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Rihanna Introduces Fenty Skincare

-Welp. Do you want to take all my money now Rihanna, or wait until the products hit shelves? I’m flexible.

Megan Thee Stallion says she’s “incredibly grateful to be alive” after suffering multiple gunshot wounds Sunday morning. Wait, what?!?  I thought she was injured by glass.

Nick Cannon is speaking out against ViacomCBS after the company fired him yesterday for making anti-Semitic comments. He’s demanding an apology and the rights to Wild ‘N Out.

Diddy and Dwayne Wade are some of the celebs showing Cannon support.

-Interestingly, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had a piece in The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week calling out anti-Semitic rhetoric by Black entertainers and sports stars.

-It looks like Kanye West is abandoning his (fake) presidential bid.

Elizabeth Chambers officially filed for divorce from Armie Hammer, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Meanwhile, he trended today because of some shady looking screenshots of DMs that I don’t actually believe are real.

-A bunch of celebrities and politicians’ twitter feeds have been hacked to promote a bitcoin scam.

-Maroon 5 co-founder Mickey Madden has taken a leave of absence from the band following an alleged domestic violence arrest.

-2020 continues to be the weirdest: Ghislaine Maxwell is reportedly being moved from ‘cell to cell’ in prison to avoid assassins.

-Here are all the celebrities in Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s inner circle that are probably really nervous right now.

-You know what’s weird? When the Parks and Rec reunion episode was happening there was so much build up and buzz, but I have barely heard a peep about tomorrow’s 30 Rock episode. NBC isn’t doing screeners for critics, and a bunch of affiliates are refusing to air it — they see it as an ad for their streaming competitor Peacock and NBCU cable networks like Syfy and USA.

-Meanwhile, this is an interesting look back at 30 Rock’s product placement and how they pretended to be above it.

Dakota Johnson once mused about bisexuality in a 2017 interview and Twitter has jumped on it today as if it’s a new quote for some reason. Time is a flat circle.

-I can’t imagine why Hayden Christensen would agree to revisit the Anakin Skywalker role after all the hate he got from Star Wars fans, but I guess mortgages don’t pay themselves.

Gracie Cox, a former Hollywood costume designer, is speaking out about an alleged 2005 sexual assault by Entourage’s Kevin Connolly during the wrap party for his directorial debut, The Gardener of Eden. The film’s lead costume designer recalls Cox telling her of the incident right after it happened, and says she immediately confronted him, which witnesses confirmed to the Daily Beast. Four of Cox’s friends also confirmed she told them about the incident in the following days. He’s denied it, saying the encounter was consensual.

Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in the trailer for Netflix’s latest action movie, Project Power.