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Charlie Rose Suspended Following Sexual Harassment Report

-For the past couple of weeks, there’s been rumblings that multiple newspapers were working on a sexual harassment story about a famous guy with a “nice” reputation that would shock everyone. Is that person Charlie Rose? The Washington Post just revealed that eight women are accusing him of harassing them with nudity, groping and lewd calls — and another publication is reportedly working on a similar story. CBS immediately suspended him following the report, and PBS halted production and distribution of his talk show.

-This story got a bit buried on the weekend but here’s Hilarie Burton and other stars of One Tree Hill detailing showrunner Mark Schwahn‘s harassment of them on set. It’s terrifying.

-E! is investigating Ryan Seacrest over a sexual misconduct claim made by a former wardrobe stylist, which he denies.

-The LA Times has an incredibly detailed report, in which Brett Ratner and Russell Simmons are accused of working together to carry out sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, Terry Crews is offering receipts.

Jeffrey Tambor is officially exiting Transparent after those sexual harassment allegations. This is a good take: Transparent made the world too woke for Transparent.

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner really stepped in it by defending a Girls writer amid his sexual assault claim. Dunham has since apologized for her original statement.  Meanwhile, a writer for Lenny Letter is leaving, citing a what she calls Dunham’s “well-known racism.”

Meryl Streep recently revealed an incident where she fought off a violent attacker with Cher.

Natalie Portman on sexual harassment in Hollywood: “I went from thinking I don’t have a story to thinking, Oh wait, I have 100 stories.”

Marti Noxon is not backing down from her Matthew Weiner comments.

-The news has been rough lately. Let’s all take a break and check out photos from Serena Williams’ over-the-top wedding!

-Not one, but two excellent profiles of Armie Hammer landed today.  There’s Vulture’s, where he explains that he doesn’t get the genius of Call Me By Your Name’s dance scene. And then there’s The Hollywood Reporter’s profile, where he dares bring up Casey Affleck.  (I also really appreciate that THR’s photo shoot features a lot of barefoot shots. I spent the entirety of CMBYN staring at that man’s feet…)

-No one recognized Rita Ora on The Voice in Germany. LOL.

-This Tonight Show skit about auditions starring Jessica Chastain is priceless. “Also, be Wonder Woman!”

-This is a good explainer about why Justice League’s $96M debut is considered a disaster.

Pink is shooting down those theories that she was cringing during Christina Aguilera‘s Whitney Houston tribute at last night’s AMAs.

-Meanwhile, that was a truly underwhelming red carpet.

-Here’s the new trailer for Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time. I cannot wait!

Karlie Kloss, Hailee Steinfeld, Amandla Stenberg Make 30 Under 30 List


-Forbes’ hotly anticipated 30 Under 30 list dropped, and the celebs on it include Hailee Steinfeld, Amandla Stenberg, Karlie Kloss, Zoe Kravitz and Ben Platt.

-It took awhile, but I really like this statement from Grant Gustin on the allegations that a CW EP harassed staff.

-Meanwhile, in a joint statement signed by One Tree Hill stars including Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz, the female cast crew allege showrunner Mark Schwahn manipulated many of them “psychologically and emotionally.” After the letter was released, male members of the cast, including Bryan Greenberg, Austin Nichols, and James Lafferty, offered their support over Twitter, while other women who worked on the show but did not sign the letter echoed similar sentiments.

-Netflix is reportedly facing big difficulties over firing Kevin Spacey. According to sources, Spacey doesn’t have a morality clause in his contract meaning he is unable to be suspended or terminated from the series as a result of the allegations.

Nearly 30 years after first investigating James Toback ’s behavior, the authors of a Spy piece recall their reporting. “We tried to stop James Toback decades ago.”

-Actress Elizabeth Perkins held a #MeToo sign naming James Woods at an L.A. march. Willa Holland’s mom responded by saying Woods sexually harassed the actress when she was just 17.

-I love Bryan Cranston but screw this noise.

-I also love Jon Stewart but I’m just not buying that he’s ‘stunned’ by the allegations against Louis C.K. This didn’t come out of nowhere. Tig Notaro has been talking about it for months. C.K. was asked about the allegations by the New York Times during TIFF in September.

-Meanwhile, has any male comedian besides Jason Alexander spoken out yet? I’m really disappointed by a lot of my faves.

-Also, this piece on the history of terrible comedians is worth reading. But I’m still I’m not worried about TV comedy. At all.

Mindy Kaling on the end of The Mindy Project: “Six years ago I created a show called The Mindy Project and got to play the lead. Not the sassy friend or nagging wife. It completely changed my life.”

-If the Galaxy Quest TV reboot ends up featuring the movie’s original cast, I’m so in!

Rose McGowan has surrendered on that felony drug charge.

Connie Nielsen, Tom Felton, and Dominic Cooper get violent in the Stratton trailer.