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Ariana Grande Lets Her Hair Down for Vogue


Ariana Grande ditched her signature ponytail for the new issue of British Vogue. I love this look.

-In her THR cover storyJessica Chastain says the premise for spy movie 355 was her idea — as was the notion that its female stars to be paid equally in a deal orchestrated by CAA.  “We independently financed it. And all five of the actresses own equity in the film. I love the idea about creating this movie and seeing that these women aren’t just people for hire”

Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett‘s Today Show interview was 8 minutes of batshit chaos and I loved it. This is the most delightful video I’ve ever seen.

-The Ocean’s 8 premiere brought out another amazing pantsuit for Cate, and a killer Prada dress for Sarah. Sandra Bullock and Mindy Kaling didn’t fare as well.

-Meanwhile, the reviews are mostly good and it’s currently at 78% on Rotten TomatoesEW calls it “a light, summerweight gloss,” THR says it’s “more gloss and glitter than actual jewels,” Rolling Stone praises it as “summer escapism” and the NYT says it’s “a lot of fun to watch.” Even if it’s being slightly dismissed as unsubstantial, the one thing all critics seem to agree on is that Anne Hathaway totally steals the movie.

-Also, I’ve never been into the gossip-genie-ing (trademark Lainey) of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio, but good on Ocean’s 8 for going there.

THR’s comedy actress roundtable is here, featuring Drew Barrymore, Tracee Ellis Ross, Molly Shannon, Debra Messing, Alison Brie, Rachel Brosnahan and Frankie Shaw.

-Meanwhile, Brosnahan paid tribute to her late aunt, Kate Spade.

Johnny Depp is “healthy” and “purposely lost weight because he’s on tour and is trying to stay in shape,” a source in his camp says.

-Everything old is new again. The USA Network is in talks to revive Temptation Island, while MTV is eyeing a reboot of The Hills.

-Mr. Robot’s’ Rami Malek and Sam Esmail are teaming up again for an FBI movie.

-According to Page Six, Jennifer Lawrence is dating a New York art gallerist named…wait for it…Cooke Maroney.

Keiynan Lonsdale explained why he’s leaving The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. I have the sads.

Stephen Amell and his wife took a photo outside a mosque in Turkey, and he posted it with a lame dad joke caption. Not great, but not bad — until a Muslim fan pointed out that it might be insensitive. Then he got defensive and called them an idiot (twice!). I swear, this guy shows his ass every few months. Just hire a social media manager already, you fragile man child.

-Despite all the not-so-glowing reviews of the current season, Netflix announced that 13 Reasons Why will come back for a third.

-I always forget that Norman Reedus had a kid with Helena Christensen. Man, he punches above his weight, relationship-wise.

-After breaking both of his arms shortly into the filming of Tag, Jeremy Renner‘s arms were re-created using CGI. This story couldn’t get weirder.

-Like her or not, Kim Kardashian is changing the world. Trump granted clemency to Alice Johnson after the reality star’s involvement.

Variety has apologized for its “egregious oversight” regarding the lack of female writers on their upcoming female TV writers panel and is adding new writers to make the mix 50/50. (I love that Mike Schur and David Shore both volunteered to be replaced with a woman writer.) Meanwhile, a counter-panel featuring female showrunners has been organized and will live-stream next Wednesday.

-The 10 Things I Hate About You composer says Joseph Gordon-Levitt helped score a scene.

-Proving that Hollywood white dudes can be excused for anything, Jared Leto is reportedly getting his own Joker movie.

-I’m not really someone who sees many animated superhero shows/movies, but the trailer for Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse is kind of amazing. And the voice cast is bonkers: Hailee Steinfeld, Jake Johnson, Lily Tomlin, Liev Schreiber, Brian Tyree Henry and Mahershala Ali.

Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek and Danny Glover star in The Old Man & The Gun trailer.

