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Mindy Kaling Covers Shape

Mindy Kaling baby weight Shape Magazine

-I love that Mindy Kaling is Shape’s latest cover model — which isn’t a typical choice for them. I skimmed over the stuff about losing the baby weight, but she has some cute nuggets about motherhood: “What’s great for me is that my doctor told me that incessant chatter is good for a baby, and I’ve lived my whole life waiting to have a captive audience. So, I spend the days narrating to her. I’m constantly doing voice-over for her, as I did in The Mindy Project. Honestly, I feel like her first words are going to be, ‘Just stop. Please!'”

Dylan Sprouse is out here coming for Jared Leto, proving once again that he’s the superior Sprouse brother. And Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took it further, tweeting “he starts at 18 on the internet?” Oh SHIT!

-Lethal Weapon producers reportedly approached  Karl Urban and Johnny Knoxville (both passed) before turning to Seann William Scott, who was originally offered and passed on the role two years ago.

Thandie Newton won the Cannes Solo premiere red carpet in this custom Vivienne Westwood dress that featured  black characters in the Star Wars universe — modeled from photos from her personal collection of action figures.

-Fashion drama is the best drama. Amal Clooney reportedly made Tom Ford mad by not wearing his dress at the MET gala arrivals — but opting to wear it later that night, which means that another A-lister won’t get to debut it at a future red carpet event.

-Those rumours about Donald Glover getting his own Lando movie are not true…yet.

-This Instagram story of Fergie having to take the subway because of a rainstorm is hilarious because it’s presented like she’s the first person who’s ever braved public transit.

-I gotta say, I did not expect so many Mulroney kids to be in the royal wedding party.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool took over Stephen Colbert’s monologue last night.

-This “bad fan” thread between TV critics on The Americans really captured what I am feeling. I know it’s bad to *want* them to end the show with Elizabeth and Phillip getting away with it, but that’s where I am.

CBS responded to Pauley Perrette’s tweets claiming she was physically assaulted while on NCIS: “Over a year ago, Pauley came to us with a workplace concern. We took the matter seriously and worked with her to find a resolution. We are committed to a safe work environment on all our shows.”

Bryan Fuller slammed the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer for ignoring Freddie Mercury‘s sexuality and AIDS battle. He’s not wrong.

This non-review of Lars Von Trier‘s new film by a critic who walked out of it at Cannes confirmed that I will never, ever see it.

Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato released a new collab any instead of it being a bop it’s … this.

-The second season of 13 Reasons Why is NOT getting good reviews. I’m ok with that. I just don’t think I can spend any more time in that world.

Stephen Amell took his daughter to Frozen on Broadway, and since his former Arrow costar’s wife plays Anna, she got some extra facetime. The kid decided to use it in the cutest possible way.

-The latest trailer for Mission Impossible: Fallout shows off an insane skydiving stunt.

-This trailer for Destination Wedding, which basically consists of Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves snarking at each other in Paso Robles wine country, looks like the perfect movie and I will not be convinced otherwise!


Harry Styles Is Interviewed by Paul McCartney


-This Harry Style cover doesn’t seem like anything special, until you notice the “Interviewed by Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler” byline. Huh?

-Another Hollywood marriage bits the dust: Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are reportedly separating after 11 years together.

-Not surprisingly, it’s “highly unlikely” that Brad Pitt will be prosecuted for allegedly committing assault against his son.

-On the plus side, they reportedly had an “ironclad prenup” so there won’t be any fighting over their $400 million fortune.

Angelina Jolie will still teach at London’s School of Economics following the split from Pitt. Geez, it’s almost as if her career is not dependent on her martial status or something. Crazytown.

Jared Leto lost that lawsuit against TMZ over that Taylor Swift video but plans to appeal, saying “this isn’t just a legal issue, it’s a moral one.” Sure thing, buddy.

Lupita Nyong’o rapped to celebrate hitting 3 million Instagram followers. Between this and her recent gushing over Beyonce, I think I love her.

-The Will & Grace cast had a reunion this weekend that was intensely documented for social media. They’re clearly shooting something — is it a Clinton ad?

-Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian wants you to know that she is most definitely voting for Clinton.

-It’s kind of a big deal that actors can now get their ages removed from IMDb.

Priyanka Chopra says Tom Hiddleston made her twirl on the Emmys stage. That bastard!

-Hmmm…it’s one thing for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to be hanging out together at family events, but what’s with the kid-free dinner dates? And breakfast dates.

-I don’t know why, but I love it when famous people crash wedding photos. Tom Hanks just did it in Central Park.

