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Gillian Anderson Talks X Files on Nerdist

Gillian Anderson is featured in the latest Nerdist podcast. I’ve only gotten through the first 15 minutes and I’m already totally enchanted. She so friggin’ great, whether she’s talking about writing sci-fi novels or pushing for another X Files movie. “I would be f***king overjoyed.”

Video has emerged of Jamie Lynn Spears breaking up a fight in a Pita Pit by calming walking behind the counter, grabbing a knife, and threatening them like a goddamn boss.

Anna Kendrick looks great on the new cover of Nylon, in which she defends her Ryan Gosling masturbation jokes (just in case you didn’t already love her).

-The New Girl is going to be a new mom. Zooey Deschanel is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik. Brace yourself for the twee-est of twee baby names.

-Well, isn’t this interesting? Us Weekly changed their Taylor Swift/Jake Gyllenhaal story to make it more favourable to Taylor. Suddenly, it no longer sounds like she was upset and/or tripping. Imagine that.

Ben Affleck/David Fincher’s remake of Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train seems like a bad idea, but Vulture makes a strong case for it.

Idris Elba is developing a thriller trilogy about Edgar Allan Poe. I like so many words in that sentence!

Beyonce certainly doesn’t look pregnant, but what do I know about wombs and whatnot?

-This TCA panel on female sexuality on TV sounded great. I especially liked their takedown of “Strong Female Characters.”

-The world just feels like a kinder, gentler place now that Robin Wright and Ben Foster have reunited, doesn’t it?

-Watch Charlie Day fail miserably at guessing popular movies with Jimmy Fallon.

-Nooooo! Stay away from Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio.

This takedown of The Boy Next Door trailer almost makes me want to see the movie. “Kristen Chenoweth’s line, ‘He cheats with his secretary every time he goes to the office’ they apparently got out of a barrel labeled “Sassy Best Friend Real Talk From 1978.”

-Community returns on March 17. We’re still waiting to hear if Yahoo Canada will air it.

-Ugh. Woody Allen is getting an Amazon television series. Isn’t the whole point of streaming outlets that they’re supposed to elevate new and exciting voices?

-In the red band trailer for Spy, Melissa McCarthy plays the same character she always does.

-The new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is here, and it manages to be awesomely dark without giving too much away. Marvel really doesn’t suck at this.

Jamie Lynn Spears Is Engaged

Jamie-Lynn Spears flashed her engagement ring on Instagram Saturday night. (Photo:

Jamie Lynn Spears just announced (via Instagram, of course) her engagement. Was I the only one who thought she was already married?! In any case, Britney says she’s “so excited and happy” for her (which is the typical response when your little sister announces her impending nuptials just weeks after your own engagement falls apart). Families are fun!

Olivia Wilde speaks for everyone by tweeting, “Bieber, put your f***ing shirt on!”  She’s doing god’s work, people.

Bieber‘s birthday couldn’t have been that bad; his dad got him a “bat bike.”

-Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has expanded on his “worst birthday” tweet and denied reports he left a nightclub because they wouldn’t let 14-year-old Jaden Smith inside.

-Speaking of Jaden, he’s reportedly dating Kylie Jenner. Um, yay?

James Franco is still planning to release his documentary on the behind-the-scenes workings of SNL, just in case you were worried that he wasn’t keeping himself busy enough.

-Did Jessica Chastain‘s camp ask Vanity Fair to pull a slightly unflattering article about her from its website during awards season?

-Ruh-row! LaToya Jackson has signed Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson to her talent agency. This can’t end well.

-Whoa. Roswell’s Shiri Appleby is ready to pop! She didn’t look like that on last night’s Girls.

Heidi Klum has somehow snagged a last-minute deal to join the judges panel on Season 8 of America’s Got Talent.

Bones star David Boreanez created Jennifer Hudson‘s Oscars nail polish. (And no, nothing in that sentence was a typo.)

-Something good may have actually come from Russell Crowe being in Les Mis after all. He might be dating his (way younger) costar Samantha Barks.

-I’m so over all this “Harlem Shake’ crap — but I’ll still watch the cast of Happy Endings doing it.

Revenge’s Emily VanCamp looks amazing on the cover of Fashion.

-In other great new covers, check out lil’ Quvenzhané Wallis rocking the cover of Italian Vanity Fair!

-Blerg. Halle Berry says she’ll be reprising her role as Storm in the next X-Men movie.

-It’s official: Alec Baldwin should not be in charge of naming his unborn baby.

Prince played Fallon, borrowed someone else’s guitar, refused to autograph it, and then threw it on the floor at the end of his performance. And we all forgive him cause, well…Prince!

-This news is happy-making: Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel will join Parenthood’s Jason Ritter on a new Fox comedy.

-It’s the time of year when networks start renewing shows. Fox announced they’ll be bringing back The Following, New Girl, The Mindy Project and Raising Hope – but interestingly, Glee is still not a lock. Check out a list of where all your favourite shows stand here.

-Speaking of TV, last night’s Walking Dead may have been the best episode since the pilot — which bodes well, since the guy who wrote it is the new showrunner.

-I just had a conversation about how everyone in Toronto is wearing the same damn coat this winter, and now someone has compiled video proof!

-Every time Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy make out in public, an angel goes blind.

-It’s national grammar day! Celebrate with these hilarious comma fails.

-Just when we thought Miley Cyrus’ hair couldn’t get more batshit, she dyes it blue.

-Speaking of bad hair, Bradley Cooper is rocking a bob! On purpose!

Amanda Seyfried took to Twitter to quash those rumours that Anne Hathaway blew up at her over her Oscar dress.

-20 minutes of deleted scenes from The Master have surfaced on YouTube. (Though they could have left them in in. I’m pretty sure I would have just slept through those scenes, too.)

-It sure didn’t take Ben Affleck long to change his attitude with the paparazzi after they won him his Oscar.

Jason Bateman and Alexander Skarsgård discover that the Internet can kinda suck in the new trailer for Disconnect.