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Michelle Obama Raps with Missy Elliott in Carpool Karaoke

-Here is Michelle Obama‘s full Carpool Karaoke segment, and it’s glorious. She will always be the coolest First Lady in history.

-This Divergent news is HILARIOUS. The last movie flopped so badly that that Lionsgate has jettisoned the finale in favor of a TV movie. And there’s no guarantee that the original stars will sign on. (Why would they?) Let’s hope this is the final nail in the coffin of franchises who think they should stretch the final book across two movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio is being dragged into the growing Wolf of Wall Street money-laundering scandal. It tickles me that he’s only referred to as  “Hollywood Actor 1” in the suit.

-I guess I shouldn’t make too much fun of Leo today since he raised $45 million for environmental causes last night. But I’m assuming that was mostly all Mariah’s doing.

Idris Elba says he’s ‘too old’ to play Bond now. We’ve ruined this for him, haven’t we?

-Kate Hudson is hooking up with Diplo? Oh god. I’m already dreading the twitter tirade when she dumps him.

Johnny Depp reportedly doesn’t want to give Amber Heard any deets on his financial records until she pinky swears to keep it secret.

Gillian Anderson posting old glamour shots of David Duchovny will never not be funny.

Mario Batali has opinions about pal Gwyneth Paltrow’s exes. He liked Brad Pitt, but wasn’t a fan of Ben Affleck.

Taylor Swift has a long history of being a technophobe, even before Snapchatgate.

-Meanwhile, Vulture takes a deep dive into when exactly the media turned on Taylor.

-Ruh roh. Michael Moore is convinced Donald Trump is going to win.

-For some reason, I’ve had the pleasure of attending not one, but two events this month that featured Daniel Franzese (Damian from Mean Girls), and he’s an absolute teddy bear. Maybe that’s why this video of him proposing to his boyfriend in the Starbucks where they met reduced me to a sobbing puddle.

Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is perfection in Fox’s reimagining of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Angelina Jolie Is Magnificent as Maleficent


-Here’s our first look at Angelina Jolie in as Maleficent (aka – the entire world’s next Halloween costume).

Zac Efron broke his jaw last weekend. Is anyone else’s spidey senses tingling?

-At the debut of his new film last night, Mark Walhberg WENT OFF on other actors for complaining about military training for a role. Sleep with one eye open, Tom Cruise!

-Poor Lily Allen. Yesterday, she was being heralded as a brave artist for releasing a scathing pop culture commentary. Today, she’s getting flack for having mostly non-white dancers in the same video.

Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest feminists in the world, according to Miley Cyrus.

Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, proves her feminist roots by actually talking like one. Repeatedly.

-Meanwhile, I love this coat dress on Jennifer Lawrence, but I love the description of it even more.

Mariah Carey didn’t hold back when asked about her time on American Idol, talking about how much she hated it.

-Eek! Nicolas Cage had sexy nekkid photos stolen from his house by a former handyman.

-Vampire Diaries stars and exes Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are back on, which I guess is bound to happen when your show’s writers insist on staging intense makeout sessions every episode.

-Does this blurry video show Kanye West cold-cocking photographers in Texas?

-I hate the “let’s all scrutinize her post-baby body” trend, but even I must admit that Evan Rachel Wood looks stunning. I’m also really digging the wig she’s wearing on the cover of Nylon.

-Here’s another great “where are they now?” piece on Love Actually, but this focuses on the characters, not the cast.

-I also loved this interview with Andrew Lincoln about it.

-Did Isla Fisher try to convince Julianne Hough to go to the bathroom and wash her face during the now-infamous blackface incident?

Emma Thompson says she forgave Helena Bonham Carter for having an affair with Kenneth Branagh and ending her marriage, because Emma Thompson is a goddamn national treasure. (Who’s really good at animal impressions.)

Justin Bieber continues to piss off his fans, this time by disrespecting the Argentine flag.

-Meanwhile, his Brazilian hookup Tati Neves claims The Biebs is really good in bed, so there’s that.

-Supermodel Cindy Crawford reportedly acted exactly as you assume supermodels act.

