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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Are Engaged

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas announced their engagement on Instagram, and the internet is all about the jokes.

-The disturbing Harvey Weinstein stories now involve potted plants and kitchenware.  Meanwhile, actress Lauren Holly talked about her creepy encounter with him on The Social, while a Vampire Diaries actress says he propositioned her at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002, and thinks it affected her husband Ioan Gruffudd‘s career. The number of women who have publicly accused him is now up to 44.

-Sorry Mayim Bialik, but if I read your full essay then I’m not “taking it out of context” when I say it’s victim-blaming BS. Not being “a perfect 10” does NOT protect women from assault.

Rose McGowan made a bit of a misstep on Twitter this weekend — and she blamed it on weed. Is it really that hard for white feminists to say “I’m sorry. I screwed up. I’m ready to listen and learn.” Really?

-If you want to read a good NYT essay on Weinstein, skip Bialik’s and read this one from Sarah Polley instead.

-I also found this essay by the showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy on the gender dynamics in Hollywood to be really powerful.

-A reminder that we lost Carrie Fisher way too soon: she once sent a cow tongue to an Oscar winner who sexually assaulted her friend.

James Corden apologized for making jokes about Weinstein at the amfAR Gala. “To be clear, sexual assault is no laughing matter. I was not trying to make light of Harvey’s inexcusable behavior.”

-In similar news, Lars von Trier denies Björk’s claim that he sexually harassed her.

-In happier news, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander  tied the knot in Ibiza on Saturday.

-I’m not trusting the source on this story about Meghan Markle quitting Suits in order to marry Prince Harry, though I do wonder what happens to her career once the engagement is announced. Royalty can’t be starring in a C-list show about lawyers, right?

Roxanne Gay interviewed Nicki Minaj for NY Times magazine and I’m here for it.

-I thought Kumail Nanjiani’s SNL episode was just ok (mostly because he wasn’t in it enough), but I loved his shout-out at the end.

-The CW is rebooting Roswell? I am SO here for that! It fell apart in the later seasons, but I stand by my belief that that show had one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen. It’s on Netflix. Go, go, go!

Beyoncé turned down the role of Plumette in the live-action Beauty and the Beast, according to the director.

-Yes, Nicole Kidman kissed Alexander Skarsgård on the lips at the Emmys. No, she doesn’t want to talk about it.

-Ellen made Friday Night Light’s star Taylor Kitsch throw footballs on her show, and he was a little rusty.

Tom Holland is Twitter teasing Mark Ruffalo, who accidentally live-streamed the first 10 minutes of the new Thor film at the premiere.

-The new Black Panther trailer is amazing. I want this movie to make a billion trillion dollars!


Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin Reunited?

-CW stars Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin split last month after four years of dating, but it looks like they might be back on. This is some CW-levels of romantic drama. Way to stay on brand, guys!

-This profile on Elisabeth Moss includes lots of interesting tidbits, including the fact she memorized The Handmaid’s Tale’s frequent voiceovers so she could repeat them in her head when shooting those scenes so that the words would match her expressions, and that she signed on to the show for 5-7 seasons (which is troubling).

-Also, The Muse poses a good question: is it relevant that the star of The Handmaid’s Tale belongs to a secretive, allegedly oppressive religion?

Chris Pratt posted a deleted scene from Parks & Rec for TBT and now I want one every week.

-Also, Chris pranked a pet store by calling them and asking for advice on how to care for a Baby Groot.

Madonna is not a fan of Universal’s Blond Ambition biopic and she fired off a string of Instagram posts to let world to know. “Why would Universal Studios want to make a movie about me based on a script that is all lies???” she wrote in a now-deleted post. I’m guessing this means the producers won’t be asking to use her music in it?

-On the Tonight Show, Leslie Jones had a wild story for Dr. Phil and he had to figure out if it was true or false. Props to Dr. Phil for keeping a straight face when she starts talking about her date’s nuts…

-I was wondering why Emma Watson and Tom Hanks have been so quiet with promotion for The Circle, which opens this weekend. (Remember the weeks leading up to Beauty & The Beast? She was EVERYWHERE.) Turns out it’s because the movie is really, really bad.

Haim’s new video was directed by their mom’s former student — who happens to be Paul Thomas Anderson.

David Fincher is doing pal Brad Pitt a huge favour by agreeing to direct the World War Z sequel.

Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln filmed an adorable new Love Actually charity video inviting fans to visit them in London for “cuddles” and “a cup of tea.”

-It’s hard to judge the new season of Fargo because I’ve only seen one episode but I found it mind-numbingly boring, so I liked this article about how “prestige TV” is often  formulaic fare that’s serving you a Big Mac and convincing you it’s a steak.

-So Jason Segel is writing YA science fiction books now? Cool cool cool.

Scarlett Johansson and Tilda Swinton are in another white-washing controversy after being cast in Wes Anderson’s upcoming stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs.

-Why yes, I would like to read an oral history of Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, tyvm.

Alison Brie plays a bad girl in the latest teaser for Netflix’s GLOW.

Alicia Vikander, Judi Dench and Cara Delevingne star in the new trailer for the period piece Tulip Fever.

Ryan Reynolds Joins Taylor Swift’s Squad

Ryan Reynolds willingly posed for the above photo. Just let that sink in for a sec. (Also, I will never stop laughing at that caption.)

-Meanwhile, the details of Taylor Swift‘s 4th of July party — from the giant slide to the matching bathing suits — have to be seen to be believed.

-On the plus side, whatever hell we’re currently living in, it’s reportedly ruined Tom Hiddleston’s chances at being Bond. Thirst hangovers are real, y’all.

Erykah Badu addressed those rumors of a romance with Kendrick Lamar — but I literally have no idea what she meant.

-This article on what it’s like to be an actress on the “wrong” side of 40 is well worth your time.

Adam Pally attempted to make as many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as possible in two minutes for James Corden. He wasn’t very good at it.

-I’m not feeling Alicia Vikander’s dress at the Jason Bourne Australia premiere.

-In her excellent Rolling Stone profile, Samantha Bee says she filled her writers room with “people who have been underestimated.”

Patrick Stewart is a country singer now. Or maybe not. In any case, he looks really good in a cowboy hat.

This photo perfectly captures why I follow Jessica Chastain on snapchat.

Idris Elba in costume for his new western is making my stomach all sweepy.

-Even Serial host Sarah Koenig is surprised by Adnan Syed’s new trial.

-The CW confirmed its new streaming deal that will bring its shows to Netflix just 8 days after their season finales. But that means they won’t be available on Hulu in-season, which means their ratings are going to take a big hit because this will move more eyeballs to off-season binging.

Shonda Rhimes has no time for your racist petition to get Jesse Williams fired.

-Check out this Elementary writer’s Twitter timeline today for a masterclass in TV writing.

-Wait, so Daniel Radcliffe‘s farting corpse movie is actually good?!

Daniel Radcliffe is a fake white supremacist in the Imperium trailer, realizes that real white supremacists are scary af.