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November 24, 2022

Drake’s Cuddly Coat

Drake went to the Raptors game last night and wore a teddy bear coat. On purpose.

Shawn Mendes, 24, has been spotted multiple times with a 50-year-old celebrity chiropractor, leading to some unlikely romance speculation.

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted at a Thanksgiving dinner with friends.

-The status of their relationship might be murky, but Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith are back for another J Crew holiday campaign.

-I really, really liked the Knives Out sequel Glass Onion (Daniel Craig continues to crush it as Benoit Blanc, the cameos are fun, and Janelle Monáe has old-school movie star magnetism), but the rollout schedule is really weird. It’s in theatres now for just one week, and then will debut on Netflix on Dec. 23. I guess we should just be happy it’s getting any theatrical release at all (though since it’s a Netflix production, they might not even report its box office results).

-Meanwhile, the theatrical window continues to shrink: Black Adam, Armageddon Time, The Woman King, Ticket to Paradise, Till, Smile, Triangle of Sadness, Tar and Amsterdam are all streaming only 2 months after debuting in theatres.

America Ferrera, Michael Urie and Vanessa Williams had an Ugly Betty reunion.

Michelle Williams is promoting The Fablemans and tells WSJ Magazine what it was like to play Steven Spielberg’s mom: “I suppose I felt like, it’s his mother, and I trusted him—if he felt like I was the person who could play this part, I wanted to believe.”

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s video about the Goop gift guide included a look at the people she was gifting stuff too — and Brad Pitt’s name was featured. Sigh.

Sarah Wayne Callies was on Jon Bernthal‘s podcast and recalled when her male Prison Break costars were watching that ‘2 girls 1 cup’ porn clip between takes and started telling her she looked like the actress. “Everyone of them individually, almost to a one, was a friend. But they became a wolfpack immediately. And I was like ‘No seriously, knock it off. I don’t like being called a shit-eating whore,’ and they doubled down. And one of the people at that table at the time was a very, very close friend. And I was looking over going ‘he’s got the most power of anybody in this room. All he’s gotta do is say ‘hey, leave her alone.’ That’s all it would have taken, like no grandstanding, no fist fights. [He said] nothing.”

-Netflix announced that the next season of You will debut earlier than expected; it’ll now drop on Feb 9.

Jennifer Lopez has deleted all of her Instagram posts, so everyone assumes a big project announcement is coming. But wouldn’t it be awful if she quit social at the last thing she’d ever posted was that cringe TikTok with Ben?

Ryan Reynolds posted a video of him and Will Ferrell learning a dance routine for Spirited, leading Blake Lively to comment “Can you get pregnant while pregnant??”

-Here’s the trailer for Paramount+’s adaptation of Beth O’Leary’s bestselling novel, The Flatshare. I adored this book!