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Rihanna Contemplates Marriage and Motherhood

Rihanna discussed marriage and love in a candid new chat with her Ocean’s 8 co-star Sarah Paulson for Interview magazine. She talked about carving time out of her schedule for boyfriend of two years Hassan Jameel (“I got into a new relationship, and it matters to me. It was like, ‘I need to make time for this.’ Just like I nurture my businesses, I need to nurture this as well. I’ll shut things down for two days, three days at a time. On my calendar we now have the infamous ‘P,’ which means personal days. This is a new thing”), and said she wants to be a mother “More than anything in life.” (My fave part about the interview is when Paulson starts serenading her and Rihanna says “I’m going to tell you this because I’m a black girl: You’re going to have to stay on beat, okay?”)

-Vanity Fair wrote an article speculating who Ellen Pompeo may have been referring to when she talked about “toxic behavior” on the set of Grey’s Anatomy for the first 10 seasons — and Isaiah Washington read it and snapped. He tweeted “Vanity Fair needs to keep my name out of this. You gone be dirty? Why don’t you ask Ellen Pompeo how she was paid ‘hush money’ to protect Patrick Dempsey and HIS ‘toxic behavior’.” 👀

Kylie Jenner threw a Handmaid’s Tale-themed party. No, girl.

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are officially married. They shared identical posts about it on Instagram (each with a line about how they’re “grateful to Mr. Giorgio Armani” for outfitting them which is…uh…something. Did their sponcon agreement specific a sentence or do they just not know how to tag?)

-Fans are baffled after Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a UFC fight.

-I’m very ok with The Good Place announcing that season four will be its last.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has been accused of grabbing a women’s breasts in a NYC club and could potentially be arrested.

-This is horrible: A year after Pauley Perrette exited NCIS following 15 seasons on the show, she took to Twitter to beg fans to stop asking her to return — because she says she’s afraid of being in the presence of lead actor Mark Harmon. She posted “I am terrified of Harmon and him attacking me. I have nightmares about it. I have a new show that is SAFE AND HAPPY!” and then a separate tweet of two graphic photos of an NCIS crew member with stitches around his eyes.

-I love that The Other Two and Barry are on this list of the best TV so far in 2019. I’d add Better Things, too.

-This video compilation of Gwyneth Paltrow being clueless about what’s going on in the MCU movies she stars in is great. Just cash those Marvel checks, girl.

Kiefer Sutherland calling out our ridiculous premier on Twitter is a good time.

-I gave up on The 100 after season 2 but a lot of my Twitter mutuals still watch it and ship Bellarke (which seems really hard because I don’t think they’ve progressed past a hug in the last five seasons). So it was nice to see their total bliss meltdown when the actors — who no one even knew were dating — announced that they eloped last month.

Celine Dion stopping her set until a guy came back from the bathroom so he wouldn’t miss anything is very on brand and wonderful.

-This is a good breakdown of what happened to X-Men’s Dark Phoenix, which bombed at the weekend box office and could lose $100M. Insiders told The Hollywood Reporter that after the disaster that was Apocalypse, execs came away thinking that the movie’s failure had been due to an excessive amount of explosions and scale, not due to franchise fatigue generally. “We were wrong.” Then the release date was moved to June to placate James Cameron, Fox’s most important filmmaker, so not to conflict with Alita: Battle Angel. And Dark Phoenix’s muddled marketing campaign didn’t help. “When definite awareness of Rocketman is higher than an X-Men movie, you know you’re in strange territory.”

Laura Linney and Audra McDonald had some funny “beef” at last night’s Tonys.

DJ Khaled‘s energy drink bundles might have cost him a #1 album, and now he’s reportedly planning to sue Billboard over it.

-I’m taking a break from non-Legends of Tomorrow CW superhero shows, but here’s the first full trailer for Batwoman.

-The footage of Keanu Reeves recording his part for Toy Story 4 went viral this weekend (deservedly) thanks to a Chris Evens boost.

-Cyberpunk 2077 comes out next year – but Keanu showed up at E3 yesterday to promote his involvement and debut the first trailer.


Zoe Saldana Poses Nude in Pre-Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Zoe Saldana naked

-Zoe Saldana posed nude for Women’s Health U.K., while her Guardians costar Chris Pratt proved he can also strike a pose.

-The Guardians cast took on a 5-year-old superfan on Marvel trivia during Kimmel last night…and lost. (Only Vin Diesel seemed to want to beat her, though.)

-According to Page Six, Beyoncé is “secretly” apartment shopping alone, adding more fuel to the divorce rumour fire.

