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Miley Cyrus Has a New (C)attitude

-Um, is this new Miley Cyrus single a joke? Please say yes!!

-During their Late Night promo tour, Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling sounded off on Alabama’s new abortion legislation, commenting that the U.S. is “going back to a very dark age indeed.”

Adam Scott says he was incredibly nervous when he introduced himself to Meryl Streep on the Big Little Lies set — but got some support from a costar. “She moved on, and Laura Dern came up to me immediately right after and was like ‘I was watching the whole thing, you did fine. Let me give you some notes.'”

-Congrats to Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, who just welcomed a daughter.

-HBO aired a Game of Thrones documentary last night, which heavily focused on the crew and production. Though the cast scenes were few and far between, there were some really touching bits from the table reads, including the moment Varys dies, and the teary one when Kit Harrington (who doesn’t read the scripts before the first readthrough) found out about Dany’s fate. Emila Clarke looks crushed in both clips.

-Meanwhile, Charles Dance, who played Tywin Lannister, says he was “confused” by the last season of Game of Thrones.

-The Spice Girls have kicked off their reunion tour and all the social media clips are amazing.

-Meanwhile, Mel B played coy when asked about past romance rumours surrounding her and Zac Efron.

Justin Long once pranked Bruce Willis, because clearly he doesn’t value his own life.

-I didn’t watch the full 52-minute video, but seeing Stephen Colbert totally blissed out by playing Dungeons & Dragons for Red Nose Day is a delight.

-I enjoyed this season of Killing Eve but last night’s season finale made me even more convinced that this show doesn’t really seem to know where it’s going and probably should have been a one-and-done.

-Oof, this part of Chris Kattan’s memoir where he says Lorne Michaels pressured him to sleep with director Amy Heckerling so she wouldn’t tank Night at the Roxbury is a rough read.

-I gave up on Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone, but I might tune into the season finale because it stars Seth Rogen and Zazie Beetz.

Kumail Nanjiani is an uber driver who gets in over his head in the Stuber trailer, costaring Karen Gillan, Natalie Morales and Dave Bautista.

Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola Talk Sexism in Hollywood


-Look, I’m always here for females in Hollywood calling out the industry’s sexiest BS. But this cover story with Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola is a little…odd. Like, when Dunst complains that she got “paid a lot of money for the Spider-Man movies but definitely the men were getting paid more”? Um, did she expect Tobey Maguire-level pay on that one?

-There’s a Justice League rumor that extensive reshoots have completely “remade” the movie, which doesn’t bode well.

-This is why British awards shows are so much better than ours. Look at the loser’s face at the 0:47 mark. Priceless!

Blake Lively is going to play a single-mom-turned-cage-fighter in a new movie directed by the guy who did The Notebook. I don’t understand how a lot of those words work in the same sentence.

Dave Chappelle is now trying to take back what he said on SNL about how we should all give Donald Trump. “I f—ed up. Sorry.”

Mo’Nique claims she was “whiteballed” by Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, and Oprah. Is that a thing?

-A spinoff of The Young Pope is coming to HBO? Why? Has anyone even mentioned that show after it premiered?

-Fox’s trailer of Ghosted with Adam Scott and Craig Robinson made me laugh.

-Here are the new ABC fall trailers. The Gospel of Kevin looks cute, but that might be my Jason Ritter blinders talking. It’s also great to see Jenna Fischer back on the small screen.

-ABC also confirmed that Katy Perry will be a judge on their revival of American Idol, and that Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf and Sarah Chalke are all coming back for the Roseanne reboot (despite a very tepid reaction from the upfronts crowd). They also announced that Marvel’s Inhumans will air on Friday nights with Agents of Shield which doesn’t sound good — although to be fair, the Friday “death slot” isn’t really a thing anymore. ABC’s Tuesdays-at-10 time period seems more of a death sentence.

-Speaking of TV, here’s a look at the current season in 5 really depressing charts. EVERY network show has dropped in the ratings except for The Bachelor, of all things.

Jimmy Kimmel is going to host the Oscars again next year. Sigh.

Supergirl’s next episode is call “Nevertheless, She Persisted”? Now I want to catch up on that show…

Emma Stone and Steve Carell square off in the first trailer for the Billie Jean King movie Battle Of The Sexes.

Amal Clooney Gives Us a Glimpse Of Her Baby Bump

George and Amal Clooney stepped out for the first time since announcing their pregnancy.

-Ahead of what is sure to be a political Oscar ceremony, this is a good read on what it means to be a celebrity in the age of Rump.

-So Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger are still a thing, huh?

Karl Lagerfeld continues to be a total dick by calling Meryl Streep cheap for allegedly wanting to be paid for wearing his Oscars gown.

-Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali is already having a big weekend. He and his wife just welcomed a baby boy.

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron are going to costar in a romcom because that’s totally believable.

-Is it weird that there are a bunch of Girls reviews out already, even though the show doesn’t air until Sunday? I guess they didn’t want us to miss the episode (which is reportedly great) amid all the Oscars noise.

-I like this theory: the longer Adam Scott’s beard is, the less likable his character will be.

-The ladies of Mad Men reunited at a book party last night.

-This has never happened before: Jordan Peele’s Get Out is the first modern horror movie with a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes on its opening day.

Justin Bieber swears he didn’t pee his pants in public. Mmm-kay.

-I’m so weirdly proud of Jake Gyllenhaal for getting such rave reviews on Broadway. He’s just keeping his head down, doing good work, and making me happy.

Patrick Stewart says he didn’t realize he wasn’t circumcised until his wife told himHugh Jackman‘s reaction is all of us.