Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell’s Lovely Bones

Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell Variety Bones And All

-I can count on one hand (and still have fingers left over) how many times I’ve walked out of a theatre mid-film. I did that last night at a screening for Bones And All cause I was both grossed out and bored and life is too short. But Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell sure look pretty on the cover of Variety alongside director Luca Guadagnino to promote it.

Lily-Rose Depp slams the “nepo-baby” label in her Elle cover story. “I know my childhood didn’t look like everybody’s childhood, and it’s a very particular thing to deal with, but it’s also the only thing that I know…The Internet seems to care a lot about that kind of stuff. People are going to have preconceived ideas about you or how you got there, and I can definitely say that nothing is going to get you the part except for being right for the part.”

-Blackpink’s Jennie also covers Elle.

Steven Spielberg opens up about the story he waited 60 years to tell in his Time cover story.

-Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes secretly married? Her tattoo suggests maybe.

-Wow, we’re getting the Princess Diaries 3. Details as to the threequel’s plot and the involvement of either Anne Hathaway or Julie Andrews are currently under wraps, but Hathaway recently talked about wanting to revisit it.

Lizzo continues to be great, sending one of her fans a dress.

-When did Drake become so cringe? Was he always like this and I just never noticed?

Jay Leno is recovering from surgery after a gasoline fire left him with “significant” burns on his face, chest and hand.

Kevin Spacey faces three new sexual assault charges in the United Kingdom.

-After being fired from Scrubs for misconduct, alleged rapist Eric Weinberg kept working for years, according to a new report from THR. “His conduct finally got him fired in 2006, but thanks to his credit on the hit series and a boys’-club network of comedy writers that continued to hire him, Weinberg worked in the business for another 10 years… even after a 2014 arrest for rape.”

-The reviews for Fleishman Is in Trouble, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes and Lizzy Caplan, are very strong.

-Not surprisingly, Zoë Kravitz confirmed that Big Little Lies is over: “We talked about doing Season 3 a lot. Jean-Marc Vallée, our incredible director, passed away this last year. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t imagine going on without him… Unfortunately, it’s done.”

-This is a great interview with Zazie Beetz, who reflects on Atlanta’s ending. “In my audition, I remember thinking, Damn, I’m not Atlanta enough. Feeling like I wasn’t representing the city or the vibe enough. I found out years later that that was the reason I was cast.”

-Brittany Snow and Justin star in the Christmas with the Campbells trailer.

Noah Centineo is a CIA agent who fights villains and pounds White Claw in the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming spy series The Recruit.

-God, I needed the Magic Mike 3 trailer this week. Day saved!

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