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Emmys 2017: Best and Worst Dressed

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I have such a crush on Gina Rodriguez (and not just because she did an Instagram story earlier today about doing chin-ups while getting ready), so I was praying she would come to play. And boy, did she ever with this webby red number. Slay, queen!      

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Lea Michele‘s Elie Saab dress is just the latest of the past few red carpets that is making me rethink my “I don’t like Elie Saab dresses” stance.  I wish her hair wasn’t so flat, but otherwise this is a great look for a presenter. Pretty and flattering without being spotlight-stealing.

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Viola Davis offered a jolt of orange in this bright custom Zac Posen dress. I mean, at this point she could probably wear anything and I’d love it, but this is a stunner.      

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I already know that some of you are going to be disagree but Tessa Thompson is probably my fave of the night. This shimmering, rainbow Rosie Assoulin dress took my breath away. The way it moved on camera was stunning. After toiling for years on TV, she’s about to take over the world in the new Thor movie and I, for one, can’t wait.      

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Another dress we are sure to fight about is Zoe Kravitz‘s feathery Dior. I’m not sure I would dig this on anyone else, but the Big Little Lies star somehow makes it work.    



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Reese Witherspoon looks like that woman in a romcom who’s planning to surprise her boyfriend by showing up to his office wearing a trenchcoat and nothing else — but then she ends up walking into his meeting and embarrassing herself. Much like I feel she is doing here…    

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This should be Carrie Coon‘s night. She basically reigned over prestige TV this year with incredible performances in The Leftovers and Fargo. So why didn’t she seize the moment and slay the red carpet instead of opting for this droopy, forgettable Delpozo Resort gown?    

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I don’t think Issa Rae is one of the worst dressed of the night, but she made my list because she was *thisclose* to being the best. The colour is perfect, the hair is great, the makeup is on point, but the cut of this Vera Wang just doesn’t work. Those arm bands make it seem unfinished, or like someone tore off pieces of it before pushing her onto the carpet.    

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Keri Russell is very dramatic in a black feathered gown, but much like the last season of her show The Americans, I wanted something more. Just ok doesn’t cut it.

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Much like Carrie Coon, this has been Mandy Moore‘s year. After countless failed pilots, she finally (finally!) became a TV star by landing a leading role on the only network show to break through last year. So this should have been a triumphant Emmy appearance, but the white tier on the skirt of her Carolina Herrera dress is really failing her here.

Leslie Jones Had the Most Fun at the Emmys

Leslie Jones was all of us by getting selfies at the Emmys with pretty much every TV star alive. And also John Mayer.

-Like Leslie, Pedro Pascal also seemed to  make the most of his time at the Emmys.

-That was a shockingly great Emmy Awards, right? It ended on time, was surprisingly inclusive, and (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Game of Thrones’ aside) honoured plenty of new blood and niche series (Regina King won the ONLY Emmy for a network show last night). It’s the first time in years the show didn’t leave me rage-y. I even loved most of the dresses!

-Of course, the Emmy telecast hit an all-time ratings low because life.

-The kids from Stranger Things performed “Uptown Funk” at the Emmys preshow. God, I love them so much.

-Speaking of the Stranger Things cast, Steve’s hair really does look like that IRL!

Tom Hiddleston flirting with Priyanka Chopra makes a lot more sense to me than whatever that Hiddleswift stuff was.

-Also, the after-party photos are further proof that we all need to go drinking with Matthew Rhys.

-Friday Night Light stars Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler gave me all the feels this week, first with her birthday wish to him and then with their reunion pic.

-Whoa. I don’t usually put a lot of stock in Radar stories but they’ve reportedly been working on this one about an A-lister involved in a a Hollywood pedophile sex ring for four years. And whoa. We’ll have to see if anything comes of it.

-My Name Is Earl star Jason Lee is the latest celeb to flee Scientology.

Shailene Woodley says she’s “always dreamed” of writing a book on female masturbation. It’s good to have dreams.

