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Gal Gadot Promotes Wonder Woman 1984

gal gadot wonder woman 1984

Gal Gadot covers the new issue of EW, sharing an inside look at Wonder Woman’s journey from WWI to the neon-soaked ‘80s.

Natalie Portman is siding with her critics after being called out for working with few female directors.

-For some reason, Justin Bieber is talking about his sex life, telling fans “When I’m with my wife, we like to… You guys can guess what we do. It’s gets pretty crazy… that’s pretty much all we do…We like to watch movies, we like to Netflix and chill, but we definitely do more of the chilling.”

Constance Wu says she hasn’t seen Hustlers yet. Sounds like the Oscar voters.

-Congrats to Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, who welcomed their third child.

Aaron Paul and his wife give a tour of their rustic hideaway in Idaho and it’s heavenly.

-I love this take. Chris Messina absolutely deserves Pratt‘s spot on the Best Chrises List.

-That Renegade dance craze that’s sweeping TikTok was created by a 14-year-old girl — and she isn’t getting credit for it.

-I love that the Parks and Recreation actresses get together every Feb 13 for Galentine’s Day.

-Speaking of the Parks and Rec cast, they had a cute reunion at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

-I still don’t believe the Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm rumours but still they persist.

-The comments on this tweet from all the cast members of The Good Place warm my heart.

Krysten Ritter has signed on to lead a dark comedy from the creator of Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23, which is an underrated gem.

-I had no real desire to watch Pete Davidson’s Netflix special to begin with, but this sealed it for me.

Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan try to find their sound in the new trailer for Military Wives. I haven’t seen it but it was at TIFF and word of mouth was it’s adorable.

-It’s a good day when my entire Twitter timeline is thirsting over Dev Patel. He plays Sir Gawain in the new trailer for The Green Knight.


Moonlight and La La Land Directors Share Variety Cover


Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins compare notes on a scandal in Variety’s new cover story, which features an interview with them conducted the morning after the Oscars. There’s a lot of controversy about Jenkins having to share this cover (and yes, that headline is terrible) but the story itself is much more balanced than the shared narrative/white grace slant the headline suggests. Also, the assumption that Chazelle muscled his way in is not entirely accurate. As Jenkins tweeted, “This cover is traditionally reserved for Best Director. It’s tradition. I’m the guest here.”

-Meanwhile, Warren Beatty asked the Academy to cut him a break and “publicly clarify” his Oscars mix-up “as soon as possible.”

-After attending Oscar parties on Sunday together, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have confirmed their split. In *completely* unrelated news, anyone remember this blind item from last week?

-Now that he’s got an Oscar, Casey Affleck has broken his silence on those sexual harassment allegations.

-Us Weekly is claiming that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are talking again after he tracked down her number and texted her to wish her a happy birthday.

-Brace yourself, ladies: Dev Patel was spotted holding hands with rumored new girlfriend Tilda Cobham-Hervey. I hope she takes advantage of this and strokes his glorious hair at least 7 times a day…

-The Good Fight’s Cush Jumbo and Stephen Colbert recited an entire Shakespearean sonnet in perfect harmony. (Also, she’s British?!)

Rihanna received the 2017 Harvard Humanitarian Award and opened her speech with “so I made it to Harvard…”

Blair Waldorf is back on TV? With the guy from Happy Endings? Yes, please!

Courteney Cox’s ancestors killed the king of England, according to Lisa Kudrow. She also says the entire Friends cast recently reunited for a dinner.

-I was looking forward to the documentary about the Eagles of Death Metal and the Paris attacks,  even before I found out Colin Hanks made it.

-The original cast members of The Big Bang Theory have reportedly taken a pay cut to help their co-stars get raises. I don’t like that show, but that’s still pretty swell.

Oprah Winfrey is reportedly entertaining the idea of running for president. I…don’t hate that?

-Does THR keep doing these egregious covers on purpose? Because this is really, really bad.  (The replies on that tweet delight me, though.)

-I can’t imagine that Beyonce fans are super thrilled with the news that Lady Gaga will replace her at Coachella.

Chance the Rapper bought a bunch of Get Out tickets so people could see it for free. (Have you seen Get Out? I’m not into horror AT ALL and I loved it. I’m a scaredy cat and I found it no more terrifying than an episode of Black Mirror.)

-I’d normally be stoked that Fringe’s Anna Torv is back on a TV series, but seeing as what Fincher did with House Of Cards I’m not sure how I feel about this.

-Aw nuts. Anna Kendrick‘s Table 19 is getting bad reviews. It’s not a good sign when critics say the most interesting character is the cake.

-We meet Star-Lord‘s dad and get more cute Baby Groot in the new GotGVol2 trailer.

-Netflix dropped a bunch of new trailers this week, including Alison Brie’s wrestling comedy Glow, a German import called DarkBong Joon Ho’s monster movie Okja starring Tilda Swinton, and 13 Reasons Why with Kate Walsh.

-Netflix also released our first glimpse at War Machine, featuring Brad Pitt as Gen. McChrystal.

Beyonce Pulls Out of Coachella

Beyonce had to back out of Coachella due to doctor’s orders, and ticket holders are PISSED.

-I’m one of those people who would not be heartbroken if La La Land wins Best Picture, but damn this screenshot of a scene from Moonlight’s screenplay makes its case well.

-Today’s brutally honest Oscar voter is a producer who may be a bit racist (but hey! He loves Moonlight!) His thoughts on Dev Patel: “He really seems like he’s needy as an actor and just wants you to like him, but he shouldn’t be that needy — he’s grown up to be a really handsome, sexy dude, with this mid-range brown color, so everyone loves him.”

-UNreal’s Shiri Appleby directed this Funny or Die short starring Tyler Posey.

-These stories about Madonna‘s legendary Oscars parties are pretty great. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne have puked at one!

-Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham is heading back to TV with a new sitcom on Fox.

-I typically avoid horror films, but Jordan Peele’s Get Out is getting such rave reviews I might have to see it.

-I really like this article about how there’s a total lack of comfort TV these days. From mindless shows like Burn Notice to family-oriented fare like Gilmore Girls, that stuff just doesn’t exist anymore.

Matt Reeves is back to directing The Batman. I’d love to know how that shook down.

Shia LaBeouf once again shut down his Trump art project after reports of gunshots in the area.

Nick Cannon has a new son named Golden.

Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, and Bill Nighy star in the new Their Finest trailer.