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Sandra Oh Stuns in Elle Canada

-I have fallen behind on Killing Eve because I just can’t seem to bring myself to watch much drama these days, but I’m going to revisit it eventually because Sandra Oh is perfection — even in KE seasons that aren’t. She looks stunning in her Elle Canada spread (though I wish they’d used one of the inner photos for the cover instead of the one they picked, mostly because Gugu Mbatha-Raw just wore the same top on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.)

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy (the pair responsible for one of the most iconic photos on the internet) have split after 5 years of marriage — and the pandemic is make it extra messy. Olsen filed an emergency order, claiming in court documents she attempted to file for divorce on April 17, but was unable to do so because of the ongoing pandemic. She alleges he terminated the lease on their NYC apartment without her knowledge and the only way to prevent him from getting rid of her belongings is to file for divorce.

-Entertainment Weekly unveiled its illustrated cover honoring Pride Month and people have strong opinions. Mostly of the WTF? variety.

Jennifer Lopez‘s 12-year-old daughter is about to have her first book published. Just in case you already weren’t feeling like an unproductive blob during quarantine.

-This is wild: Tyler Perry is prepping to be the first person to resume TV production amid covid — and he’s doing it because he has his own giant studio which has housing for the cast and crew. He plans to shoot a full, 22-episode season in under 3 weeks. And then do it again.

Demi Moore invited ex Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming Willis and their two daughters to join her new family portrait session. I wonder if this was to squash the talk that surfaced after Willis recently self-isolated with her instead of his wife and young kids?

Judi Dench is back to being hilarious on her grandson’s TikTok.

Reese Witherspoon just signed on to star in not one, but two Netflix romcoms and I’m here for it.

-Has Ashley Benson moved on from Cara Delevingne … to G-Easy?

Gillian Jacobs is teasing a possible Community movie: ‘We’re all down’.

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber‘s kids convinced them to do a TikTok dance to Doja Cat’s “Say So.”

-Meanwhile, Dr. Luke is back on the charts with “Say So” — but it turns out he never really left. After Kesha sued him for alleged sexual assault and emotional abuse, he’s been using pseudonyms to keep producing hits.

-Love this piece on why this is a great time to rewatch Angel.

-Netflix debuted the trailer for its four-part Jeffrey Epstein docuseries.

Ben Stiller, Sting, Sarah Silverman, Anthony Bourdain, Carrie Fisher and more talk about their wildest acid trips in Netflix’s new documentary Have A Good Trip.

Chris Rock Schools Hollywood with Blistering Essay

chris rock

Chris Rock is on FIRE this week. First came his New Yorker interview, and now he penned an essay for the Hollywood Reporter and it’s a must read. Here’s a taste: “How about True Detective? I never heard anyone go, “Is it going to be Amy Adams or Gabrielle Union?” for that show. I didn’t hear one black girl’s name on those lists. Not one. Literally everyone in town was up for that part, unless you were black. And I haven’t read the script, but something tells me if Gabrielle Union were Colin Farrell’s wife, it wouldn’t change a thing.” Seriously, go read it right now. I’ll wait.

Eva Mendes talked about why she and Ryan Gosling stayed mum about her pregnancy for so long. (Mostly: it was none of your business.)

-It’s probably not a good sign with even People magazine is speculating that things between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are cooling off.

-Community’s Gillian Jacobs (who’s first name is pronounced with a hard ‘g’ – true story) looks lovely on the new cover of Flare.

-In other cover stories, Bradley Cooper speaks about his struggles with addiction in the new Vanity Fair.

-I don’t understand what kind of studio would upload a trailer for Jay Baruchel’s new movie and geo-block it from Canadians. Don’t they know we’re his peeps?

-This is weird, totally unexpected new: Source Code is getting a sequel. I really, really liked that movie but it made about $3 at the box office.

-I’m not sure this is Anna Kendrick’s best colour, but I dig the clutch.

Rosario Dawson has adopted a 12-year-old girl. (Also, how did I not know she used to date Danny Boyle?!)

