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Taylor Swift's 30 Life Lessons

Taylor Swift seems to have taken a page from Beyonce and stopped doing interviews. Instead, she’s written a listicle for Elle that reveals, among other things, that her mother is battling cancer again, she’s scared of a domestic terrorist attack happening at one of her shows, she’s learned how to make Old Fashioned, and getting a garlic crusher changed her life.

-This week can suck it. Jeopardy host Alex Trebek revealed in a video posted on YouTubethat he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This is such a graceful announcement. He even made a joke!

-The Hollywood Reporter just released a story 15 months in the makingabout Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara promoting an actress who he was apparently having a sexual relationship. The story also ensnares Brett Ratner and Mariah Carey‘s ex James Packer. The incredibly well-reported article says Ratner introduced a 20-year-old actress to Packer (who was 45 at the time) and they started dating. But text messages seem to indicate that Packer and Ratner then encouraged her to start a relationship with Tsujihara to seal a $450 million deal the two men were working out with Warners. In numerous texts, the actress then questions Tsujihara, Packer and Ratner about the auditions and roles she was allegedly promised in return.  And to top it all off: according to the AT&T/Warnermedia reorganization announced Monday, Tsujihara will gain control of Cartoon Network and an animation division as well as the iconic Warner Bros. studio – making him one of Hollywood’s most powerful executives.

Kristen Stewart and Janelle Monae sat in the front row of the Chanel show and no picture has even contained as much radness as this picture.

Mario Batali has agreed to give up his stake in all of his restaurants following sexual assault allegations.

R Kelly was a mess in that GMA interview, but everyone agrees that Gayle King nailed it.

-Meanwhile, R Kellyhas been arrested for unpaid child support.

-The Mad About You reboot is officially on — but it will only be available to people with Spectrum as their cable provider.

-Sorry Netflix. NBC is holding on to Mike Schur with a five-year dealreportedly worth $25M per year.

Terry Crews listened and learned and delivered a beautiful apology, and really what more can we ask for?

-The CW just announced that Arrow will end next year with an abbreviated 10-episode season. I’m not surprised that season eight will be its last — I’m VERY surprised they are doing it as such as short run. Stephen Amell posted a very emotional Facebook Live video in which he said he told them a year ago that he wanted this season to be his last, and then agreed to stick around for an additional 10 episodes (likely for the network’s big crossover event).

-A Netflix romcomstarring Gina Rodriguez and Lakeith Stanfield? And it’s produced by Paul Feig? And it’s from the creator of Sweet/Vicious?? And she tweeted “I always wanted to see a romantic comedy where a woman chooses herself. So I made one”? YES YES YESSS!

Julia Roberts Interviews Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett Julia Roberts interview

-For Interview, Julia Roberts chatted with Cate Blanchett about the challenges of acting as they age, the importance of talking about money, and pet pigs.

Emma Thompson walks the walk by releasing the letter she wrote to producers when she dropped out of an animated movie after learning the studio hired John Lasseter, who recently left Disney/Pixar following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. This isn’t just a finger-wagging shame blast; this is a rallying cry: “I am well aware that centuries of entitlement to women’s bodies whether they like it or not is not going to change overnight. Or in a year. But I am also aware that if people who have spoken out — like me — do not take this sort of a stand then things are very unlikely to change at anything like the pace required to protect my daughter’s generation.”

R. Kelly pleaded not guilty as another tape allegedly depicting his sexual abuse of a minor surfaced, and is now out after posting $100k in bail.

-Say what you will about Justin Theroux, but I love that he’s trying to protect his downstairs neighbor from verbal abuse from her husband.

Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are having a baby.

-Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams dance it out in the new trailer for FX’s show Fosse/Verdon. It premieres in April on FX and I can’t wait!

Arya looks like she’s falling in love with a dragon in the new Game of Thrones footage, and I dig it.

-The first teaser trailer for His Dark Materials stars Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

-Yay! The Go Fugyourself girls are writing a sequel to The Royal We.

-I’m not quite sure there’s been such an immediate backlash to an Oscar winner as we’ve seen with Green Book. The LA Times wrote a savage takedown of its win, today’s The Daily was dedicated to how it’s a retread of Driving Miss Daisy, and critics are sharing the incredibly condescending letters they got from the film’s producer in response to their negative reviews.

-Also, here’s a good explainer on how Green Book was helped by the preferential ballot.

-Um, the short film that won might actually be worse than Green Book.

Olivia Colman‘s Prada gown didn’t make our Oscars Best Dressed list, but I love all the thought that her and her stylist put behind it.

-I also love this observation about Colman winning despite not having time to play the campaign game.

-The guest list at Beyonce and Jay Z’s Oscar afterparty put all other parties to shame.

-Also, why did Jamie Foxx show up to that party with Jessica Szohr instead of Katie Holmes?

Melissa McCarthy and her husband are my heroes for wearing tracksuits to the Oscars afterparties.

Selma Blair (who made a triumphant appearance at the Vanity Fair party), talked to GMA today about her MS diagnosis.

-Here are all the Vanity Fair portraits.

Lady Gaga is too busy crushing life to process her recent breakup.

-I keep forgetting that Jennifer Esposito was married to Bradley Cooper for four months.

-Also, this is my favourite take on the Gaga and Coop performance.

