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Taylor Swift Reps Her Favourite Things in EW

Taylor Swift EW

-I’m impressed that Taylor Swift actually allowed a journalist to interview her for her new EW cover (a rare occurrence in Hollywood these days). She wears buttons that represent everything she’s loving pop culture-wise these days, including Killing Eve, Fleabag, King Princess and Sally Rooney. (Someone’s gonna have to explain the appeal of Rooney’s Normal People to me. Folks are losing it over that book, which I thought was ok.)

-I’m with Swift when it comes to Fleabag. I recently binged the second season in a weekend, and it was definitely the best thing I’ve watched so far this year. The glowing reviews the final season (which arrives on Amazon Prime May 17) is getting are on point.

Swift’s single “Me!” came in second place on the Billboard charts, which is kind of shocking.

-Pose star Indya Moore opens up about their harrowing childhood in the new issue of Elle. They entered the foster system at 14 and was sex trafficked at age 16 to obtain hormone replacement therapy: “I didn’t understand what sex trafficking was at the time. The language I knew was that they were, basically, my pimps. I was just a kid.”

-All the sighs. CBS just renewed Bull despite those sexual allegations against Michael Weatherly that resulted in a payoff to Eliza Dushku. In (presumably) related news, Steven Spielberg has quit as exec producer.

Keanu Reeves doesn’t seem happy that his taxi ride with fellow stranded airport passengers went viral. As he (awkwardly) said, “Someone being spying.”

-Kimmy Schmidt is coming back to Netflix for an interactive movie. As much as I liked that show I … don’t want this?

Tom Holland and the cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home surprised guests at Disneyland, and it was all very cute.

-Congrats to Hilary Duff, who just got engaged.

-People think that little Prince George accidentally revealed Archie’s name back in January.

Seth Rogen just won Twitter.

-Sorry ladies, but it looks like Michael B Jordan is dating model Cindy Bruna.

-Whelp. I will not be watching It: Chapter Two because I’m a wimp and this trailer alone did me in.

True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Dead at 39

-This is tragic: Nelsan Ellis, who starred in True Blood and Get on Up, died Saturday of heart failure. His family says he had spent four days in the hospital fighting complications from alcohol withdrawal. Stephen Moyer, who played the lead vampire on the series, wrote a short Instagram essay about his costar. Meanwhile, let’s celebrate his most iconic scene from the show.

-This is cute: Macklemore‘s grandmother turned 100, so he took her out for the day and made a music video about it. They egged some houses, hired a male stripper, and made the internet melt.

-HBO continues to let Larry David take as long as he likes to make Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Six years(!) after the eighth season wrapped in 2011, it’s returning for Season 9 on October 1.

-So Bradley Cooper, Allison Williams and Anderson Cooper walk into a bar in Tahiti

-Gotham actor Donal Logue‘s child is safely back home after being missing for more than a week.

Blac Chyna has been granted a restraining order against Rob Kardashian.

-Well, this is depressing:  studio head Amy Pascal says an Oscar-Winning actress is in talks for the live-action Barbie movie.

Zoe Kazen, who is great in The Big Sick, talked about the on-set sexual harassment she and her actress friends have experienced.

-The craziest thing about this story on how HGTV’s Fixer Upper has a dark side is that it’s apparently illegal to do your own research about the neighborhood you’re buying a house in in Texas. That can’t be a thing. Can it??

Jamie Dornan was on a golf course when this photo was taken so it’s most likely a golf ball in his pocket, but the internet lost its poo anyway.

Johnny Depp once passed on Face/Off when he found out it wasn’t a hockey movie.

-This is a good article on how “It gets good after 6 episodes!” is becoming increasingly untenable in Peak TV. There’s no longer time for “hope watching” until things get better.

-In news that should surprise no one, Shia LaBeouf was arrested for disorderly conduct.

-That stunning brunette that Ashton Kutcher was spotted hanging out with? Turns out it’s not his mistress, it’s his cousin.

-The plot thickens: Lena Dunham‘s dog trainer defends her decision to give up the pup.

-Nice: Wonder Woman is all but certain to pass Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and win the summer box office.

Hilary Duff recreating that tragic Disney wand promo is all I’ve ever wanted.

-Here’s Elisabeth Moss in The Square trailer. This thing won the Palme D’or.

-Here’s the trailer for HBO’s The Deuce, in which James Franco plays not one, but two characters, and Maggie Gyllenhaal sports a curly blonde wig. It’s from The Wire’s David Simon.

Beyonce Recreates Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” for Halloween


-Everyone put away your Halloween costumes. Yours will never be better than Beyonce as Salt-N-Pepa and Jay Z as Dwayne Wayne.

-Speaking of going all out for Halloween, Ellen Degeneres and Heidi Klum recreated Sia’s “Chandelier” video. It was actually pretty impressive how hard Heidi went for it.

-Speaking of going for it, once again Colton Haynes went all out for his costume.

Hilary Duff and her boyfriend have apologized for their stupid, offensive Halloween costume choices. How does this BS still happen every year? It’s 2016. There’s no excuse anymore.

-I saw two David S. Pumpkins on the subway this morning. Sadly, neither was Tom Hanks.

-I love and adore that Prince Harry‘s rumored girlfriend is Suits star Meghan Markle. I don’t watch the show but it often tapes next to my office and she is stunning IRL. Reitmans certainly lucked out when they signed her as their celebrity spokesperson earlier this year.

Taylor Swift fans are convinced that she may have reunited with Tom Hiddleston this weekend because they track her movements so closely that it’s little uncomfortable.

-It was a good weekend for pop culture panels. The Hollywood Reporter hosted The Americans panel (I love that Keri Russell argued against getting her forehead vein CGI’d out when she’s angry), while EW brought back the Happy Endings cast (complete with a Hamilton-esque rap).

-Yeah, Mariah Carey is probs gonna go ahead and keep her $10 million engagement ring.

Bryan Cranston says he will move to Canada if Drump becomes president. Just move here anyway! We’re kinda awesome.

Bryan also told a great story about marrying a couple flying over the Hollywood sign.  (I love how Eddie Redmayne is leaning in and hanging on his every word. Same, Eddie. Same.)

-A new Stranger Things promo is all about Barb. Don’t tease me!!

Idris Elba duked it out in his kickboxing debut this weekend, which was recorded by Madonna for some reason. (And not THAT reason, according to Idris.)

Brie Larson needs to burn these shoes with fire.

-According to Michael Douglas, his former costar Val Kilmer is battling cancer.

-This is a great, great piece on the “nasty women of TV comedy,” featuring Samantha Bee, You’re The Worst’s Aya Cash, and Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

-The Los Angeles D.A. office dropped their investigation into an alleged rape by Glee’s Mark Salling due to lack of evidence.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds discover a microscopic alien that’s trying to kill them in the first trailer for Life.