-The cast of Suicide Squad sounds pretty solid: Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie. (I’d still rather see the TV actors in there, but oh well)

-Speaking of TV superheroes, Stephen Amell did a Facebook video Q&A and talked about how you should approach him in public. (TL;DR: it’s all cool, but be respectful if he’s with his baby. “If I’m out in public, it’s not like I shouldn’t expect it. Celebs who do that are assholes.”).

-Also, part one of the Flash/Arrow crossover was amazeballs. High hopes for tonight’s!

-Speaking of last night’s TV, I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy but everyone on my Twitter TL was freaking out over this scene.

Allison Williams says it’s impossible to hate-watch Peter Pan Live. Challenge accepted!

Tom Cruise really needs to figure out that whole ‘they drive on the other side’ thing while filming in London.

Meryl Streep had a Thanksgiving kitchen emergency so she ended up using neighbor Gwyneth Paltrow’s oven.

Reese Witherspoon belted out “Random Phrase Carols” last night with Jimmy Fallon.

Emilia Clarke Is Pretty In Pink For Flare

Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones on Flare

-Bow down to the Khaleesi! Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke looks amazing on the new cover of Flare.

-Here’s what happens when you ask Kevin Spacey the typical questions female stars get asked on the red carpet. (Spoiler alert: it ends with an f-bomb.)

Idina Menzel didn’t exactly kill it at the Oscars. You could see how upset she was about that voice crack at the end. Well, now she’s redeemed herself by singing ‘Let It Go’ with Jimmy Fallon and classroom instruments. Magical!

-Speaking of Frozen songs, here’s a clip of Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana singing “Love Is An Open Door” live.

Ellen Degeneres finally tipped the pizza guy from Oscar night. Not only did she give him the $600 she collected in the audience, she also threw in an additional $400.

Mary-Kate Olsen‘s engagement ring is ridic.

-Do you want to see Ricky Martin seductively bite Jennifer Lopez’s ear? Then you’re a freak — and you’ll love her new video.

-The John Travolta name generator is awesome. I got “John Mceezald.” (Travolta has since apologized for the slip.)

-Mexico and Kenya both want to claim Lupita Nyong’o as their own. Don’t we all?

-Meanwhile, Lupita’s brother is the coolest kid in his class now.

-Last week’s Parks and Recreation was kind of lame with the exception of the Iron Throne bit at the end. The newly released extended version of that scene is even funnier. I love how Amy Poehler keeps trying not to crack up.

Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey tried a bit last night that went horribly wrong — and it was hilarious.

-Oh god. Did last night’s How I Met Your Mother prove that the show is going to end the way the Internet feared it would? (Spoilers!)

-Also, I’m really hoping True Detective doesn’t end the way the Internet thinks it will, either.

Thurston Moore spoke out about the affair that ended his marriage to Kim Gordon. Everything is terrible.

Katie Holmes’ attempt to be a fashion designer is over. ::sadtrombone::

-The Bachelor Juan Pablo continues to be a mensch. He reacted to the Women Tell All episode by saying they should “have worried more about being sober.”

-When I was in Denmark last fall, every woman seemed to be wearing chunky sneakers with skinny pants, which is what Chanel just sent down the runway. Sigh.

-Speaking of Chanel, I love this optical illusion dress Keira Knightley wore to the show.

-The new M83 song on the Divergent soundtrack has a sensual sax solo and I still don’t hate it.

Cameron Diaz is talking about her vagina again.

Mila Kunis must really love Ashton Kutcher. She’ll guest-star on his struggling Two and a Half Men.

Aaron Paul just broke Top Gear’s speed record.

-It had to happen sooner or later: someone is putting on a James Franco film festival.

Hugh Jackson has come to terms with the fact that Wolverine will eventually be recast.

Iggy Azalea’s new Clueless-themed music video for “Fancy” is so, so good!

American Authors performed “Best Day of My Life” on Kelly and Michael yesterday and it was like every single person in that band started the song at a different time and just went with it. Definitely not the best day of their lives.

Nigella Lawson is going makeup-free(ish) on the new cover of Vogue UK.

-I hate this dress on Katy Perry.

-Community’s Dan Harmon has a new documentary coming up called Harmontown, and in the trailer he drinks his way across the country.

-In other Community news, Gillian Jacobs was a delightful guest on Speakeasy.

-A new trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier has landed.