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Kanye West Throws Grammy In Toilet

Kanye West once again tweeted about his quest to acquire his masters but he didn’t stop there — he also tweeted out pages from his contract with Universal and posted a video of him peeing on a Grammy. Totally normal stuff.

Robert Pattinson seems to be better following his covid diagnosis — at least, I hope he is for Suki Waterhouse‘s sake. The couple were spotted making out in London.

-Despite filing for divorce, Cardi B is still amicable and living with Offset. The pair are co-parenting their 2-year-old daughter, Kulture.

-Meanwhile, Lizzo sent Cardi flowers following the news.

-I almost forgot that the Emmy Awards are this Sunday! It’ll be an interesting one for the logistics alone. Check out the remote camera setups all the nominees are being sent.

-In SNL’s upcoming season, Jim Carrey will be playing Joe Biden, while Maya Rudolph will be playing Kamala Harris.

-People are really loving the upcoming Paris Hilton documentary, which will supposedly make us much more sympathetic to her.

-This is a great profile on Chris Rock, who talks about finishing Fargo in a pandemic, Jimmy Fallon‘s blackface impersonation of him, America’s summer of strife, and what happens when a landlord becomes president.

-Why yes, I would like to listen to a podcast about Jeremy Renner’s app that’s done in “true crime” style.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton may be having a rough go of it. Welcome to 2020.

-Following Tenet’s less than stellar debut, movie theatres are bracing for a rough fall, especially if Black Widow and Soul are delayed, leading to a dearth of major movies until No Time To Die comes out in November (if that’ll even happen).

-There’s a new trailer for Darren Star‘s new Netflix show, Emily in Paris, which looks like Sex and the City for Gen Z.

-In the Synchronic trailer, Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan play New Orleans paramedics who find themselves responding to multiple violent and strange accidents that lead them to a terrifying discovery about reality and time.


Issa Rae Talks Emmy Nominations


Issa Rae covers the new issue of THR and talks about her Emmy nominations (“Awards don’t validate you. They allow more people to know about the series, like, ‘Oh, what is this?’ That’s all you want”), why she thinks the Emmys recognized Insecure this year (“I’m going to be real. I think the pandemic, being quarantined during a period when our humanity was questioned, in a more front-facing way, definitely helped. We came on during a time when people were bored at home, and also there were racial uprisings, and our show served as a comfort”), and her love of I May Destroy You (“It’s amazing. It’s really disturbing. The conversations that have [been] sparked around it are just so necessary. I almost wish it had come sooner. It’s going to be so impactful to a generation of people”).

Justin and Hailey Bieber and Shawn Mendes were all spotted at a home recording studio in LA yesterday.

Dax Shepard is recuperating after breaking four ribs in a motorcycle accident on a California road course.

Kirsten Dunst is very confused about why she’s part of Kanye West‘s presidential campaign materials.

Ben Affleck isn’t done with Batman yet. He’ll appear along with Michael Keaton’s Batman in the upcoming Flash movie, which is all about the multiverse (oh god, I’m having CW crossover flashbacks). Interestingly, they confirmed Affleck’s Batman will appear in no other films or the rumoured HBO MAX show.

-Here’s a new teaser for the Synder cut of Justice League.

Olivia Wilde just landed a secret Marvel project — and the hints have everyone thinking it’ll be a Spider-Woman movie.

Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans yesterday and crashed the site.

-The ACLU has offered to help Britney Spears, tweeting “People with disabilities have a right to lead self-directed lives and retain their civil rights. If Britney Spears wants to regain her civil liberties and get out of her conservatorship, we are here to help her.”

Sarah Cooper, the TikToker famous for lip synching Trump, just landed a CBS comedy.

-Speaking of CBS, they’re having issues with yet another problematic white dude showrunner. This one is the guy behind All Rise (which has a black female leave – a rarity on that network). Five writers from the original seven hired have left the drama over disputes with showrunner Greg Spottiswood about the depictions of race and gender. He kept his job after reviews by human resources. Said one writer: “We had to do so much behind the scenes to keep these scripts from being racist and offensive.”

-A former writer on the show said in a Twitter thread that the environment in the writers’ room is even worse than the article indicates.

-Ellen Show staffers will now get “perks” like five paid days off to use at their discretion, birthdays off, and paid time for doctors appointments and family matters. That … doesn’t seem like a lot?

