Kumail Nanjiani’s Making Moves

Kumail Nanjiani is in InStyle to promote his new stripper show Welcome to Chippendales and talks about how quarantine affected his marriage (“Quarantine was a very, very stressful time. It was stressful for her, too, but I think we can both admit it was much more stressful for me. I just felt so out of control and we realized that both of our reactions to her initial illness were such a big part of the patterns of our relationship”), and why he’s kept up  his Eternals workout regime (“I really still enjoy working out. I get a lot out of it. It’s for me, mentally, been really good. It grounds me in my body, it’s good for stress, I sleep better, and it makes me better at my job, you know, because so much of acting is about sort of feeling your body and being in your body. For years, I felt really disconnected from my body, so working out is something that just connects me with myself”).

-A source claims to People that Olivia Wilde is having a hard time since her split from Harry Styles: “They have had some issues, but Olivia thought they were gonna work through it all.”

James Marsden remains a total charm bomb.

Kelly Rowland has reaffirmed her support of Chris Brown after she stood up for him at the AMAs when he was booed, saying “everyone deserves grace.” Do they though??

Quentin Tarantino said that Marvel actors aren’t “movie stars” and everyone got their back up, including Simu Liu. I like Marvel actors just fine and Liu a lot, but Marvel boasts the biggest movies in the world — they don’t also need universal adulation. It’s ok for people to not like them or have issues with them.

-Also, the reason interviewers keep asking actors and directors their opinions on Marvel movies is because those quotes are guaranteed clicks.

-Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez went viral yesterday for a clip from a 2019 interview in which she talks about the damage Marvel/franchise movies have done when it comes to being able to make smaller, character-driven movies. But she’s right!

-Speaking of Marvel, Chris Hemsworth says he’s looking forward to hanging up Thor’s hammer.  “I shot with George Miller on the new prequel to Fury Road, part of the Mad Max saga, and I said to my agent, ‘That’s where I want to spend my work hours; with someone who is kind and collaborative and interesting.'”

-Look, Letitia Wright said some weird shit about the pandemic and it was problematic, but she’s absolutely right that she shouldn’t be grouped in with Brad Pitt and Will Smith when it comes to her “personal baggage” hurting her Oscar chances.  Her baggage has nothing do to with physical assault and that THR article was gross to compare them.

James Cameron says Avatar: The Way Of Water has to become the ‘third or fourth’ highest-grossing film ever to break even. I have no idea how to predict the box office these days but the last couple of times I’ve been at the theatre that trailer played, and it got zero audience response. And to be in the top 5 highest grossing films means it’ll need to crack $2 billion.

-I can’t get enough of the news that Bob Iger came back to abruptly replace Bob Chapek as Disney’s CEO. This is a good article on the risks and rewards of his return, while one Disney insider is predicting he’s going to sell the company.

-This is wild: Hallmark Channel’s holiday movie Three Wise Men and a Baby (which I watched last weekend — it was cute) was the most watched cable movie of the year, from any network.

Wil Wheaton remains a good egg.

Andrew Garfield knowing who the Chicken Shop Date girl is makes me like him even more. I hope he does her show! (Though it’d be really hard to top Jack Harlow’s episode.)

-Models like Vittoria Ceretti are calling out Lily Rose Depp‘s comment on not being a ‘nepo baby’.

-I’m so glad to see that Everything Everywhere All at Once hasn’t lost momentum even though it came out at the beginning of the year. It’s leading the Independent Spirit Awards nominations.

-The Governor’s Awards happened on the weekend and it was the best red carpet we’ve seen in a while.

-I’m really liking the new show Fleishman Is in Trouble, but I wonder if it’s because I read the book and know what’s coming? Because the first couple episodes you’re so in Jesse Eisenberg‘s POV that it feels like just another story about a middle-aged divorced sadsack dude until it flips to Claire Danes’s POV. It’s such a neat trick in the book because it totally upends your sympathies but I wonder if audiences will hang around for it if they don’t expect it? It might be one of those rare shows that’s being harmed by a weekly release schedule.

Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig and Don Cheadle star in the White Noise trailer.

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