Leslie Jordan Dies Following Car Crash

-This is so sudden and awful: Leslie Jordan, the beloved actor and comedian, has died at 67. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ he was driving in Hollywood this morning when it’s suspected he suffered some sort of medical emergency and crashed his BMW into the side of a building.

Cardi B, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sean Hayes and more are paying tribute to the actor, who was best known for his roles in Will & Grace, American Horror Story, Hearts Afire, and most recently Call Me Kat.

-Oh man, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’ former nanny won’t stop talking. Now she’s claiming that Florence Pugh and Harry Styles were hooking up before Wilde dated Styles.

Kanye West is no longer represented by CAA following his recent anti-Semitic outbursts. A documentary about him has also been shelved indefinitely. Now all eyes are on Adidas.

-His ex Kim Kardashian joined other members of her family in condemning his hateful comments.

Angelica Jade Bastién is quickly becoming a must-read writer whenever she publishes something about pop culture, and this look at how Brangelina carefully crafted their joint image at the beginning of their relationship is such smart, incisive writing. I loved the part on how the “Angelina Jolie’s Leg” meme represented the first splintering of Pitt and hers images, and hers never fully recovered.

-More than 9 million people tuned into the season finale of House Of The Dragon — HBO’s biggest finale night for one of its series since the conclusion of Game Of Thrones in 2019.

-I only wish the finale — and the season as a whole — actually featured characters I gave a crap about. Remember by the end of S1 of GoT, how the Ned thing was so shocking because we were actually invested in him? We also had Tyrion and Jon and a handful of others we cared about by then. HoTD instead leaned into special effects and setting up season two at the expense of character building.

Jodie Whittaker took her last bow as Doctor Who last night, while David Tennant’s return was revealed.

-Both Black Adam and Ticket to Paradise did well at the weekend box office, suggesting star power still matters.

-This is the best review I’ve read of Taylor Swift’s new album, and how she’s currently positioned on the pop landscape.

-The White Lotus returns this weekend, and the reviews for season two suggest it’s sexier than the first.

Jonah Hill made a documentary about his therapist.

-The Roys are back to being terrible to each other in the first teaser trailer for season four of Succession, coming this spring.

-Here’s the first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which features Jonathan Majors reprising his Kang character from Loki. That Bill Murray appearance just grinds the trailer’s momentum to a halt, though.

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