Ellen Pompeo Steps Back From Grey’s Anatomy

-Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo thanked fans in a new Instagram post and said she’ll be back to “visit,” and everyone freaked out about her involvement in the series’ future. But as previously reported, she’s in only eight episodes this season—though she remains the show’s narrator for all the episodes—and will be in two more episodes.

Keke Palmer covers THR and talks about creating her current persona: “I also exist outside of this caricature.”

-Wakanda Forever’s Tenoch Huerta Mejía is profiled in the NYT, where he talks about being an antiracism activist and the beauty of representation. “They taught us to be ashamed of our brown skin, to despise brown-skinned people, to mistreat Indigenous people, to feel ashamed of our ancestors, and I can no longer tolerate that.”

-TMZ has photos of Pete Davidson celebrating his 29th birthday yesterday with Emily Ratajkowski.

-Speaking of maybe new couples, Brad Pitt was spotted out with Paul Wesley’s ex wife.

-But don’t feel too bad for Paul Wesley (who is a surprisingly good social media follow). He’s now dating model Natalie Kuckenburg.

-Hacks star Hannah Einbinder posted her feelings on on Dave Chappelle‘s SNL monologue.

-Ticketmaster is long overdue for regulatory attention — and Taylor Swift might just be the one to make it happen. Her tour sales have been a cluster of epic proportions this week, with Ticketmaster’s attempt to do a “Verified Fan” presale for 1.5 million fans failing miserably, and tomorrow’s public sale now cancelled. Now they’re basically blaming Taylor herself, which makes no sense. If anyone can finally break their ridiculous monopoly, it’s angry Swifties.

-Did crypto company FTX’s downfall contribute to Tom Brady and Gisele‘s split?

Taylor Lautner says he wore a velvet suit to his wedding because the last one he attended “at the dance party portion I busted out some flips and splits and ended up absolutely shredding my suit pants.” Um, I’m gonna need video of these flips and splits, sir. Also, his bride Taylor Dome took his name so now they’re both Taylor Lautner.

-I don’t get all the headlines about how Owen Wilsonlooks unrecognizable” as Bob Ross. He literally looks like Owen Wilson in a bad wig.

-HBO Max’s The Sex Lives Of College Girls’ sophomore season is getting good reviews.

Elizabeth Hurley said Brendan Fraser is one of her favourite costars. Well, we know it isn’t Matthew Perry.

-Here’s the first trailer for Apple TV’s Emancipation starring Will Smith.



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