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Noah Centineo Comes To Terms With Being an Overnight Sensation


-Is Noah Centineo still the internet’s boyfriend? I had to stop following him on Instagram because his stories were ruining my crush, but I was back to being charmed by him by the photos in this Hollywood Reporter profile.

-Speaking of yummy profiles, this one on Taylor Kitsch is a good read.

-Breaking Bad is coming back! Vince Gilligan is working on a two-hour movie and it’s rumoured to be about Jesse, which makes me both extremely excited and extremely nervous.

Louis CK is reportedly dating French comedian Blanche Gardin so add her to your prayer list.

-“thank u, next” is a great song from Ariana Grande. But a performance inspired by First Wives Club makes it even better.

Owen Wilson reportedly has no interest in meeting his newborn daughter.

Kenan Thompson said SNL was “figuring out a way to right” Pete Davidson’s controversial joke. I mean, it wasn’t *that* bad. Dan Crenshaw even worked it into his victory speech last night.

Octavia Spencer wants Ellen to set her up with Brad Pitt. She should aim higher — doesn’t she know Channing Tatum is single now?

Emma Thompson is now Dame Emma Thompson! She wore sneakers and an equal pay pin to the ceremony and tried to kiss Prince William, because she is the best person alive.

LeAnn Rimes says she first met husband Eddie Cibrian when she was only 14 and he was 23.  That’s not creepy at all.

-I get why Lindsay Lohan wants to be on Busy Phillip‘s show, but aren’t there people who can do this for her via official channels? ‘Cause this is not a good look.

-On Busy’s show, Olivia Munn revealed that she once got some solid dating advice from Jamie Foxx, and now I just want him to leave me pep talks on my voicemail.

-It’s that time of year again! Oprah has unveiled her favourite things, in case you’re in the market for a $42 candle. (I actually found most of the gifts super affordable. I don’t know if she’s come down to Earth or if GOOP has warped my expectations.)

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are reportedly planning to get married next month after just seven months of dating, which seems smart.

-Are you watching Bodyguard on Netflix? Richard Madden never really did it for me on Game of Thrones but on this show? Whoa nelly! Buzzfeed got him to read thirst tweets about himself and it was hilarious.

-Just when you thought The Good Fight couldn’t get any better, Michael Sheen just joined the cast.

Alec Baldwin‘s terrible week continues. His show was just bumped to Saturdays.

Halsey and John Mayer are exchanging flirty social media messages and now everyone is speculating that they’re dating. Ok.

-The case of Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard, who faces three sex-related charges, has been put over for three weeks.

J.K. Rowling‘s assistant reportedly spent her money like she was Voldemort.

Sarah Jessica Parker says she’s tired of “unlikeable” women characters getting a bad rep.

-Here’s the trailer for film festival darling Capernaum, in which a boy sues his parents for bringing him into a world of pain and suffering.

The Stars Shine at the MET Gala

-I’m here for all the stars that brought it at the MET Gala last night. Yes, a lot of the looks were crazy but that’s the whole point. This isn’t the Golden Globes; this is an evening to celebrate avant-garde designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons and the theme was “Art Of The In-Between” so weird was good.  I especially appreciated the more crazy dresses after reading this Twitter thread about the mechanics of making them. My faves were Rihanna,  Blake Lively(!), and Tracee Ellis Ross. Also props to Celine Dion, who was clearly having the most fun. She pretended her shoe was a phone! God, I love her.

-Also, Sarah Paulson‘s reaction to seeing Madonna was perfectNicki Minaj also got her fangirl on over a bunch of celebs.

-Of course the Kardashian’s led the selfie rule break.

Hailee Steinfeld is not really dating Justin Bieber, in case you were worried.

Susan Sarandon blasted Debra Messing on WWHL for not being very informed? Sit down.

Liam Payne named his new baby Bear Payne. But wasn’t there some big 1D conspiracy theory about a gay bear? Is this a hint? What does it all mean?!?

-Man, it’s been a rough week for diverse, inclusive, female-led dramas. First Sweet/Vicious was cancelled, and now Pitch has been pitched.