-I swear I have face blindness when it comes to Lady Gaga when you take away all the crazy costumes. I would have never guessed this was her in the Star Is Born poster or trailer.

Cardi B, Gal Gadot, JLo, Tiffany Haddish & More Star in Maroon 5's New Video

Maroon 5 released their music video for their Cardi B collab “Girls Like You” on Wednesday, recruiting an all-star lineup of women to make cameos, including familiar famous faces like Gal Gadot, Jennifer Lopez, Tiffany Haddish, Millie Bobby Brown, Camila Cabello, Mary J. Blige, Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Silverman, Rita Ora, Aly Raisman, Beanie Feldstein, Chloe Kim and Ashley Graham, as well as activists like Angy Rivera and Franchesca Ramsey.

Justin Theroux and Emma Stone are still hanging out, but friends insist they are just friends. Whew! It looks like he might be getting cozy with Spiderman: Homecoming actress Laura Harrier (who, despite playing a teenager in that movie, is actually 28).

-According to TMZ, Drake has been financially supporting Sophie Brussaux, the mother of his rumored child, to the point that she lives “comfortably.” The source (who is clearly from Drake’s camp) added that he “plans to take a DNA test to figure out any possible future legalities” and that “he feels there’s a slight chance the kid is his.” (If he’s giving her money, I’m guessing he thinks the chances are more than “slight.”)

-Meanwhile, in a new interview Pusha T claims Drake’s upcoming Adidas campaign was supposed to be the “unveiling” of Drake’s son Adonis, and it was to be called “Adidon.” That’s … kinda gross.

-Also, Drake says the blackface photo was from his acting days from to draw attention to typecasting which frankly, I believe.

Nikki Bella and John Cena are back together, a month and a half after calling off their wedding.

-I like that GQ’s profileon Silicon Valley’s awkward star Zach Woods basically boils down to one line: “This guy fucks.”

-In a segment on her satirical show “Full Frontal” on Wednesday, Samantha Bee referred to Ivanka Trump as a “feckless c***” sparking outrage, including from TBS’ sister network CNN. Wait, I thought this sort of thing was just “locker room talk”?  Bee has since apologized (but not before Sally Field got out the best tweet ever).

-Did Michael Moore just give a hint about his next documentary? He tweeted: “I know Roseanne. And I know Trump. And they are about to rue the day they knew me.”

Jessica Alba is VERY 80s on the cover of InStyle. I don’t like it.

-The Ocean’s 8 press tour hasn’t even kicked into full gear and I’m already sick of how many times the cast has been asked about catfights and ego clashes on set. Do you think the Ocean’s 11 cast got those questions?

-I love that Ryan Murphy‘s Poseis getting such good reviews.

-Sorry Jason Bateman, but I no longer care.

-I like this piece about how the Bateman and Roseanne backlash means that we might be entering the reckoning phaseof the #MeToo movement.

-I’m so glad that the The Americans finale seems to be universally beloved. It might actually be one of my fave series finales ever. I also feel like it’s an end of an era in terms of TV coverage; I’m not sure there’s another show that is so universally embraced by the critical community that you can watch the finale and then be treated to such smart, insightful discourse the next day. Some articles I loved today came from NPR, New Yorker, Slate, The Ringer, and Vulture. Also, this deep dive into the finale’s best scene is worth reading after you watch it.

Chris Pratt’s 5-year-old son is not impressed by his dad’s acting abilities.

-The internet is loving that Mick Jagger leaves dorky dad comments on his teenage son’s Instagram posts.

-Well, this is disappointing. EDM musician Pogo says he hates gay people and cheered at the Pulse massacre.

Carrie Coon had the pick of TV shows to choose from and she went with … season two of The Sinner? Huh.

Ariana Grande posted a cutesy kissy photo with Pete Davidson in IG.

Amal Clooney was a guest at the royal wedding, and now she’s reportedly helping Meghan Markleadjust to life in London.

