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Aaron Paul Didn’t Win at the Emmys…But He Kinda Did

aaron paul bryan cranston hug

-How bad were last night’s Emmys? Well, the fact that most outlets would prefer to run photo essays of Aaron Paul making crazy faces rather than cover the actual show is not a good sign.

-Also better than anything that actually happened during the ceremony: this Vine of Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris dancing.

Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler threw an afterparty for all the Emmy losers because they’re awesome.

-Meanwhile, the executive producer of the Emmys is defending those endless In Memoriam segments. Someone out there must not have hated it; it scored the highest ratings since 2005.

-I didn’t get a chance to feature Christina Hendricks in my Emmy red carpet gallery, but she was one of my favourites, along with Tina Fey, Allison Janney and Robin Wright. I hated Kerry Washington and Mindy Kalling,

Claire Danes’ Audi commercial is really weird, but it’s worth sticking it out for the MSCL shout-out at the end.

Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton have split — which happens when you’ve been engaged for seven years and don’t pull the trigger.

-Random: Pharrell Williams was at Yorkdale Mall this weekend.

Diddy is upset with Miley Cyrus‘ twerking — not because she’s doing it, but because she’s doing it wrong.

-Meanwhile, Miley broke down while performing “Wrecking Ball” this weekend, possibly because she didn’t have a chain to grind up on.

-Oh, and there’s chatter that Miley and music producer Mike WiLL Made It are doin’ it.

-Hey, remember when Michael Buble was a total skeeze and we all knew it but didn’t say anything? (Actually, I wish I didn’t say anything. Once I wrote about him allegedly cheating on Emily Blunt and was flooded with hate mail and threats. Fun!)

-I’ve never seen critics hate on a series finale like they’re hating on Dexter’s. It’s on my PVR, where I predict it will remain until I erase it a few months from now…unwatched .

-How I Met You Mother also has a lot of work to do to turn the tide in its final season, which starts tonight.

Laura Prepon just told the world that Ashton Kutcher was Mila Kunis’ first kiss, which we’re sure Mila is thrilled about.

Lady Gaga thinks Adam Levine needs to STFU. She’s not wrong.

-Lots of good covers came out today. Here’s Justin Timberlake doing “Shake Your Body,” and Vampire Weekend doing “Song 2.”

-It looks like Penn Badgley and Zoe Kravitz are back together.

-Here’s the first trailer for Under the Skin (starring Scarlett Johansson as a sexy alien). It didn’t exactly earn raves at TIFF.

David Letterman Mocks Justin Bieber on ‘The Late Show’

Justin Bieber David Letterman
Justin Bieber talks with David Letterman on The Late Show. (photo: CBS)



David Letterman hilariously hassled Justin Bieber last night for having too many tattoos (and then hassled him even more for calling the Sistine Chapel the “Sixteenth Chapel.”)

The Biebz had more fun with Jimmy Fallon when they battled to

see who’s more awesome. Side note: can “hand hugs” be a real thing?

-Tentative congrats to Shakira, who’s reportedly expecting her first kidlet.

-Talk about a marriage made in hipster heaven! Giovanni Ribisi wed model Agyness Deyn, even though they’d just started dating in the last hour or so.

-Odd: Patrick Wilson just signed on to play Lena Dunham‘s potential love interest in Girls. (This follows news that Donald Glover may also play her potential love interest, proving that this girl knows what she’s doing when she’s casting guys she’d like to make out with.)

-In other odd casting news, goth rocker Marilyn Manson will star in the new season of Californication.

-Scandal! A fellow dancer claims Casper Smart is gay and just using Jennifer Lopez for fame.

-The Chris Brown/Drake bar brawl dramaz just won’t let up. Now Tony Parker is suing the nightclub for the eye injury he suffered during the melee.

Joe Manganiello has shot down those rumours that he’s dating Demi Moore, giving false hope to women everywhere. (Not me, though. My hope is totally legit!)

-Surprise! James Marsden is becoming a daddy for the third time with Brazilian model Rose Costa, whom he dated briefly (possibly only for one night) after splitting from his wife. For most other actors, this would be a major bombshell, but I’m betting this will slide under the radar for the awesomly work-focused, paparazzi-avoiding Marsden.

-Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill and his Victoria’s Secret model wife Lily Aldridge welcomed a new daughter, whom they’ve adorably named Dixie Pearl.

-My favourite Hollywood odd couple, Aaron Johnson and Sam Tayl

or-Wood, just got hitched! In celebration, I’ll be watching the recently released Harold and Maude bluray.

-Everytime I read an interview or quote from Aaron Paul, I melt a little. If he keeps this up, I’m going to be nothing but vapor.

Blake Lively has just been named the boobs face of Gucci’s new perfume.

Vulture ranked all 38 of Aaron Sorkin’s television characters. I would have put Sports Night‘s Dana a bit higher, because she’s made of awesome sauce.

-A new Dexter promo has surfaced.

Kanye West Denies Nude Kim Kardashian Photo Rumour

-Sorry, world. Kanye West is laughing off reports that he tweeted (then deleted) a naked photo of Kim Kardashian.

-Meanwhile, Kanye‘s home was burglarized while he was in the U.K.

Chris Brown and Rihanna continue their are they/aren’t they dance — with her family’s blessing.

-I would have never pegged Matthew McConaughey as the type of star to sell his wedding photos. And why is he pointing at her face like that on the cover? Is he playing “got your nose”? I know she’s really young, but geez. 

Robert Pattinson is not a fan of celebrities who pay lip service to the Occupy movement.

-If only That’s My Boy turned out to be half as entertaining as Adam Sandler and Andy Sandberg‘s Unscripted video.

-O, how the mighty have fallen! Oprah just interviewed the Kardashians.

-Speaking of Opes, she and 50 Cent have buried the hatchet.

-Last week I posted a link to the Hollywood Reporter’s TV actresses’ roundtable. This week, it’s the men’s turn.  Bryan Cranston, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Hamm, Peter Krause, Damian Lewis, and Kiefer Sutherland talk about their acting heroes, their worst jobs, and pooping their pants onstage.

-The new issue of EW features the Twilight love child, even though the film doesn’t come out until November. November!!

-Despite rumours, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas didn’t end up getting hitched during Cannes. Now June 30 is said to be the big day.

Orlando Bloom’s career may be flatlining, but that doesn’t mean his life is a complete bore. A naked man was arrested in front of Bloom’s house.

Lindsay Lohan isn’t just dealing with last week’s car accident, she’s also still struggling with the fallout from an alleged driving mishap from two years ago. A pap who claims was hit by her in 2010 is demanding she pay for his medical bills.

-Sweet! Now there’s video from the Vanity Fair/Paramount photo shoot.

-A trailer for Dexter Season 7 just landed, and it looks like they’re really not shying away from icky sibling romance plotline. Ugh.