Laura Dern Plays Taylor Swift’s Evil Stepmom

-In her new video for “BejeweledLaura Dern plays Taylor Swift‘s evil stepmother, while the Haim sisters are her evil stepsisters, and Dita Von Teese helps her sparkle. This is my least favourite song on her new album cause it’s so blip-y, but Dern makes everything better. Swift also said this video has “a psychotic amount” of easter eggs. Here are some of them.

-This is huge news for superhero fans: James Gunn has been named the head of DC’s TV, film and animation projects, alongside Peter Safran. As for Gunn’s future at Marvel, there has been talk that he could continue on in some form after the conclusion of Guardians of the Galaxy. However, today’s DC news seems to have closed the door on Gunn’s chapter in the MCU.

-Meanwhile, here’s the trailer for the Disney+ Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special, which features a freaked-out Kevin Bacon.

-It took #BoycottAdidas to trend, but Adidas has terminated their partnership with Kanye West over his anti-Semitic comments by ending production of Yeezy branded products and stopping all payments to him and his companies.

-Gap has also ended their partnership, and West’s streams and albums sales have nosedived.

-In his NYT interview last week, James Corden sounded reluctant to address his Balthazar ban on his late-night show (“I think I’m probably going to have to talk about it on Monday’s show. My feeling, often, is, never explain, never complain. But I’ll probably have to talk about it”). But address it he did, saying during his monologue that he made “sarcastic, rude comment” to the waitstaff after his wife was served a food she’s allergic to three times. “It is a comment I deeply regret. I understand the difficulties of being a server. I worked shifts at restaurants for years. I have such respect and I value anyone who does such a job.” The owner of the restaurant accepted the apology and lifted the ban.

-God, this review of comedian Rob Delaney‘s memoir, which covers the death of his young son, broke me.

-Grey’s Anatomy vet Jesse Williams has joined season 3 of Only Murders In The Building in the recurring role of a documentarian with a particular interest in Mabel’s case.

-Oh no. Ralph Fiennes is defending JK Rowling. “The verbal abuse directed at her is disgusting, it’s appalling.”

-Yay! Industry has been renewed for season 3 at HBO. It’s a show I greatly enjoy even though I understand 1/3 of what they’re talking about.

-This is an interesting look at how Colleen Hoover became the queen of BookTok. I’ve only read a few of her novels and they were a bit too tormented for my romance tastes (though Verity is a twisted good time), but I do find it supremely weird that all of BookTok seems to focus on such a small handful of authors. All I ever see recommended there is Hoover and Emily Henry. Twitter is way better for more diverse recos for a wider variety of tastes.

-Here’s the trailer for FX’s upcoming series Fleishman Is In Trouble, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes, Lizzy Caplan, and Adam Brody, based on Taffy Brodesser-Akner‘s bestseller. Looking forward to this; I loved that book before I burned out on middle aged white dudes having a midlife crisis.

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