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Ryan Reynolds Gets Duped By Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal

-This Ryan Reynolds tweet made me laugh a lot.

-Speaking of Jake Gyllenhaal, he’s reportedly dating a 22-year-old model. Sure.

-Wait, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had two more wedding receptions this week? Is this just their life now?

-An old video of Chris Rock, Louis CK and Ricky Gervais freely talking about using the n-word on stage has resurfaced, and people are not happy. (Jerry Seinfeld was also part of the conversation, but acquitted himself well by seeming uncomfortable and refusing to repeat the word: “You’ve found the humour of it. I haven’t found it, nor do I seek it.”)

-On the Tonight Show, Felicity Jones attempted some Beyonce moves and it went better than you’d expect.

-Old Beyonce songs were leaked on Spotify somehow, and everyone melted down thinking they were new. (They were not. Bah humbug!)

-Speaking of new music, Rihanna confirmed in an IG comment to a fan that she’s releasing new music in 2019.

-This video of Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon surprising people when the elevator doors open is a delight!

-The original stars of 90210 were all spotted having coffee together after a meeting in LA, leading to speculation that a reboot is in the works. Sigh. Why not?

Miley Cyrus just updated “Santa Baby” and turned it into a feminist anthem. “Santa baby, I’d love to know my ass won’t get grabbed at work by some ignorant jerk.”

Kristen Stewart might have a new girlfriend.

-Uh, did Jessica Mulroney just offer the Daily Mail a look inside her Toronto home? Being Meghan Markle‘s BFF sure is working out for her.

-Aw shit. Cardi B and Offset were spotted looking cozy and reunited in Puerto Rico.

Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson, who’ve been dating since 2012, have reportedly split.

Demi Lovato took to Twitter to deny the “sources” of a recent tabloid story about her recovery. She added: “Someday I’ll tell the world what exactly happened, why it happened and what my life is like today.. but until I’m ready to share that with people please stop prying and making up shit that you know nothing about. I still need space and time to heal.”

Colin Farrell used a recent talk show appearance to shine a spotlight on his friend who’s suffering from Epidermolysis bullosa.

-This is an interesting interview with showrunners over the need for Hollywood to learn how to handle sex scenes better. This is a side effect of peak TV: a bunch of writers/directors are now running TV shows who have no idea deal with people management.

Sandra Bullock‘s new Netflix movie Bird Box isn’t getting great reviews.  According to my Twitter feed, people don’t seem to care.

-This is a good piece about feeling alienated from a lot of the “girl power” messaging at the movies and TV this year. I follow an academic on Twitter who’s summed this phenomenon up perfectly: plastic representation.

-Tell your mother to stop worrying: Mark Harmon‘s rep slammed the “completely false” rumour the actor is leaving NCIS.

-Congrats to Andy Cohen, who announced he’s going to be a father.

Busy Philipps received a call from Oprah on her show last night and broke down in tears. Understandable.

This is tragic. The bass player and tour manager of Indonesian boy band Seventeen are confirmed dead after deadly tsunami hit their beachside performance.

Michael Buble kicked off Carpool Karaoke’s holiday song, which also featured Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Cardi B.

-Yay for the new Catastrophe trailer! The new season starts in January.

-The I’m Not Here trailer is stacked with celebs, including JK Simmons, Mandy Moore, Sebastian Stan and Max Greenfield.

-In the Greta trailer, Chloë Grace Moretz plays a naïve New Yorker who returns a purse she finds on the subway to Isabelle Huppert — and then things get scary.


Ansel Elgort: Wallet Saviour

-If you had to pick a celebrity to find your missing wallet, it turns out you could do a lot worse than Ansel Elgort.

Camila Cabello is shutting down pregnancy rumours after she posted a belly-cupping photo.

Jerry Seinfeld‘s comments on on Louis C.K.‘s controversial return to stand-up are predictably terrible: “We, the court of public opinion, decided if he’s going to come back, he’d better show a lot of pain…We love the crawl-back. The grovel. Are you going to grovel? How long are you going to grovel? Are you going to cry? People, I think, figured they had that coming with Louis — he owes us that. We, the court of public opinion, decided if he’s going to come back, he’d better show a lot of pain. Because he denied them that.” Nobody decided that he should show a lot of pain. But it would have been nice if he had actually did what he said he was going to do in his apology, which was to take time away to listen and learn.