-Yay! The writers strike has been averted.

-I kept waiting for Drew Barrymore to say something dumb about wine, but she acquits herself quite well.

-A tearful Jimmy Kimmel detailed his newborn son’s open heart surgery  during last night’s monologue and also slammed Trump’s health care plan, saying “No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life.”

-Jesus Christ. Apparently Johnny Depp no longer memorizes his lines, he has someone feed them to him via earpiece. Seriously, what’s it going to take for everyone to stop giving that guy a pass?

J.K. Rowling apologized for killing Snape. Uh, why? He stalked a woman who had no interest in him for years and tormented her child because it looked like the guy he lost her to.  I’m glad he got a redemption arc, but that character was trash.

The Big Sick trailer is here! This was Kumail Nanjiani‘s surprise hit of Sundance and I can’t wait to see it.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Dating, Confirms Claudia Jordan

Katie Holmes in Ray Donovan
Katie Holmes in Ray Donovan

-After three years of rumours, it’s been confirmed Katie Holmes is dating Jamie Foxx. The fact that the relationship was outed by a Real Housewife is just icing on the gossip cake!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rooney Mara went for a walk together in NYC yesterday, and now everyone is speculating about the nature of their relationship. I wouldn’t have called this one; he seems more of a Kate Mara kinda guy.

-It’s been a week of celebs speaking out about anti-Brexit, with John Oliver calling it the “British desire to tell Europe to go f—k itself,” while J.K. Rowling wrote an essay about it framed around villains and monsters. But leave it to Noel Gallagher to cut straight to the chase: “What are you asking the people for? 99 percent of the people are thick as pig shit.”

Katy Perry found a new way to shade Taylor Swift — with her new fragrance!

-It’ll be interesting (in an incredibly sad, depressing kind of way) to see how Star Trek Beyond navigates their press tour in the wake of Anton Yelchin’s sudden death. They’ve just canceled their Cannes event.

-I friggin’ love this: Arrow put out a casting call for a new villain that’s inspired by a character on The Wire — and they ended up hiring The Wire’s Chad L. Coleman. In the wise words of Cutty: “The game done change.”

-What the hell is going on with Selma Blair? The details of her flight outburst are disturbing as hell.

-Sick of all the hate she got after criticizing Mariah CareyDemi Lovato quit Instagram and Twitter and says she’s going to focus on Snapchat. That seems on brand anyway.

-This story about going to a Celine Dion concert is so wonderful, I Pocket’d it to re-read again later.

-The Walking Dead reportedly shot 11 different character death scenes to prevent Negan spoilers. That seems…crazy.

Selena Gomez and James Corden‘s Carpoole Karaoke is cute but very product placement-y.

Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon played Know It All, didn’t know a lot.

-Meanwhile, her promo style for that shark movie is on point.

Will Smith says he didn’t believe in Wild Wild West. Join the club, buddy.

-It’s probably not a good sign when Free State of Jones reviews say things like: well, at least Matthew McConaughey’s beard is one thing that’s accurate.

-Warner Bros inviting all the critics and comic book outlets who hated Batman v Superman to the set of Justice League is all kinds of brilliant, especially because the message they’re hitting hard is “we screwed up and we’re fixing it.” They’re basically acknowledging the haters for identifying the problems and getting good coverage in return. I haven’t seen this kind of scratch-my-back exchange since Ain’t It Cool News was a thing. (The Flash’s intro scene does sound fun, though.)

-Meanwhile, Ben Affleck is reportedly not happy with the script for his solo Batman movie.

No, Kate Winslet! Bad!

Sky Ferreira responded to a sexist L.A. Weekly article titled Sky Ferreira’s Sex Appeal Is What Pop Music Needs Right Now by saying “I’m not a think piece. I’m not a fucking example.”

-It’s new Mr Robot previews! I feel like I’m going to be watching the first episode much like I watched the season premiere of UnREAL — by muttering over and over again “please still be good, please still be good.”

-Here’s the trailer for American Honey starring Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane, which was beloved at Cannes.