Kiefer Sutherland has responded to Freddie Prinze Jr.‘s comments on his unprofessionalism in a way that can best be described as a very polite “bitch, puleaze!

-First Mark Ruffalo blamed Ben Affleck for ending his friendship with Jennifer Garner, and now Kevin Smith is blaming Jennifer Garner for ending his friendship with Ben Affleck.

-At Comic Con Mark Ruffalo interview-bombed Paul Rudd, who had no idea.

Helen Mirren revealed her fitness secret: she does the Royal Canadian Air Force workout.

James Franco proved on Fallon last night that he’s really bad at describing movies. And guessing them. And remembering ones he starred in.

James redeemed himself, however, by showing us how to take the perfect selfie.

Childish Gambino just pulled a Kendrick and claimed to be the best rapper alive. Sigh.

Elizabeth Banks knows she’s “genetically blessed” and isn’t apologizing for it.

Nicole Richie spoke to Oprah about her marriage to Joel Madden. Despite her reality show roots, I’m having a really hard time hating that girl these days.

Blake Lively‘s welcome video for Preserve doesn’t feature her wedding dress after all. So basically the only thing that made her new website even remotely interesting wasn’t a thing at all.

-Inspired by Kim Kardashian, Stephen Colbert is “pitching” his own iPhone game

Cindy Crawford and her fam are currently vacationing in Muskoka and showing off their gorgeous photos.

-The Goldfinch is being turned into a movie. Let’s hope they drop that entire middle section that’s set in Vegas. Eesh.

Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Madonna have spoken out about Israel and the Gaza Strip.

-EW has the 10 best movie and TV trailers to debut at Comic Con.

Jason Bateman woos Olivia Wilde  in the new trailer for The Longest Week. Billy Crudup is looking a little rough, no?


Freddie Prinze Jr. Slams Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland and Freddie Prinze Jr.
Kiefer Sutherland and Freddie Prinze Jr. in Fox’s 24. (Photo: RICHARD FOREMAN/FOX/EVERETT)

-This is one feud no one saw coming: Freddie Prinze Jr. said he wanted to “quit the business” after working with Kiefer Sutherland on 24, calling him “the most unprofessional dude in the world.”

-Page Six is going all in with their belief that Beyonce and Jay Z are on the verge of splitting. There’s not a lot of new info in their lengthy report (with the exception of the Rihanna rumour, which seems like a stretch).

-Meanwhile, a homeless man has been taken into custody after repeatedly writing and delivering a series of disturbing letters to Rihanna‘s Soho apartment.

-This video of Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon spitting food at each other should cure any lingering Don Draper crush.

-Here’s the first official photo of Ben Affleck as Batman. It’s very chin-dimple-y.

-I actually really like the unusual wedding dress Piper Perabo wore — though I’d like it a whole lot more without the veil.

-Those Charlize Theron/Sean Penn wedding rumours just became a whole lot more credible. She appears to be wearing a ring.

Susan Sarandon shared her very frank opinions on Woody Allen and it was fantastic.

-Interesting: despite its online-only format, the new season of Community won’t be released all at once.

Sandra Bullock turned 50 this Saturday. How is that even possible?

-I didn’t expect it, but the leaked test footage of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is really, really good.

-Fifty Shades of Grey has already become the most mentioned movie of the year on social media.

-The new Walking Dead trailer should just be called “Yup, They’re Totally Cannibals.”

Taylor Swift continues to be the sweetest. A lot.

-This oral history of Galaxy Quest makes me want to do an immediate rewatch.

-A sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine may not sound like a good idea, but it stars Adam Scott so I’m not complaining.

-Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev had a good time at the Comic Con this weekend. She was spotted flirting with both Ben Mackenzie and Orlando Bloom.

-Meanwhile, her costar Paul Wesley is stepping up for a friend with cancer.

-Lots of Arrow scoop came out of Comic Con, including a bunch of Olicity teases.

-Also from Comic Con, the Game of Thrones cast announced new actors, struck a pose, showed off their blooper reel and backseat singing skills.

-Speaking of gag reels, if only the Agents of SHIELD show was as entertaining as the bloopers.

-Another gift from Comic-Con: a longer trailer for Horns with Daniel Radcliffe debuted.

-Check out the first teaser for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and prepare for the end.

-The biggest trailer (in terms of buzz, at least) to come out of the Con is definitely the Mad Max one, which has everyone suddenly feeling optimistic about a film that’s been plagued by production problems.

-The first Hunger Games: Mockingjay trailer has landed, and it heavies up on Phillip Seymour Hoffman.