-British singer James Blunt says once he developed scurvy after adopting an all-meat diet for two months to assert his masculinity while studying in a female-dominated class. Gotta love a good comeuppance!

-It was a rough day for Comedy Central shows that previously looked like they had a bright future. Drunk History has been canceled after six seasons — despite being renewed for a seventh season last year, while Comedy Central also canceled Tosh 2.0, reversing course on its January decision to renew the show for *four* more seasons.

-Starting tomorrow, all 1,687 of Cineplex’s screens will be open for business across Canada, making the exhibitor the first major theatre chain in the world to be 100% re-opened. I can’t imagine feeling comfortable in a movie theatre yet.

Gillian Anderson joins Olivia Colman in the trailer for season four of The Crown, arriving Nov 15.

-Here’s the trailer for Sofia Coppola‘s latest film, On the Rocks, starring Bill Murray, Rashida Jones, and Marlon Wayans.

-The new trailer for Netflix’s Love Guaranteed stars Rachael Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr. as a lawyer and client who fall in love. That seems unethical but I adore them both and need more Netflix romcoms in my life so YUP!

A Pitch Perfect Reunion

-I didn’t realize I needed to see the Pitch Perfect cast reunite to perform a new song for charity until I saw it. But I did. I needed it.

Rose McGowan has leveled sexual misconduct allegations against director Alexander Payne, tweeting “You sat me down & played a soft-core porn movie you directed for Showtime under a different name. I still remember your apartment in Silverlake. You are very well-endowed. You left me on a street corner afterwards. I was 15.” In an interview with Variety, she called it a “grooming situation,” saying “I had for years looked at it as a sexual encounter, not understanding what it really was.”

Kanye West and Steve Harvey went to Chick-fil-A. I dislike so many of those words.

-Three senior producers — executive producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman — have been ousted from Ellen’s show. According to Variety, the talk show host announced the news on a company call. “DeGeneres was emotional to the point of tears, and apologetic as she addressed more than 200 staffers.” She also told staff she was an introverted personality that likes to have her own space, which may have led to staffers believing she wasn’t nice.

Daniel Dae Kim and Randall Park are teaming up for an Asian American-led heist film for Amazon. Put it in my eyeballs now!

Barack Obama‘s summer playlist includes Canadian artists PARTYNEXTDOOR and Andy Shauf. (I had a 3-month stretch where I listened to Shauf’s “Comfortable” on repeat to put me to sleep.)

-I don’t really know much about actress Charlotte Kirk, but she took down two studio heads so I definitely want to watch the movie about her life! An affair eight years ago with NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron Meyer is the reason behind his abrupt exit this week — and her involvement with Warner Bros chief Kevin Tsujihara led to his ouster last year.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is accused of rape in a new lawsuit. The assault allegedly took place at The Mercer hotel in 2013.

Laurence Fishburne says he hasn’t been asked to be in the fourth Matrix. “No. I have not been invited. Maybe that will make me write another play. I wish them well. I hope it’s great.”

-After a delay, Supernatural’s final seven episodes will begin rolling out in October.

Dan Levy is encouraging everyone to enroll in the University of Alberta’s free 12-lesson course called Indigenous Canada, about which he’ll host a weekly discussion. I signed up!

-Voice actor Stuart Baker isn’t happy about his recent firing from Adult Swim’s Squidbillies. He was ousted after he posted on Facebook that Dolly Parton is a “freak titted, old Southern bimbo” and a “slut” after she came out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In a new post, he says “I just hope you assholes are happy you took a good Man and talent down. You succeeded. Be proud that you ruined a person’s life all because of [the] Freak Show called ‘Dolly Parton and BLM.'” Gee, sounds like a real loss.

-Amazon’s apocalyptic Utopia, created and directed by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, is set for a Sept 25 debut. It stars John Cusack, Rainn Wilson and Sasha Lane. Watch the new trailer here.

-The trailer for Netflix’s new British romcom The Duchess looks right up my alley.

Susan Sarandon prepares to say goodbye to her family in the Blackbird trailer, costarring Kate Winslet, Rainn Wilson and Mia Wasikowska. I saw this last year at TIFF and it was wildly uneven but there’s a dinner scene that’s stayed with me.