Morgan Neville’s new documentary on Mr. Rogers Won’t You Be My Neighbor is getting rave reviews, but I can barely make it through the trailer without tearing up.

-The trailer for Jennifer Garner’s new movie Peppermint(by the director who did Taken) is giving me Alias vibes and I have been waiting for her to do something like this FOR SO LONG!

Celebs Read Texts From Mom

-On Jimmy Kimmel last night celebrities read texts from their moms in honour of Mother’s Day — a cleaner, family-friendly version of mean tweets. I think I like this even better.

-Why yes, I WOULD like to watch the royal wedding’s live coverage with Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell.

-I really liked the Washington Post’s piece on Lainey and how celebrity news is met with contempt because it’s a feminized space.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Ellen DeGeneres went to dinner together and tried to stay under the radar — by going to the hottest spot in LA.

-God, I adore the fact that Jessica Chastain‘s lady spy movie, which she thought up after seeing all the lack of female-fronted films at last year’s Cannes, is now in the middle of a bidding war.

Bella Hadid and the Weeknd were spotted kissing in Cannes, so I guess they’re a thing again.

-I want to marry Cate Blanchett’s Cannes dress and have little dress babies with it. It’s that good.

-Wow, the outrage over Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s cancellation is intense. Last night the cop comedy was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter, going head-to-head with the biggest TV event in the world, Eurovision. A bunch of famous people tweeted about it, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sean Astin, Guillermo Del Toro, James Corden and Mark Hamill.  On the plus side, apparently producers are fielding multiple incoming calls to save the series. Among them: Hulu, NBC, and TBS. (Netflix has already passed.)

-UPDATE: in the wee hours of Friday night, NBC swooped in to save BB9! This makes a lot of sense; they own the show and creator Mike Schur has been good for them (he will now have 3 sitcoms on air at NBC next year). I think there’s going to be a point when we’ll have to examine how networks are increasingly allowing fans to feel like a show’s renewal is dependent on them doing all the heavy lifting on social media, but for today I’m just happy to see so much happiness on my timeline.

-Instead of sticking with BB9, Fox officially ordered revival of Tim Allen‘s cancelled sitcom Last Man Standing as network TV continues to make a big push for multicamera comedies (and Trump voter bait). Also, Allen’s narrative of why it was originally cancelled at ABC is a hella revisionist.

-Other shows that got canned today: Lucifer, The Exorcist, The Brave, Designated Survivor, Quantico, Taken andGreat News. And the CW is not going ahead with its Supernatural spinoff, which is surprising seeing as how well the original still does for them.

-On the plus side, Speechless and Fresh Off The Boat were saved, as was iZombie (thank god!). The CW also picked up the Roswell and Charmed reboots

-I’m from the east coast and I had no idea that ‘newfie’ was considered a derogatory term. Anthony Bourdain found out the hard way.

Sarah Drew live-tweeted her final Grey’s Anatomy episode and — yikes.

Donald Glover followed Billy Dee Williams‘ advice to “just be charming” when playing Lando.

-Yes, Donald Glover and Kanye West have a lot in common, but I really like this take on it. “The popular desire to appoint Glover as Kanye’s successor botches the lesson that fans might ideally learn from the latter artist’s fall from grace.”

-Speaking of good Donald Glover think pieces, I liked this article on what it’s like to watch him grapple with the relief and responsibility of black collectivity.

-Oh no. Scott Hutchison, the frontman of Scottish band Frightened Rabbit, has been found dead.

Ally Sheedy writes about her experiences with Hollywood sexism in this excerpt from a new collection of essays.

-The new season four Arrested Development edit seems as if it’s in direct response to its widespread poor reception. Even if it fixes everything, I still can’t sit through that again.

-All of the trailers for The Spy Who Dumped Meare really working for me. Mila Kunis‘s mid-career turn as the lead of raunchy lady comedies is pretty genius.