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David Duchovny Dating Former Costar?

David Duchovny and Minnie Driver in Return to Me. (MGM Studios)
David Duchovny and Minnie Driver in Return to Me. (MGM Studios)

-According to Star magazine (so take it with a giant salt lick), David Duchovny is hooking up with Minnie Driver, who played his love interest in Return To Me. Not exactly the hookup X Files fans were hoping for, but at least we now know that he’s not opposed to dating former costars. Baby steps?

-This is a really, really weird cover for Anne Hathaway. I’ve looked at it for 5 minutes straight and I still can’t decide what I think. The super-young look, the styling, the pose. I guess I…like it?

Jessica Simpson is in for an awkward holiday season. She reportedly skipped her nephew’s birthday party because she didn’t want to run into her dad.

-Yikes! Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle (who’s only 26) suffered a mini-stroke. He’s “recovering.”

-I admit it. I totally got suckered and clicked on the headlineAnderson Cooper Went Blind After Burning His Balls.” And I’d do it again!

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were seen entering her hotel last night, and they didn’t leave it again until this morning. What could it all mean?!

-Meanwhile, Eminem‘s daughter is hate-tweeting at Taylor Swift for dating her celebrity crush and it’s awesome.

-I love the look Mae Whitman is giving Glen Hansard in this Parenthood still. She perfectly captures the “you’re my celeb crush but I’m trying to play it cool even though I’m totally freaking out inside” vibe.

Kristin Cavallari says she was totally “acting” on The Hills — except for the part about hating Lauren Conrad.

Kate Bosworth stars in a new Topshop ad, in which she attempts to sing while awkwardly posing. I really hope someone got fired over this.

Shakira’s ex-boyfriend is suing her for $100 million.

George Clooney continues to cast every awesome person alive for his new movie.

-The animated GIFs at the bottom of this story about Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza are making my life.

-Speaking of Rashida, she’s in the latest 7 Minutes in Heaven video.

Ashley Judd might actually be serious about this political career thing.

Nick Lachey is denying those reports that he choked a guy at a Chargers v. Bengals game and called the guy’s girlfriend a “f**king bitch.” Let’s go to the tape!

Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland says she’s been trying to look out for TV sister Ariel Winter.

Chris Brown: still as charming as ever.

-It’s one thing to like Green Day. It’s another thing to profess your love for the band in a YouTube video in which you also admit to robbing a bank.

-This Nickelback parody is reportedly very funny, but the idea of sitting through something that in any way resembles them is just too much to ask of me.

-Just in case you aren’t already in love with Norman Reedus like the rest of us, here’s his utterly charming GQ interview.

-The trailer for the terribly named A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III is out. I love Bill Murray, Aubrey Plaza and Jason Schwartzman, but this might be pushing it.