Ali Wong Steers Clear of Beef


Ali Wong covers the new issue of Variety and demurs from talking about Beef costar David Choe (“We put out that statement and for now, I just feel like it’s time for me to listen and not rush to say anything more on the matter”), or boyfriend Bill Hader, but she does touch on her relationship status (“I’m not single now, but I was single for a long time after I got divorced. It was so compelling to talk about my life as a single woman. When practicing [standup], I was in the habit of talking as if I was still single. What’s strange is now [my romantic life] is public information.”).

Azealia Banks is not a fan of Matty Healy. She posted a story calling him a “lame poser with a trash cliche band” and wrote “Taylor, this guy is gonna give you scabies” as well as an audio message saying “Bro, you need a banana bag, a liquid IV, you need a strong green salad. You need some water, you need to wash your dick…you’re sweaty and musty.”

-Vanity Fair published a chapter from Mo Ryan’s new book Burn It Down, which features a deep dive into what went wrong behind the scenes at Lost. It’s a tough read, depicting a set that seemed incredibly toxic, especially if you were a woman or POC. Harold Perrineau says as the first season progressed, the storylines shifted to focus on the white characters and in photoshoots, actors of color were often asked to stand in the back row or at the edges of the frame. Writer Monica Owusu-Breen added, “I can only describe it as hazing. It was very much middle school and relentlessly cruel. And I’ve never heard that much racist commentary in one room in my career.”

-Screenwriter Javier Grillo-Marxuach, who quit the show in season two, put out a statement saying “Though I did not witness every incident in Burn It Down, I can confirm that the behavior [Ryan] reports took place constantly during my tenure on the show.”

-The book will also feature horror stories from bts on SNL.

-As we brace for the Ted Lasso finale, here’s an article how the show completely failed Keeley this season.

-Meanwhile, tonight’s finale will be dropping on Apple three hours later than usual.

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t want the lead of his next movie to be British. “The truth of the matter is, yes, obviously, a Brit could pull it off, but I don’t want to cast a Brit. Obviously, nothing against the Brits, but we’re living in a really weird time now…I think when people look back on this era of cinema, and it’s just all these British actors pretending to be Americans and all these Australian actors pretending to be Americans, it’s like phantoms. Nobody is acting in their own voice.” Sir, did you miss the part where you mentioned “acting”?

-Following the racist online vitriol about Halle Bailey playing The Little Mermaid, IMDb changed its ratings system when it noticed the film was getting hate-bombed.

Kate Beckinsale recalled the time costars Keanu Reeves and Robert Sean Leonard covered for her wardrobe malfunction.

-It’s been a big week for Sarah Snook. Not only did Succession end, but she revealed she recently had a baby.

Megan Thee Stallion appears to be dating soccer star Romelu Lukaku.

-If The Flash sequel happens, director Andy Muschietti doesn’t think Ezra Miller will be recast. “I don’t think there’s anyone who can play that character as well as they did.” Somewhere, Grant Gustin just died a little inside.

Kaley Cuoco is true-crime obsessed pregnant woman who convinces her husband (Chris Messina) to hunt a serial killer in the trailer for Based on a True Story.

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