Bella Thorne (who was reportedly dating her brother’s ex-girlfiend recently) was spotted kissing Tyler Posey (who recently pretended to come out). Kids today!

Gillian Anderson has no problem with all the talk about reinventing James Bond with her as the lead. (Nor do I.)

-I have yet to finish Fargo season 2, but season 3 will star Ewan McGregor, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Carrie Coon so I’m already in.

-Fall TV officially starts tonight with the premiere of the new Kristen Bell sitcom The Good Place, which is getting great reviews. (The fact that NBC is airing three episodes this week before settling into its regular timeslot is hella confusing, though.)

-Probably the best-reviewed new show of the season, This Is Us, also debuts this week. The only bad review I’ve read so far still makes me want to watch it, just for this: “This Is Us is invigoratingly heinous. Bad TV is a commonplace, but a true Mount Everest of bullshit is rare.” (Though I swear to god, if the big twist in the pilot is that Mandy Moore dies, I’m gonna throat punch someone. Girlfriend’s been trying to land a steady TV gig for a decade!)

Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow played Friends trivia and killed it.

-Aww, this really bums me out: Anthony Bourdain and his wife Ottavia Busia have split after 9 years together.

-This is a really good look at how FX became TV’s best, most reliable network.

Michael Shannon was my favourite thing about Nocturnal Animals. I love him. I also love that he just freely slammed directors, saying Woody Allen and Alexander Payne are “not nice.

Amal Clooney says that George gets worried when she takes ISIS leaders to trial. No doubt.

-I had a great time at this year’s TIFF (which you can read all about here), but I fully agree with Variety’s take on how it’s become a bit of a dumping ground. It’s trying to be both an industry buying hotspot and a cinephile’s festival, and it can no longer pull it off.

-Yikes. Will Ferrell just dropped out of his next project days before shooting was supposed to begin.

-Wait, the girl who played Marissa is joining The Good Wife spinoff? But I’ve already vowed to not watch it!

-Everyone’s hating on Jimmy Fallon for his Donald Trump interview but like, what exactly were they expecting?

-This article on the significance behind Shonda Rhimes’ characters’ alcohol preferences is the perfect antidote to Mondays.

-I mean, does a couple that’s only been together 6 weeks really warrant articles on their breakup?

-Here’s a very, very brief look at Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Emmys 2016 Best and Worst Dressed

The good greatly outweighed the bad at this year’s Emmy Awards, which was a lovely change of pace! Here’s my picks for the best and worst on the Emmy red carpet.


She came oh-so-close to crossing the line of “overwhelmed by too much material,” but The Good Place star Kristen Bell ultimately won me over with this dreamy, vacation-inspired Zuhair Murad gown.

Tatiana Maslaney keeps it sleek and simple in a stunning Alexander Wang dress.

I tend to not love pink and I am also usually not a fan of Marchesa, but leave it to Viola Davis to change my mind about both.

Unreal star Shiri Appleby is one of my favourite of the night in a slinky, fresh DVF.

It’s weird and quirky and I’m totally digging Maisie Williams’ Emmy dress, even though I can practically hear you all screaming at me about how much you hate it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s hard to make a giant belly bump work but damn if Kerry Washington doesn’t kill it.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve given Sarah Paulson praise for her red carpet style, but this green Prada is stunning.



Anna Chlumsky has made some fashion missteps in the past, but this is taking things to whole new levels of WTF.

Amy Poehler, I still love you but sometimes you make it so hard…

I actually dig Claire Dane‘s Schiaparelli gown, but the spray tan is ruining the entire look.

I wasn’t really feeling Amy Schumer‘s gown, but she gets points for responding to “Who are you wearing this evening?” with “Vivienne Westwood and Tom Ford shoes and an ob tampon.”

The only thing worse than Mandy Moore‘s terribly tiered sheer Prabal Gurung dress is her matching orange blush.

Gwendoline Christie’s dress is an ’80s prom dress nightmare.