-There’s a new Tegan and Sara music video to kick off your week. Is that Reggie Watts?

-Speaking of Reggie, the cast of You’re The Worst is on the latest Comedy Bang Bang podcast.

-Congrats to Josh Brolin, who got married this weekend.

-This photo is making me feel really bad for Kate Hudson right now...

-If you were famous, you were probably at this wedding in France this weekend.

-7th Heaven star Catherine Hicks said she’d be open to a reunion show, but only if her TV husband Stephen Collins’ character was dead.

-I don’t watch Last Man On Earth, but I would have had I known there was a Mad Men reunion on the last ep.

-Everyone’s talking about how well The Magnificent Seven did this weekend, but is $35M a strong opening for a $90M action film starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt?  Tracking had predicted a $40M bow.

Courteney Cox’s fiance got a tattoo of her initials, which seems like a swell and totally not-regrettable decision.

Drake just dropped a short film called Please Forgive Me. Just in case you forgot about him for a second there.

Lil Wayne wrote a book about life in prison and it includes tidbits about performing a gay marriage ceremony for two other inmates and finding out his girlfriend had hooked up with Drake while he was stuck on the inside. Imma need to read that right now.

James Franco and Christian Slater star as rival gay-porn moguls in the new trailer for King Cobra. Imma need to see that right now.

-Luke Cage fanboys over Method Man and gets a new hoodie in the latest Netflix trailer. The new season is getting stellar reviews.

Justin Timberlake Talks Britney Spears in Vanity Fair Italia


-I don’t get what’s happening with Justin Timberlake‘s face on the Vanity Fair Italia cover. Is it squished or something? Of course, he ended up rehashing the Britney Spears drama in the interview. He just can’t help himself, can he?

-In better cover images, I’m loving Kristen Stewart’s look on T.

-Us Weekly says Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have canceled their Bora Bora honeymoon. Wait, did we even know they set a date?!

Jared Leto acted like a crazy person on the set of Suicide Squad, reportedly whined about feeling “tricked” into being part of that film, criticized the movie without actually having seen it,  and yet has STILL managed to land a role in Blade Runner 2. On the plus side, Harrison Ford will squash him like a bug if he tries any of his method BS.

-I’m sure the words that accompany this Mike Colter interview are great. I just can’t seem to tear my eyes away from the photos long enough to read them.

-Shocking report: Amy Schumer‘s new book is under assault from a brigade of trolls.

-Meanwhile, Schumer freaked everyone out earlier today by tweeting “we aren’t making the show anymore” before clarifying that’s it’s not canceled, she’s just too busy touring right now to figure out when the next season will start filming.

-Also, here’s a great read about how disappointing the Schumer/Kurt Metzger situation has been and what it says about feminism and compromise.

Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee both sent Larry Wilmore lots of booze to ease the pain of cancellation.

Kanye West will open up 21 Pablo pop up shops this weekend, including one in Toronto. Please don’t let me by a $700 tshirt.

-The latest  You’re the Worst promo features Samira Wiley as Gretchen‘s therapist. HERE. FOR. IT.

-I probably shouldn’t waste one of my TIFF tickets on the Black Mirror premiere no matter how cool the first images from the show look, right?

David O. Russell reportedly wants $1 million per episode to act like a jerk on the set of his new TV series.

-Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for the dubious pregnancy rumours to surround Amal Clooney.

-The US Justice Department says it will end its use of private prisons. Orange Is The New Black, FTW! Who says TV can’t change the world?

-Comedy Bang Bang is ending its TV show. Frankly, it was so wonderfully weird I’m surprised it made it five whole seasons.

-I’m not sure how I feel about Jason Katims‘ insistence on a Parenthood revival. Great show but that finale was perfect; why mess with it?

-The screenwriter of 2016’s Ben-Hur says the movie doesn’t have gay subtext because he was only allow to adapt the book, not the 1959 movie. Can the original movie trademark subtext, though?

-You know Joanne the Scammer has hit bigtime when Chelsea Peretti is making cameos.

Tom Arnold penned a passionate essay arguing for gun control after losing his nephew to suicide.

-Speaking of good reads, Buzzfeed has a look at the Nate Parker situations and how it exposes the limits of damage control.

-I kind of love that even U.S. publications are writing about The Hip’s final show.

-Celebrities are having a field day on Twitter about the Ryan Lochte story.

Renée Zellweger and Greg Kinnear befriend a homeless man in the Same Kind of Different as Me trailer. This thing looks so sweet I think I just got a cavity.