-If Meghan Markle’s bird dress didn’t have that figure skating netting at the top, I’d love this look.

Cardi B says she turned down a seven-figure offer to release images of her baby girl Kulture.

-The Timeless two-hour wrap-up movie has announced its air date.

-Game of Thrones’ stars Maisie Williams and Richard Madden reunited and got cuddly. Kit Harington also showed up.

-This interview with Tyne Daly on her latest movie is a gem. “The last film I did was ‘Spider-Man Homecoming.’ I was sworn to secrecy because it’s a [air quotes] ‘big deal.’ There’s this lovely kid, Tom Holland, in a full-body condom that he couldn’t pee in all day. A film like this is my antidote.”

-Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom explains dating slang for Vanity Fair.

-Fox just ordered a new animated show produced by Amy Poehler, who will also voice some characters, along with Parks and Rec costar Rashida Jones.

-This bums me out: American Vandal has been canceled by Netflix, who clearly only want to have shows that they own. (Their recent cancellations have all come from other studios – Iron Fist, Luke Cage and All About The Washingtons are owned by ABC Studios, while American Vandal is owned by CBS.) Knowing that they’re about to lose all their Disney/Star Wars content and possibly Friends probably has them freaked out about non-owned shows.

-Meanwhile, this is a really interesting read on how Netflix and the streaming wars are creating massive income inequality for those who work in the entertainment industry.

Hugh Jackman depicts American Senator Gary Hart’s presidential campaign in the new trailer for The Front Runner.

Did Drake Land That Rihanna Kiss?

-My BFF has examined the Drake/Rihanna VMAs kiss from several angles posted on Snapchat and insists they actually kissed and there was no curve. In any case, Drake posted a cute pic of them last night (possibly taken from their TO aquarium date earlier this summer?), and reportedly didn’t leave her side at the afterparty.

-Besides completely owning the VMAsBeyonce also brought some mothers of gun violence to the red carpet.

Chance the Rapper reacted to getting a surprise hug from Bey exactly like the rest of us would.

-At least Taylor Swift had a decent excuse to skip out on the VMAs: jury duty.

-I didn’t watch The Night Of finale yet, but critics are super divided on it. Some loved it, others really, really didn’t.

-I also didn’t watch the Roadies finale because I couldn’t make it through the first episode, but Vulture makes a good case for why that show would have worked better as a movie.

Justin Bieber isn’t back on Instagram; he just posted something by “accident.” As you do…

-This is brilliant: Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe roast turned into a harsh roast of Ann Coulter.

Eric Andre clearly does not understand Nardwuar or his interviewing style. “I feel like I’m talking but you’re not listening and I feel very vulnerable right now.”

-Sadness: Gene Wilder has died.

Jerry Seinfeld went on a podcast and said that he was ripped off by Friends (“our show with better-looking people”) and Big Bang Theory. I…don’t think that’s a thing.

-This is a great article on the shameful trolling of Leslie Jones.

Guy Pearce and Carice Van Houten (the red lady on Game of Thrones) just welcomed a baby boy they’ve called Monte.

-This is shaping up to be one of the most wide-open Oscar seasons in years.

-I love this: Bad Moms on the verge of joining the $100M club and  is going to outgross Independence Day: Resurgence domestically soon.

-I forgot about all those stories of Balthazar Getty being insufferable on the set of Brothers and Sisters until I read this obnoxious profile.

-The cast of The Handmaid’s Tale just keeps getting better. Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski has joined Elisabeth Moss and Samira Wiley in the Hulu series.

-In other intriguing casting news, Alison Brie will star in Netflix’s ’80s lady-wrestling series G.L.O.W. from OITNB creator Jenji Kohan.

-There’s a new (NSFW) trailer for HBO’s Westworld.

-I love that in interviews, John Krasinski doesn’t shy away from talking about The Office and instead is always expressing his gratitude for being a part of it. (Well, except for last year when he walked by us at the Sicario screening and Nicole blurted “Hey, it’s Jim Halpert!” into his face. He clearly didn’t appreciate that. But that seemed like an exception.)

-According to Ben Affleck‘s latest Twitter tease, Deathstroke will appear in the Justice League movie.

-You’re The Worst is returning this week, which means we get to watch the adorable cast doing adorable promo stuff.

-Netflix’s new Luke Cage teaser asks you to believe the hype.

-Marvel released the Comic Con featurette about what Thor was up to during Civil War, and it’s pretty damn great.