Why are dumb commenters coming after Halle Barry for cropping her kids’ faces from Instagram?! That’s a good thing.

-Sweet! Veronica Mars alum Jason Dohring just booked a gig on iZombie.

-This is an interesting interview with the guy behind Crazy Days and Nights. I don’t usually trust his blinds, but he has had some recent wins lately.

-This Justice League sizzle reel is filled with awesome behind the scenes footage.

Matthew McConaughey gets rich in the new Gold trailer.

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster Are Engaged

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster just started dating this summer, and now they’re engaged. She showed off her ring at the Girl on the Train premiere (and tagged it on Twitter). I guess this means he’s a Scientologist too?

-Speaking of The Girl on the Train premiere, I did not love Emily Blunt’s dress.

-A source close to Angelina Jolie tells People that she and the kids have started therapy, adding “It’s been a traumatic situation.”

-Sending good thoughts Kid Cudi‘s way, who has checked into rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts.

Jenni Konner’s story about the ridiculously gross things Lena Dunham‘s male peers say to her is horrifying.

-There are already some insane conspiracy theories about the Kim Kardashian robbery.

-Meanwhile, Paris police say Kim‘s social media made her an easy target.

-The father of Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on Stranger Things, has reportedly been demanding what amounts to a signing fee for the privilege of representing his daughter. To get Millie to sign with an agency, her dad is asking for $100k upfront. WHAT?

Lin Manuel-Miranda wishes he could get his hands on Hamilton tickets of his own in his SNL promos.

Kristen Chenoweth sang the Game of Thrones’ theme, and it was awesome.

-Shocking report: canceling a subscription to Jessica Alba‘s Honest Company is ludicrously hard.

Ellie Goulding says she has no plans to have a baby with Prince Harry. Wait, was that even an option?!

Radiohead just debuted the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video for ‘The Numbers‘.

-This is a really interesting take on why critics raved about Birth of a Nation at Sundance, and have since fallen out of love with it.  I can certainly relate to the first point about the festival haze; I’ve gotten totally swept up in movies at TIFF and Cannes, only to watch them months later and wonder what I was thinking.

-This is a bummer: Chrissy Teigen has set her awesome Twitter account to private, saying “My body and mind cannot handle it anymore”

-I got up at the buttcrack of dawn today to go to a Gilmore Girls-themed Luke’s Diner (spoiler alert: there was still a line). The pop up was to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the show. They also released this adorable featurette in which the cast reflects on their fondest memories.

Jordan Peele of Key & Peele fame made a horror movie. Here’s the trailer for Get Out. It’s incredibly creepy.

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard’s spy romance gets dangerous in new the Allied trailer.

Amy Schumer: “I Have a Belly. And I Have Cellulite. And I Still Deserve Love”


-Not only does Amy Schumer look stunning on the new cover of Glamour, the accompanying interview is perfection. She talks about becoming the new poster child for feminism, setting boundaries with male comics, and demanding orgasms.

Lainey’s latest blind is very obvious, and very sad. It reminds me of the (seemingly less serious) Jon Hamm situation; he couldn’t publicly confront his demons or seek help until completing press for his career-making project. But surely, a crappy looking movie isn’t worth it?

-This interview with the publicist who managed the Affleck/Lopez and Simpson/Lachey splits offers some great insight into the timing of Affleck/Garner‘s announcement, John Mayer‘s grabby hands for the spotlight, and the increasing popularity of celebs circumventing PR agencies and breaking their own news on social media.

-Also, here’s a roundup of all the rumoured people and reasons the tabloids are citing for Ben and Jen’s split. How odd that the latest EW cover doesn’t warrant a mention…

Leonardo DiCaprio was in Nunavut recently and when locals tried to take pics he was having none of it.

-A teenager trespassed on the Orange Is The New Black set and took some awesome photos, so the show responded in kind.

-Speaking of OITNB, actress Laura Prepon gave an jargon-laden interview to a Scientology magazine. (I may have squealed a little bit when she actually started talking about thetans…)

-Despite the 2005 testimony that surfaced yesterday in which Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women, Whoopi Goldberg still continues to defend him on The View, saying “The ’80s, they weren’t fun for everybody, clearly” and “I don’t like snap judgement.”

-It’s been a *crazy* few weeks so I missed a lot of gossip, but I don’t know how I managed to completely avoid Jeremy Renner’s ridiculous Playboy interview. God bless the Hollywood Prospectus guys for not letting it completely escape my radar!

-There was way, way too much Bieber ass on my Twitter timeline today. Like, wayyyyy too much.

Kristen Stewart opened Chanel’s couture show in a velvet tux. Also sporting velvet (more successfully, I think) was Julianne Moore.

-On the latest Celebrity Rap Battle, Alison Brie takes on Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop” and it’s awesome. No wonder Will Arnett looks scared.

-This behind-the-scenes account of how everyone on the Back to the Future set knew that Eric Stoltz was getting fired except the actor himself reads like my most paranoid nightmares.

-I’m so down with Rachel McAdams gettin’ herself some Marvel money. She and Colin Farrell are the only things making True Detective almost tolerable (which breaks my Taylor Kitsch-loving heart to say, but our boy is out of his depth. He hasn’t reached Vince Vaughn-levels of floundering yet, but he’s close.)

-A Modern Family writer just obliterated Donald Trump on Twitter and all is right with the world.

-Amazon and Netflix have both passed on Hannibal, which isn’t a good sign.

-I don’t care that there’s only a tiny snippet of new footage/dialogue at the end of this trailer for The X Files reboot. Watching it made my heart poop its pants.