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December 1, 2022

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Give Us a Peek Behind Closed Doors

-Netflix have released a first look at the Sussexes’ docuseries: Harry & Meghan — and it looks like it’s going to be juicy! It’ll be six episodes that drop on December 8.

-I also really appreciate this reminder when people complain that they said they wanted their privacy and now they’re doing stuff like this. They never said that.

-Meanwhile, William and Kate released a “trailer” about their US visit. How cute.

-In other royal drama, Lady Susan Hussey has been removed from her position Buckingham Palace after being racist to charity founder Ngozi Fulani and they released a statement that they’ve reached out to Ngozi to further discuss the matter. But Fulani says she hasn’t heard from the palace.

Kanye West was on far-right conspiracy show InfoWars today, and it was even worse than I anticipated. He praised Hitler, denied the Holocaust, and said of Nazis: “They did good things too, we’ve got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time.” Do you know how offside you have to be to say stuff that’s too far for even Alex Jones?!

-Shortly after his appearance, Parler announced that West’s deal to buy the social platform has been terminated. Being too extreme for that site seemed impossible until now…

-The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White‘s new photoshoot for GQ is making me feel things.

Michelle Williams, who received a performer tribute at this year’s Gotham Awards, gave a lovely speech in which she praised her Dawson’s Creek co-star Mary Beth Peil, who played Grams. “I couldn’t have played Wendy Carroll or Randi Chandler or Marilyn or Gwen or Misty Fabelman without first having played Jen Lindley.”

Jennifer Lopez got “Not.Going.Anywhere” engraved on her latest engagement ring from Ben Affleck. Sure.

-Meanwhile, Affleck is partnering with Matt Damon on a new movie studio and hopes to create a different production model from what we’ve been seeing lately. “If you ask [Netflix co-CEO and chairman] Reed Hastings…he’d say, ‘Hey, we went for quantity to establish a footprint.’ I’m sure there’s wisdom in that and I’m sure they had a great strategy, but I would have said, ‘How are we going to make 50 great movies? How is that possible?’ There’s no committee big enough. There aren’t enough — you just can’t do it.”

Victoria Beckham secretly caught David Beckham getting into the holiday spirit with some Mariah Carey.

-I love how wildly unhinged Drew Barrymore‘s show is.

Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan reunited for a chat for Interview magazine, and Seyfried praised Lohan for setting the tone on the Mean Girls set: “That was my first movie. You were in the middle of the whole thing and you created a really fun vibe. I didn’t know how good it was going to be…Ten years ago I used to be like, “Yeah, yeah, I was Karen in Mean Girls, for fuck’s sake.” Now I’m like, “I was Karen in Mean Girls!” I’m very proud of it. You had a lot to do with where it went and what it was. I don’t know if you know that. I’m sure you felt the pressure but it didn’t seem like you did. You were working really young, and you were really good, but you were still a kid.”

-This is a really interesting read on how Drake’s misogyny isn’t new.

-That ’70s Show actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson, who’s accused of violent rape by multiple women, has temporarily evaded charges after a judge declared a mistrial because the jury was “hopelessly deadlocked.”

-The Rings of Power has recast a major for for season 2. Joseph Mawle — who portrayed the villainous Orcs leader Adar — is being replaced by Sam Hazeldine of Peaky Blinders.

Simon Pegg and Rosemarie Dewit have joined the next season of The Boys.

-I didn’t see this coming: the kid who plays Young Sheldon spent Thanksgiving with Serial subject Adnan Syed.

-I’m pumped to watch the new Best Man movie. Here’s hoping it’s streaming in Canada.

-Here’s the first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Terrible title but on the plus side: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, y’all!