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Elizabeth Olsen Announces Marriage from the Bathroom

For Variety, Elizabeth Olsen did a video chat with Kaley Cuoco — and she called in from the bathroom, because her neighbor was doing construction and it’s the quietest room in her house. During the interview, she also let it slip that she’s married her longtime boyfriend Robbie Arnett. “I also just noticed that my husband put ‘Little Miss Magic,’ you know, the ‘Little Miss’ books? They’re these classic books, but magic because of WandaVision, because he’s such a fucking cutie.”

-Marvel confirmed that Loki is gender fluid in the MCU, bringing this version of the character closer to comic book iterations.

Armie Hammer has reportedly checked into an in-patient program for drug, alcohol, and sex issues. I hope he gets the help he needs. I also hope the investigation into the rape allegations continues.

-HBOMax renewed Hacks for a sophomore season and this is exactly the news I needed today. Jean Smart quipped, “I am absolutely thrilled we are picked up for a second season and I told Hannah it’s ‘No more Miss Nice Guy; from now on it’s Bette and Joan! And guess who’s BETTE??!!'”

-According to People, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry introduced the Queen to their new daughter over a video call as soon as they got home from the hospital.

-ABC has bid farewell to Chris Harrison following the race-related controversy. According to Deadline, he got a “mid-range eight-figure payoff and promise to keep his mouth shut” for leaving The Bachelor franchise.

Khloe Kardashian posted her thoughts on water bottles and sustainability, and ended up in hot water.

-Meanwhile, her sis Kourtney posted a photo of a vial of boyfriend Travis Baker’s blood. Maybe they should step away from Insta for a bit?

Mark Ronson confirmed he’s engaged to Mr. Robot actress Grace Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep.

Liam Payne opened up about his mental health in a podcast, saying the combination of fame, alcohol, and drugs brought him to “rock bottom” while he was in One Direction. “There is some stuff that I have definitely never, never spoken about. It was really, really, really severe. It was a problem.” He added that he still keeps in touch with Harry Syles. “I had a lovely phone call from Harry the other day. He was checking in on me. It’s almost as if some people have got a sixth sense about when you’re going through something and want to check in. He’s very much like that. He’s a lovely, lovely boy.”

-The first piece of Kanye West‘s Gap collection, a puffy blue jacket, sold out in a few hours.

Sarah Shahi stars in the trailer for Netflix’s Sex/Life. This looks awful and I’ll probably end up watching every minute.

Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, David Harbour, Jon Hamm, and Ray Liotta star in the No Sudden Moves trailer.

Chrissy Teigen Talks Marriage and Motherhood

Chrissy Teigen Good Housekeeping 

Chrissy Teigen opened up about loving her post-baby body in her Good Housekeeping cover story.

Rachel Bloom introduced her mom to Lady Gaga at the Critics’ Choice Awards and it was super sweet.

-I’m intrigued by everything I’m hearing about Lana Condor‘s new show Deadly Class.

Michael B Jordan surprised students from his hometown. Gah, I love him so much!

-On Kimmel, Anne Hathaway proved she’s perfected her Matthew McConaughey impression after costarring with him in the upcoming Serenity.

James McAvoy revealed that one of his Glass personas was influenced by his Atonement co-star, Saoirse Ronan.

Rihanna is reportedly suing her father Ronald Fenty for trying to make money off her name.

-Whoa, what did Don Cheadle do to Kathy Griffin?

Tiffany Haddish and Tracy Morgan star in the teaser for season two of the TBS sitcom, The Last OG.

This tweet slayed me.

-I’m intrigued by the CW’s reboot of Roswell. The reviews are very mixed, with Variety liking it, and The Hollywood Reporter and the AV Club being a bit more critical.

Sasheer Zamata reworked Louis C.K. terrible jokes about the Parkland kids and showed him how it’s done.

-Yikes! Best-selling author Sherrilyn Kenyon told fans she suspects her husband poisoned her.

-My newspaper did a full-page spread today on why Chris Brown is trash and it was all kinds of amazing.

Chris Evans remains tied with Pine for the Best Chris title.

-The more Kevin Hart talks about what he planned to do at the Oscars, the more I think we dodged a bullet.

-I completely forgot that Jake Gyllenhaal is going to be in the next Spider Man movie and when he shows up as Mysterio in the new trailer, I legit squealed.

Movie Review: Iron Man 3


4 out of 5

To be a superhero these days, you have to be depressed. Mindlessly entertaining popcorn flicks about invincible caped crusaders didn’t used to bum me out, but ever since The Dark Knight, every superhero seems to be going through some sort of existential crisis. Just look at the upcoming slate of summer blockbusters: Pacific Rim, The Wolverine, After Earth, Man of Steel, and World War Z all feature heroes struggling with their own vulnerabilities while trying to survive a brutal (often post-apocalyptic) world. The new Star Trek movie even has the word “darkness” in its title. Things are bleak, folks.

So it goes with Tony Stark in the latest Iron Man film. Our usually puckish hero is still shaken by the events that unfolded in The Avengers, so much so that he can’t sleep, instead spending his nights obsessing over ways to keep his now live-in girlfriend Pepper Potts safe.  But there’s one thing that differentiates this franchise from all those other tortured superhero flicks: we’re supposed to find his angst hilarious. The more Tony (a self-described “piping hot mess”) spirals, the funnier this thing gets. It even plays his increasingly frequent panic attacks for laughs.

It works, mostly because Robert Downey Jr. still totally owns this role. Though he feels a bit less plugged in than in the previous Iron Man flicks, a slightly distant RDJ is still better than none at all.  It remains fascinating to watch the choices he makes. Take the scene below; other actors may have tried to wring more emotion out of his declaration of love for Pepper, but RJD’s casually tossed-off comment about protecting her lands harder than any tear-soaked speech. It echoes what he said about characters being too melodramatic in his recent GQ profile: “In movies people seem to be more emotional than they would ever be if that situation was actually happening to them.”

Also amping up the humour is the film’s dedication to upending our expectations. When a precious child sidekick enters the scene, you think it’s going to follow the tired little-kid-teaches-hero-about-himself trope. But Tony is having none of it. When the adorable moppet explains that his father went to the corner store to buy some “scratchers” six years ago and hasn’t been seen since, Tony barely lets him get the sob story out before cutting him off with an abrupt, “Dads leave. There’s no need to be a pussy about it.” And thanks to director Shane Black’s welcome attempts to keep Tony out of his iron suit as much as possible, a portion of the final action sequence plays out like a buddy cop movie, with Tony fumbling with a gun while struggling to keep up with Don Cheadle’s Colonel Rhodes.

Speaking of the action sequences, you’ve probably already seen the destruction of Tony’s palatial estate in the trailer which, while impressive, pales in comparison to the film’s thrilling mid-air rescue of 13 plummeting passengers that plays out like an acrobatic game of Barrel of Monkeys. Even Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts gets in on some of the action, kicking butt and hinting at a possible future as a superhero herself.

The supporting cast mostly works, with Guy Pearce at his oily best as the main villain (though his character’s master plan for taking over the universe remains a confusing, glossed-over afterthought). Happy Endings’ Adam Pally threatens to steal the show as a Tony Stark groupie and he might have gotten away with it, it if weren’t for Ben Kingsley. Try not to read spoilers about his character; just sit back and enjoy the reveal. Because sitting back and enjoying it is what summer movies are all about. Just because the hero is depressed, it doesn’t mean we have to be.