-Your Valentine’s Day plans have already been set: Universal just announced that they’ll release Fifty Shades of Grey on Feb. 13, 2015.

-Meanwhile, EW has the first image of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in character for the film. For a guy who made me hot for a serial killer, that’s a weirdly unflattering photo of him.

-This is the best reaction to Justin Timberlake‘s whiny GQ interview, so everyone else should just give up and go home.

Kim Kardashian was chased by the paparazzi — and yet she was the one who ended up with a speeding ticket.

-The full Catching Fire soundtrack is streaming, if that’s your jam.

This girl is exactly the type I’d picture when thinking about who I’d set Joaquin Phoenix  up with (give or take a 10-year age boost).

Lady Gaga‘s new SNL promos should coming with a warning tag: “May induce vomiting.”

George Clooney is back-tracking on his diss about Leonardo DiCaprio — but willing to let the Russell Crowe comment stand.

Amanda Peet says she used to help her screenwriter husband edit Game of Thrones, but she doesn’t anymore because she’s terrified of being spoiled.

-A new Noah teaser has arrived.

Miranda July‘s “We Think Alone” email project ended this week (with the lamest theme possible — computer problems). Now that it’s over, Lena Dunham has emerged as the art project’s oversharing, needy winner.

-Now Liv Tyler is jumping on the lifestyle guru bandwagon. Enough, already!

-The first trailer for Divergent has landed. What do y’all think?

Catherine Zeta-Jones Confirms Separation Rumours


-I’m sad that the rumours about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones appear to be true. They survived so much crap, but I guess there’s no coming back once your husband tells the world he got cancer from having sex with you.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were once spotted in the same room so now everything thinks they’re banging.  (“Are people still saying bang?”)

-The early reviews for Gravity are pretty damn glowing.

-Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock looked a-mah-zing in Venice today (love the dress and the pale lips, didn’t love the premiere dress she wore later). The press conference seemed fun too. When asked how he approached the film’s physical challenges, George Clooney said “I mostly just drank.” (I’ve been to a press conference with him and they’re basically just stand-up routines — fun to attend, not so fun to write up.)

-It’s been a big week for Joe Fatone. He reunited with ‘N Sync and then he has to contend with false rumours that he left his wife.

-The proposed Luther movie will reportedly be a prequel to the series. No Alice? No point.

-The new promo for Glee features every character except the one the world wants to see.

Lamar Odom has reportedly returned home to Khloe Kardashian after a few days off the grid.

-Barely a month after his Loch Ness monster mission failed, Charlie Sheen is back on the hunt for crazy mythological creatures. This time, it’s a half-otter man. (Weirdly, I actually think this is a great use of his free time.)

Miley Cyrus is recording an edgy, top-secret remix of “Black Skinhead” with Kanye West because she’s an edgy rebel filled with edginess. Oh, and just in case you missed the memo: she’s edgy now.

-Meanwhile, a duet between Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus has leaked. It’s called — what else? — “Twerk.”

Mileycouldn’t have been happier” about her VMA performance. So at least one person in the world isn’t experiencing PTSD like the rest of us.

-As angry as you may be to learn that the word “twerking” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, this video of Morgan Freeman reading the definition is pretty damn great.

-I don’t watch CSI because, you know, I have taste — but the story about George Eads getting the boot after getting into a heated fight with a pregnant show writer is juicy stuff.

Justin Bieber is spending his downtime getting inked and playing with sharks.

-Even the guy in the background of this photo doesn’t understand why Olivia Munn is wearing an outfit that’s two sizes too small.

-This is perfection: what if last week’s Breaking Bad played out entirely on Facebook?

-Meanwhile, BB’s Aaron Paul is ready to play with the big boys. He’s in talks to star in Ridley Scott’s Exodus.

Sir Patrick Stewart shot a simply delightful (and possibly drunken) mini acting class, explaining the “quadruple take.”

Octavia Spencer is caught up in a lawsuit with a weight-loss company she was endorsing, who are angry that she made clear that all of her sponsored tweets were, you know, sponsored.

-The new Divergent featurette does a really good job of setting up the movie for non-book readers.