-Sorry, trolls: Rotten Tomatoes will no longer let users review a movie before its release. The fact that this was ever allowed when it was clear that none of these people had even seen the movie yet still boggles my mind.

-I relate to this author’s ambivalence about the one-off movies we’re getting of The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Deadwood, especially this part questioning the need to visit Breaking Bad’s Jesse after his perfect ending in the series finale: “Allowing Jesse to flee into the desert night seemed less like a loose end than a tantalizing grace note for the most tortured character in Walter White’s orbit.”

-The Jussie Smollett case continues to be a mess. The FBI is now saying he may not have sent that hateful letter to himself as the Chicago Police claimed, while TMZ says he didn’t pay the brothers for the attack. Meanwhile, the Chicago police chief insists there’s ‘a lot more evidence‘ against Smollett that we don’t know about. It’s insane how this is playing out in the press instead of the courts.

Paula Abdul is the latest celeb to endorse Schitt’s Creek.

-I’m here for all the Roswell original cast reunions.

-I didn’t realize the creator of Whiskey Cavalier was a writer on Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23. I’m def in now.

Topher Grace has a thing for re-editing major movies (he made a two-hour cut of the Hobbit trilogy), and now he’s co-created a 5-min Star Wars trailer that everyone’s loving.

-Nothing made me feel older today than the excitement for the trailer for Detective Pikachu, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith in a live-action Pokemon adventure.

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote trailer stars Adam Driver, Jonathan Pryce, Olga Kurylenko and Stellan Skarsgard.

Is Channing Tatum Dating Jessie J?

Channing Tatum is reportedly dating British singer Jessie J. I don’t hate this.

-Her new HBO may be getting savaged by critics, but Jennifer Garner is dating, doing great, and generally living her best life. So there.

-Meanwhile, Ben Affleck is reportedly single again.

Justin Theroux isn’t really a fave of mine, but he becomes 3000% more charming when he’s being interviewed while holding his dog.

-I will never not be fascinated by the tortured paththe new remake of A Star Is Born took to get to the big screen. Before Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga came on board, it was originally meant to be directed by Clint Eastwood and star Beyonce, and the leading men attached at some point included Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith.

Samira Wiley says she ‘cried a lot’ after an OITNB costar accidentally outed herin an interview

-The final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend debuts on Friday, and the reviews are even more glowing than previous seasons.  “At times suggesting an unholy fusion of an anything-goes musical telenovela like Glee or Cop Rock and an anti-hero drama built around a charismatic screw-up, the series is mesmerizing in part because it continues to exist and try new things despite being out there all by its lonesome.”

-Speaking of CW shows, All American premieres tonight and the reviews seem to indicate it’s the best new showon broadcast TV. I keep hearing it’s like a cross between Friday Night Lights and The OC, so I’m def checking it out.

Amandla Stenberg penned an essay about her sexual assault for Teen Vogue: “What started as a consensual experience had turned forceful.”

-In a surprise standup gig, Aziz Anzari suggested “wokeness” can go too far. This tweet perfectly sums it up: “Building an entire career on being ‘The Woke Guy’ and then pivoting to ‘Our Culture Is Too Woke’ once it comes for you is honestly kind of incredible.”

-The American Music Awards red carpet was kind of meh, but I dug that the night’s big winner Taylor Swift literally looked like a disco ball.

-Oof. From Alec Baldwin‘s new THR cover story: “I don’t know how to say this and I don’t want to get it wrong either, because everything is a minefield of bombs going off, but” — and here it comes — “ever since I played Trump, black people love me. They love me. Everywhere I go, black people go crazy. I think it’s because they’re most afraid of Trump. I’m not going to paint every African-American person with the same brush, but a significant number of them are sitting there going, ‘This is going to be bad for black folks.'”

-There are new episodes of Emma Approved, and they feature characters from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which makes me very happy.

-This entire interview with Maggie Gyllenhaal is  wonderful, but I especially like how she handled questions about allegations against  Deuce costar James Franco.

-Wait, instead of bringing Scott Speedman back to play Meredith’s love interest, Grey’s Anatomy went with Josh Radnor? Oh dear.

Jessica Biel is the latest actress to sign onto a TV show from Facebook. I don’t get it. Does anyone even watch Facebook’s shows? I caught the first episode of the Elisabeth Olsen one and even though I liked it, I never bothered coming back.

Sophie Turner says the Game of Thrones cast and crew went to great lengths to avoid spoiler leaks for the last season. All the actors’ names were changed on the scripts and call sheets, they shot fake scenes, they got into costume when they knew the paparazzi were around but didn’t actually film anything, and they employed “drone killers” to deactivate any nearby drones.

-Turner also said she’s going to miss the sleepovers she had with Maisie Williamswhen they were filming. “We just used to sit there and eat and watch stupid videos and smoke weed…I don’t know if my publicist will kill me for saying this. We’d get high and then we’d sit in the bath together and we’d rub makeup brushes on our faces. It’s fun.”

This interviewwith Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally is strange and wonderful.

-I agree so much with this piece on why film directors don’t necessarily make good TV creators. As stylish and cinematic as Maniac is, I watched four episodes and I just. didn’t. care.

This articleabout the trailer for John Travolta‘s speedboat movie is so much more entertaining than the trailer itself.

-I’m into this trailer for Bravo’s new limited series Dirty John, which stars Eric Bana and Connie Britton.