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Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley Got Married


-Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley is a married man. He had a lowkey ceremony at a Brooklyn courthouse with his new wife, who happens to be the sister of Girls star Jemima Kirke.  (I’ll always have a soft spot for Dan… and for this scene).

Nicki Minaj responded to Remy Ma‘s diss track. I feel so out of the loop when it comes to this beef.

-People have been saying they can’t find the Moonlight acceptance speech amid all the footage of the envelope snafu, so here it is. Meanwhile, Barry Jenkins revealed what his Best Picture speech would have been if the moment weren’t so messed up.

-I like that the La La Land producer is downplaying his role in the whole mess.  Yesterday’s stories about how he’s some kind of hero were a little too eye-rolly.

-Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel explained how Matt Damon and Denzel Washington helped him realize what was happening.

Justin Timberlake really used the Oscars to cement his reputation as a garbage person.

Meryl Streep‘s Oscar dress actually included pants. Suck it, Karl!

-What the hell did Diane Kruger wear to an afterparty? Did she always dress like this and we were just blinded by Joshua Jackson’s beauty?

-Speaking of afterparties, look how proud Jennifer Aniston is of Justin Theroux. We get it, Jen. We all saw the sweatpants scene.

-This got lost in all the Oscar shuffle, but Katherine Heigl‘s new show Doubt was cancelled after just two episodes.

-FX is already renewing Ryan Murphy‘s new show Feud for a second season on Charles & Diana. No word on casting yet, but the internet already has opinions.

-The last sitcom cast to demand big bucks is Modern Family’s, and it could end the show.

-I’m so glad The Office’s Jenna Fischer has landed a new TV role. I miss her face.

Ian McShane told Game of Thrones fans to “get out more” and “get a f*cking life.” So I guess he sucks.

-Now you can work out like Gwyneth Paltrow at her $900/month club and eat at her cafe next door.

-I don’t watch Supergirl all the time but I’ve enjoyed this season whenever I’ve caught an ep. But yes, the show does have a Mon-El problem.

-Did you read Herman Koch’s The Dinner a few years ago? Lara Linney, Richard Gere, Steve Coogan and Rebecca Hall star in the upcoming adaptation.


Ben Affleck Sulks on the Cover of EW


-Am I the only one who looked at this new Batman v Superman photo and started mentally chanting “kiss! kiss! kiss!”? Just me? (Oh wait, Anna Kendrick is with me.)

-This is worrisome: Ben Affleck reportedly rewrote the BvS script every day…in costume.

-Some post-Oscar divorce announcements are reportedly heading our way. Who could it be? Julia and Danny? Cate and Andrew?

Kanye West tweeted a photo, but he forgot to blur out the bookmark to an illegal torrent site. Tell me more about how I should subscribe to Tidal, Ye.

Nicole Kidman says she’s “done with babies“. Of course she is; she’s 48 years old! Why are people still bugging her about this?

-Why in the world would Judd Apatow feel the need to wade into this controversy? And take *this* view?? Dude. No.

The Rock remains a perfect human being. That is all.

-Of course Warner Bros. has already planned a Suicide Squad sequel.

-Man, these Vanity Fair party portraits really are something. It’s like the photographer was all ” Ladies, be more sexy! Guys, uh…you can just sit comfortably.”

Emma Watson talked about her ‘expensive’ subscription to website aimed at female pleasure. God, I love this girl.

Dawson Leary once made out with Carol from The Walking Dead and I don’t remember it? I feel like I’ve failed at life.

Idris Elba needs someone to teach him about DMs.
-I’ve been letting Broad City stack up on my DVR. Clearly, that needs to change.

Neve Campbell doesn’t want a Party of Five reboot. Good girl!

-I love that Ian McShane joined the cast of Game of Thrones — and doesn’t give a crap about revealing spoilers.

-I didn’t even notice that Mad Max’s badass costume designer didn’t get a lot of applause from the dudes in the audience, but I love her response.

-I’m shocked it took this long for Kimmy Schmidt’s Tituss Burgess to get his own wine.

Tina Fey owned the Know It All game on Fallon last night, showing off her deep knowledge of cheese and obscure Canadian rappers.

-The O.C.’s Mischa Barton to compete on Dancing With the Stars. Well, at least it’s a job.

-Here’s the first trailer for Ghostbusters. I think it looks OK and I appreciate there is only one man in the entire trailer and he’s reduced to silent eye candy (though I wish they wouldn’t evoke the original film so much since there’s no story connection). Still, I get why some fans don’t feel well-represented.